Community finale: Unlikely heroes and enemies

Greendale Collage students were united this week under their butt flag to save the place they call their toilet against City Collage .With a tribute to starwars that seemed befitting this is the last we will see from paintball my guess is the writers will not give us the pleasure of another paintball episode .

Troy, Abed and Annie took the lead on this episode. Toy and Jeff struggle for leadership and abed snags the  Han solo role from under Jeff and decided to make Annie the object of his desire.

All Charaters were there in the final episode. Vicky, Magnitude,Leonard, Kendra with a qu, some of the Cougertown cast and even a picture of the show’s creator dan harmon managed to make its way up there.

here are a few of the earth-shattering awesome scenes from the episode:

Magnitude jumps on the robot bomb.

Jeff Accepts the role “thrust” upon him as Troy defies him

Abed flirts with Annie when she cuts her hand -the manly voice is hilarious-

“i do happen Jeff, i do happen very much”

Pierce list Jeff’s weaknesses and why is Jeff jealous of Pierce

Jeff’s inspirational speech to Kendra with a qu (quendra?!) then gets shot and bails.

Troy gets shot in the chest

Abed grabs Annie and kisses her right, God! Annie is willing to kiss anybody isn’t she.

Paint sprinklers go off as Annie and Abed are kissing (phew)

Shirley runs as the sprinklers go off

Shirley heroically tries to save the school with Britta only to get shot at the end

Pierce saves the day, that guy needed a win

Final session : Abed shoots down Annie’s advances, all is back to normal

sad: Pierce is done with the group, they didn’t accept him and he’s done trying. They all look at the door waiting for him to comeback.

What will season 3 hold since the creator has done everything he ever wanted? will we see a maturity to the show? will season 2 get an Emmy nod? all i know is my Thursdays are empty now.

[image from:Jim Rash’s @RashisTVUgly twitter account]

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Primary teacher who loves TV like crazy. I watch more TV a week than anyone i know. I usually have crazy pairings on TV that no one sees but me and a good eye for spoilers. Twitter account :!/lonestarjrs

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  1. I totally agree! Community was the highlight of my week and now I have to survive life alone for the next few months 😦 I’m honestly extremely sad that Pierce is gone even though he wasn’t my favorite. I hope he comes back into the group next season! I’m a dramatic dork, so I’m going to keep my phone alarm on that says New Community! on the whole summer 🙂 What I’m doing to pass the sad Thursdays is watch an episode from Season one each week on Thursdays in place of new episodes. I can’t wait for next season! 😀

    • the summer will be lonely without community so i will try to come up with fun things about community galleries and countdown to keep myself and others entertained

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