The Secret Circle: The Ruin Of The Vampire Diaries

After watching the trailer to the upcoming CW fall series The Secret Circle(shown above) created by The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson ,I got terribly worried and here’s why:  If the TV world has taught us anything it’s this when a creator of a well-beloved show ventures to work on  another one, the original show suffers.

The Vampire Diaries has proved itself to be a strong contender, a masterpiece of story-telling. That being said it is going into a very critical stage, season3. For many shows season 3 is where stories starts falling apart, shows seem inconsistent and chaotic. Now with one of the creators focused on a new show that has the same setting ; small town with a rich history i’m guessing. The dark mood and lighting that The Vampire Diaries is famous for is there in the new show. the main character looks like what Elena would look like if they kept her blonde on the show.

the secret Circle talks about witches and supernatural happenings not vampires but still I worry as a Vampire Diaries fan. I wish the show will do well on its first season but I will not be happy if this affects The Vampire Diaries in any way. This freak out is a lesson learned from Grey’s anatomy and private practice, Grey’s wasn’t the same after Shonda Rhimes juggled both shows .

I’ve been rambling on and now if you agree with what I have to say or disagree don’t be shy.Go the comments section and let me have it.

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  1. I’m not worried at all as Kevin has said that even though he’s working on ‘The Secret Circle’ he will always remain loyal to ‘TVD’.

    He and Julie have said that they want ‘TVD’ to last as long as possible and after 2 very strong seasons it’s still the highest-rated show on the network, so I don’t think it will be going anywhere for a long time. They still have plenty of areas they want to explore.

    I also heard that there are plans to bring in a lot of writers from ‘Buffy’, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out, seeing as that show was really successful when it aired.

  2. I just read a review about the show that only gave it a ‘D’ grade:

    More childish and much less intense compared to the Vampire Diaries. This is more of a high school drama than a fantasy. Some mythology and mystery in the background but ultimately Awakening was a much stronger script and should receive the Vampire Diaries lead-in next season. No strong romance like in the Vampire Diaries to grip the audience.

    TBH the trailer doesn’t really do anything for me and I couldn’t really get into the first book as it was boring, so I think I’ll be sticking with ‘TVD’.

  3. thanks hope this will give TVD a chance to embrace the fact that it is not a particularly a teen show

  4. I actually didn’t like it at all.
    When I was done with the VD, I decided to check it out. I’ve been watching them on projetcfreetv.

    I guess I shouldn’t have expected the same intensity as the Vampire Diaries, but I did want something similar. Instead, I was introduced to something which could only be compared with Twilight to Interview with A Vampire, when it comes to quality.

    Poor acting, and the lead actress is downright annoying. The lines are cheesy, I couldn’t care less about anything that happens in that show. I thought maybe just the pilot was weak, but no. It’s downright boring.

    I certainly hope this doesn’t affect the Vampire Diaries in anyway. It’s a kick ass show. This High School Musical like thing will never even begin to compare. Waste of time.

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