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Emmys:What Other Shows Should Take A Hint From Two And A Half Men.

According to Two And A Half Men eighth season wont be competing for best comedy series for the Emmy awards 2011 due to much controversy off the screen caused by none other than Charlie Sheen. A move I respect.

this makes me think of all the shows that should  bow out of the competition in the spirit artistic integrity  and leave the floor for more worthy others.

1. Glee best comedy series category : because it will win, I will understand if it wins a GRAMMY but NOT an EMMY. This season has been lacking in every imaginable way. The producers should have some decency and pull the show out until they are able to do better.

2. Grey’s Anatomy best drama series: why? because it has had its time and now it is time to move on. In comparison to other shows Grey’s anatomy falls short in repeated storylines and unprofessional emotional turmoil. It probably wont get nominated but if it is it should respectfully decline.

As for shows that should be granted a spot in the running, there are many shows that  have been ignored and others that are new and need a chance

1. The Killing best drama series and best new drama series: This show has proven solid in both story and cast, it has a strong presence and heart-wrenching  reality to it, it’s a hell of a good story.

2. Justified best drama series: This show has got to be one of the best shows I discovered this year, it delivered two strong seasons and deserves an Emmy nod.

Other shows need a win and deserve it, they earned the right to be guaranteed a win this year .

1. Community best actor,best comedy series,best writing,best supporting actor,best cast: you may say I am bias and I am but also the show speaks for itself, this season has been fearless pushing the limits of comedy further and further.It deserves at least a win for the amazing cast and crew who pulled off a stellar season. It’s definitely my pick.

2. Parks and Recreation  best comedy series : for three seasons this show excelled beyond expected. It deserves a win too, the writing and acting has delivered on every imaginable level.

You suck Mom: TV’s Most Selfish Mothers

Mothers are God’s greatest gift, we don’t always want them around but we are glad we have them.As I was involved in a discussion about if the there is such a thing as a bad mother, the image of many TV moms came to mind, here’s a few of the ones who did a shabby job:

1. Nancy Botwin Weeds : Where to start, dragging her kids into her drug drama or burning their house down and then getting them in a lot of trouble a long the way.Depriving her son Cyrus from an education and a real life and turning her younger son into a psychotic killer.She wins the worst mom award.

2.Howard Wollowitz’s mother The Big Bang Theory: She managed to raise the most vile dependent creature that ever lived. Not to mention her various activities that we and the rest of the cast have to listen to through the door. the picture belongs to Carol Ann Susi who is Howard’s unseen mom.

3.Celia Hodes Weeds : You might argue that Celia Hodes is a horrible human being and so doesn’t even fit the category of a mother and you are right.When your own two daughters hate you and impatiently wait your demise every step the way that is usually an indication that you might have done something wrong along the way.

4.Betty Draper Mad Men: Betty Draper is what I call an immature mother.She is indecisive and has a lot of issues, her daughter sees right through it. With the absence of Don from the house it became more and more clear that Betty is not fit to be a mother.She is selfish and inattentive to her kids. She resents her kids greatly.

5. Isobel Flemming The Vampire Diaries: Starting from season 1 I really hated her attitude towards her long lost daughter Elena as she was “trying” to protect her she managed to traumatize the poor thing to end up bursting in flames before Elena’s very own eyes.Granted she is a  vampire but still did she have to be so callous with her daughter’s feelings?

Regards to all the good mothers out there and the sucky ones we know you try the best you know how. New mothers don ‘t do what the character above have done and you’ll be just fine.

Community: Picks Episode For Emmy Consideration

According to comedies picked their episodes for Emmys 2011 consideration, although this is propably public knowledge by now i take it as a chance to rave about Community one of the most underrated comedies out there and if you haven’t watched yet “shame on you”. It is rated 81 according to deadline with 2 million viewers and I have to ask what the hell is everybody else watching? Recognize brilliance people!

