Glee Finale: Haven’t Been Baked Properly

If someone asked me “What happened in the Glee finale last night?” my answer will be “Nothing”. Season 2 has been a series of disappointments where the story-lines barely exist. In all fairness the music is good but everything else is horribly bad .

I went into the episode against all instinct hoping that the finale will be magnificent or at least good. The opening scene was promising then it all went down hill. lets start by Mr.Schuster leaving the kids unattended in Manhattan running around annoying people going to work and going on dates at night!  Then the glee club decided to write songs a day before nationals and they manage to write a song that they never seem to sing at nationals while they are jumping on a fountain , then another two songs that were written between Finn and Rachel’s lame love story and pillow fights. AH writing songs is so easy just go to NYC…irresponsible!!!!

I understand that the writers wanted to capture the magic of New York but they failed miserably in my opinion.what a lame episode…It’s not setting well…I need water…O.K I’m back

On another note let’s talk about the big thing Quinn is supposed to do as promos had us believe, the poor thing collapsed on the bed screaming “I just want somebody to love me” that was the only great moment this episode.The Quinn character is a very interesting one that keeps getting ignored and shoved to the side by writers. When will this character ever have its moment?

Now lets talk about the choir that sang Usher’s “Yeah” the song was good but the dancing was horrid, those nice white dresses being flung right and left with the girls going up and down …UGH what’s wrong with pants if your dancing like this ?! and the blonde girl who was singing even through a headache with no HD I could see she is  NOT in highschool. Was she supposed to be ?!

They lose after Finn and Rachel kiss on stage in the heat of the moment (in front of Quinn) as they kiss the audience grows silent and a weird blue light shines on them (a romantic lights guy maybe?!). Finn and Jesse face-off about Rachel who last season couldn’t get noticed and now has 2 guys fighting over her. Magic…

I honestly can’t take this anymore. I fell in love with the show 10 minutes into the pilot and I believe this show has potential, but the people behind it are more interested in the tours and merchandise to actually make an effort and make a TV show that tells a story in song. What a shame… it will win many Emmys this year, while others shows will be subbed , why?!!

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  1. I completely agree. I was so disappointed by the songs, lack of real story line and dear gawd. I can’t stand “finchel” . I too, was waiting for what big thing Quinn was going to do… A haircut ? Was that it ? They have Finn kiss Rachel & Quinn and he sees fireworks w Quinn then randomly seems to be ” in love” w Rachel.. they take Quinn’s character & make her so superficial so that I guess we can all get behind her being dumped for no reason other than Finn wants a girl when someone else might have her. Ugh . The writing is atrocious . “the kiss” made me ill. I’m not sure I can watch next season if this is how deep it gets.

    • wow, I am so glad someone else in the world feels the same way all the things you said were the exact thoughts in my head thanks, be sure to tune in for blog updates every once and a while XO

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