Nurse Jackie:Too Happy With Status Quo

Nurse Jackie had the recipe for successful tv in both cast and story, it was a shoe-in for awards and critics recognition. The third season of Nurse Jackie still has that recipe but it leaves me needing more from the writers. For 2 seasons and another almost finished we saw the character of Jackie go through many dilemmas, her moral ambiguity is both refreshing and challenging for a viewer.

I admire the show tremendously but shouldn’t we be asking for  more as the audience? This season the characters around Jackie are becoming ridiculous and flat ,I find myself detached from them. Going on season 3 I ,as a viewer,am bound to find some characters endearing or sympathize with some of the story-lines but I don’t. I care about what Jackie does and thinks but anything and anyone else is irrelevant.

I understand the the show is called “Nurse Jackie”, but basing 3 season of stories strictly on Jackie is inexplicable to me. Peter Facinelli character Dr.Fitch Cooper was interesting at first but now it feels like too much of the same trick over and over again.Eve Best -who I think can carry an entire show by herself if given the chance- plays Dr.Eleanor O’Hara who is not only a bad doctor but has no depth of character, she has got to be the most apathetic character on TV, for 2 seasons I kept expecting something to happen with this character and all I get is a riff with Jackie.Anna Deavere Smith‘s character Gloria Akalitus is funny at times but in a cartoonish way,the patients are uninteresting most of the time,I do appreciate that the patients are not all sob stories like grey’s anatomy but at least make them a little interesting.

To sum up the show is good but now it should be in a point where it is trying to grow and progress but it seems with this winning recipe everyone is happy and content and sometimes contentment is not always good. we will have to see what the finale holds maybe I am speaking too soon .

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Primary teacher who loves TV like crazy. I watch more TV a week than anyone i know. I usually have crazy pairings on TV that no one sees but me and a good eye for spoilers. Twitter account :!/lonestarjrs

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