The episode picked is “Cooperative Calligraphy” or also known as “Bottle Episode” the 8th episode of season 2 brilliantly written by Megan Gnaz . The episode takes place in study room F when Annie’s (Alison Brie) purple pen is stolen and in a rage of PMS demands to know the thief  and somehow the search ends with a speech about civil liberties and a strip search.This episode deserves an Emmy nod because it is one of the most brilliant episodes i have ever seen this year.

The episode considered the characters and how they would behave in a similar situation, the direction was good and attentive to details -if you look closely you can actually see the pen being stolen-, the writing was smart and engaging, not to mention hilarious. If in doubt just remember the words “I’ll make your ass sense”.

In my hours of watching TV this year there is no episode more deserving than this one. It is a masterpiece in episode making, regards to every single entity involved in making this episode. All Community fans outhere let’s help Community win this year.

To know what other comedies chose their episodes click on the link below


Pandas In a Zoo: TV Couples That Don’t belong Together

At many times there comes a point ,where we can’t understand why the writers threw those two characters together, without any consideration to what’s true for the character or if they even have chemistry:

1. Rusty and Ashley Greek : I honestly cringe at the thought, it was bad enough that Greek was coming to an end but also that somewhere in the writing room a drunken idea of putting those two together was approved.

2. McSteamy and Lexi Grey Grey’s Anatomy : I am sorry but I don’t see it…I just don’t.I imagine him with someone like Addison,I am glad that Lexi is with Jackson now and I hopeI never have to suffer through the lack of chemistry that is Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan.See how they are separated in the picture?!

3.Penny ans Leonard The Big Bang Theory : regardless of the actors’  relationship in real life the two characters don’t make sense and them breaking up was the best thing that happened. I never seemed to understand those two being together…at all. He’s is cute She is cute THEY are not cute just sad.

4. Puck and Lauren Zizes Glee : this couple is the perfect answer to the question…WHAT?! lets ignore the fact that Ashley Fink is a part of the show “A MUSICAL SHOW” and she can’t sing or dance. puckzes -even the name is gross- doesn’t make sense, their personalities don’t agree and after dating Puck’s character is boring and kinda of a pussy.Did they do it on  a dare?!

5. Cristina Yang and Own Hunt Grey’s Anatomy : even though Shonda Rhimes married them, they were never a match made in heaven. They have one of the most strange relationships I’ve seen and NOT in a good way. What I imagine the situation like is this: Shonda likes  Kevin McKidd and wants him on the show, she is not sure where to put him so she comes up with this idea while simultaneously writing Private Practice,dreaming of Off The Map and killing puppies. Teddy was a better choice for him.

The moral here is : just because people are on the same TV show and can be together (both single) doesn’t mean the producers should pair their characters together…they are” NOT pandas in a zoo”-Joel Mchale as Jeff Winger

NBC: Hero Of The Underdogs?



According to NBC cancelled 6 of its top 10  rated scripted shows for the year 2010-2011 such as : Law and Order: Los AngelesThe EventUndercoversChase,The Cape and Outlaw. And keeping other shows such as Community and Parks and Recreation which exceed previous shows in quality. NBC has established itself as the house of comedy allowing its shows to go crazy ,be out there and try everything. Could it be that NBC is choosing quality TV over ratings ?

Other network have cancelled top rated scripted shows but NBC takes the lead. Meaning when it comes to comedy NBC has brought us as an audience the best and smartest comedies and comedians out there,so regards.

Nurse Jackie:Too Happy With Status Quo

Nurse Jackie had the recipe for successful tv in both cast and story, it was a shoe-in for awards and critics recognition. The third season of Nurse Jackie still has that recipe but it leaves me needing more from the writers. For 2 seasons and another almost finished we saw the character of Jackie go through many dilemmas, her moral ambiguity is both refreshing and challenging for a viewer.

