Rumor has it :”Glee” found the shadow of a storyline

Well, the highlight of Glee’s episode “rumors”  was watching it with my brother, now before you raise an eyebrow you have to understand i was a fan of Glee i loved it from day one but sadly it failed me on every level and i bailed the minute i saw a hint of a Grey’s Anatomy fiasco…Shonda Rhimes scarred me for life.

most of the time i don’t know what the hell is going on with the characters or what their are feeling, watching Glee is a confusing experience so many questions does Quinn love Finn? does Finn love Quinn?does Finn love Quinn? Is the Lochness monster real? Is Mr.Schuester going to admit he is gay? and the list goes on and on ?

So Finn is jealous because he is convinced Quinn is cheating  with Sam and who blames him, i mean the girl gets around. Rachel is feeding the jealousy because she has her eye on Finn, finally it is revealed that Sam is one of the many Americans who got the boot from their homes due to the economy and now is living in a motel. Though i appreciate the desperate shadow of a storyline it ended in one episode and felt like an after school special, it feels like Glee recognizes the influence it has on youth and tries to be responsible but obviously not convinced it should. Everything just feels forced.

I will be hated for this but i decided who i want to die in the finale; either Mr.Schuester (who is as sexy as a tube sock) or Lauren Zizes portrayed by Ashley Fink who is just inexplicable, what is she doing in the Glee club ?

To sum up after watching this episode of Glee i had this image of the bus crashing and the whole cast dying tragically (yes to the community reference, God bless you Dan Harmon. Or perhaps getting eaten by a pack of sewer rats . In all honesty the songs are not bad what’s bad is the lack of a storyline, character progress and the stupid grin and hand gestures the glee club members make while listening to songs i mean COME ON.

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Primary teacher who loves TV like crazy. I watch more TV a week than anyone i know. I usually have crazy pairings on TV that no one sees but me and a good eye for spoilers. Twitter account :!/lonestarjrs

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