I admire the show tremendously but shouldn’t we be asking for  more as the audience? This season the characters around Jackie are becoming ridiculous and flat ,I find myself detached from them. Going on season 3 I ,as a viewer,am bound to find some characters endearing or sympathize with some of the story-lines but I don’t. I care about what Jackie does and thinks but anything and anyone else is irrelevant.

I understand the the show is called “Nurse Jackie”, but basing 3 season of stories strictly on Jackie is inexplicable to me. Peter Facinelli character Dr.Fitch Cooper was interesting at first but now it feels like too much of the same trick over and over again.Eve Best -who I think can carry an entire show by herself if given the chance- plays Dr.Eleanor O’Hara who is not only a bad doctor but has no depth of character, she has got to be the most apathetic character on TV, for 2 seasons I kept expecting something to happen with this character and all I get is a riff with Jackie.Anna Deavere Smith‘s character Gloria Akalitus is funny at times but in a cartoonish way,the patients are uninteresting most of the time,I do appreciate that the patients are not all sob stories like grey’s anatomy but at least make them a little interesting.

To sum up the show is good but now it should be in a point where it is trying to grow and progress but it seems with this winning recipe everyone is happy and content and sometimes contentment is not always good. we will have to see what the finale holds maybe I am speaking too soon .

Glee Finale: Haven’t Been Baked Properly

If someone asked me “What happened in the Glee finale last night?” my answer will be “Nothing”. Season 2 has been a series of disappointments where the story-lines barely exist. In all fairness the music is good but everything else is horribly bad .

I went into the episode against all instinct hoping that the finale will be magnificent or at least good. The opening scene was promising then it all went down hill. lets start by Mr.Schuster leaving the kids unattended in Manhattan running around annoying people going to work and going on dates at night!  Then the glee club decided to write songs a day before nationals and they manage to write a song that they never seem to sing at nationals while they are jumping on a fountain , then another two songs that were written between Finn and Rachel’s lame love story and pillow fights. AH writing songs is so easy just go to NYC…irresponsible!!!!

I understand that the writers wanted to capture the magic of New York but they failed miserably in my opinion.what a lame episode…It’s not setting well…I need water…O.K I’m back

On another note let’s talk about the big thing Quinn is supposed to do as promos had us believe, the poor thing collapsed on the bed screaming “I just want somebody to love me” that was the only great moment this episode.The Quinn character is a very interesting one that keeps getting ignored and shoved to the side by writers. When will this character ever have its moment?

Now lets talk about the choir that sang Usher’s “Yeah” the song was good but the dancing was horrid, those nice white dresses being flung right and left with the girls going up and down …UGH what’s wrong with pants if your dancing like this ?! and the blonde girl who was singing even through a headache with no HD I could see she is  NOT in highschool. Was she supposed to be ?!

They lose after Finn and Rachel kiss on stage in the heat of the moment (in front of Quinn) as they kiss the audience grows silent and a weird blue light shines on them (a romantic lights guy maybe?!). Finn and Jesse face-off about Rachel who last season couldn’t get noticed and now has 2 guys fighting over her. Magic…

I honestly can’t take this anymore. I fell in love with the show 10 minutes into the pilot and I believe this show has potential, but the people behind it are more interested in the tours and merchandise to actually make an effort and make a TV show that tells a story in song. What a shame… it will win many Emmys this year, while others shows will be subbed , why?!!

Emmys 2011 Hosts Wish List

The news of Glee‘s Jane Lynch possibly hosting the 2011 Emmy awards as they are set to air in September has been circling in the media. Now I have nothing against the Emmy-winning actress and I admire her talent, but I feel that there are a lot more suitable people in the TV world for the job.

Here are the nominees I think deserve it more :

1. Joel Mchale: the Community has  experience as both an actor and host of The Soup on E!. Joel Mchale would be my 1st choice, he’s funny , very quick on his feet and merciless in his jokes . He is perfect for the job.

2. Amy Poehler: the Parks And Recreation star has proven that she is funny live and in a studio. Watching Glee win again needs some good old comedy to numb the pain.

3. Tina Fey : the 30 rock star is both a writer and an actress so she a bundle of comedy. What would be better is 2 and 3 combined.imagine those two together, they are always together and it works.

4. Justin Kirk: the Weeds actor is underrated. He needs more time in the lime light and Emmy hosting will give him just that. plus I think he’ll do a great job.

5. Sarah Silverman: She is a great comedian and it will be fun to have her fearless jokes make it up to the fearful Emmy stage.

Some other nominees must’ve escaped me so you are welcome to head to the comments section and add your own. Take the poll to decide who you like

Chemistry: I Can’t Believe They Are Not Dating

There are couples that you see on TV and you Google the right to see if they are dating because the chemistry is too gripping . Most of these couples are not dating which means they are great actors because they had us fooled

1. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder The Vampire Diaries : they both play roles of unspoken attraction, when ever they are around each other you feel electricity.there has been rumors about those two but the age difference might be an issue.UPDATE: they are dating as is obvious in this blog nina-dobrev-and-her-gorgeous-squeeze-ian-somerhalder-took-their-mums-out-for-a-walk-in-paris

2. Kyle Chandler and Connie Burton Friday Night Lights : they looked like a real couple, watching FNL I was totally convinced they are married.They have a genuine chemistry that you can’t fake.

3.Paul Wesley and Candice Accola The Vampire Diaries : those two are not a couple on or outside the show but as i see it the chemistry is unbelievable. I swear i was shocked to learn they are not dating. Am I the only one who sees it ?

4. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey Grey’s anatomy: That scene in the pilot where Meredith and Derek are in the stairwell after realizing he’s her boss,they had it and it was magnetic.

5. Leighton Meester and Chase Crawford Gossip Girl: remember I am listing people on TV who have Chemistry not necessarily people I want to end up together. Though the Chuck and Blair chemistry is undeniable. The two actors listed have great chemistry, they look great together.

6. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt Mad About You : do you remember that show, well those two had IT . They were a great duo.

7. Timothy Olyphant and Joelle Carter Justified : they just look so good together I don’t know what it is but they do, they both give off the same vibe.

8. Mary Louise Parker and Justin kirk Weeds : they have been the embodiment of team work on the screen. I can’t believe we wont see them again next year.

9. Mila Kunis and Danny Masterson That 70s Show .

10. Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase Community : O.K that last one is a filler but imagine if you will a world were those two are a couple 🙂

So here’s my list  to keep you entertained in this cruel summer without our beloved TV shows. If you have a couple to add or any comments please head down to the comments section.

The Secret Circle: The Ruin Of The Vampire Diaries

After watching the trailer to the upcoming CW fall series The Secret Circle(shown above) created by The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson ,I got terribly worried and here’s why:  If the TV world has taught us anything it’s this when a creator of a well-beloved show ventures to work on  another one, the original show suffers.

The Vampire Diaries has proved itself to be a strong contender, a masterpiece of story-telling. That being said it is going into a very critical stage, season3. For many shows season 3 is where stories starts falling apart, shows seem inconsistent and chaotic. Now with one of the creators focused on a new show that has the same setting ; small town with a rich history i’m guessing. The dark mood and lighting that The Vampire Diaries is famous for is there in the new show. the main character looks like what Elena would look like if they kept her blonde on the show.

the secret Circle talks about witches and supernatural happenings not vampires but still I worry as a Vampire Diaries fan. I wish the show will do well on its first season but I will not be happy if this affects The Vampire Diaries in any way. This freak out is a lesson learned from Grey’s anatomy and private practice, Grey’s wasn’t the same after Shonda Rhimes juggled both shows .

I’ve been rambling on and now if you agree with what I have to say or disagree don’t be shy.Go the comments section and let me have it.