Community: Picks Episode For Emmy Consideration

According to comedies picked their episodes for Emmys 2011 consideration, although this is propably public knowledge by now i take it as a chance to rave about Community one of the most underrated comedies out there and if you haven’t watched yet “shame on you”. It is rated 81 according to deadline with 2 million viewers and I have to ask what the hell is everybody else watching? Recognize brilliance people!

The episode picked is “Cooperative Calligraphy” or also known as “Bottle Episode” the 8th episode of season 2 brilliantly written by Megan Gnaz . The episode takes place in study room F when Annie’s (Alison Brie) purple pen is stolen and in a rage of PMS demands to know the thief  and somehow the search ends with a speech about civil liberties and a strip search.This episode deserves an Emmy nod because it is one of the most brilliant episodes i have ever seen this year.

The episode considered the characters and how they would behave in a similar situation, the direction was good and attentive to details -if you look closely you can actually see the pen being stolen-, the writing was smart and engaging, not to mention hilarious. If in doubt just remember the words “I’ll make your ass sense”.

In my hours of watching TV this year there is no episode more deserving than this one. It is a masterpiece in episode making, regards to every single entity involved in making this episode. All Community fans outhere let’s help Community win this year.

To know what other comedies chose their episodes click on the link below


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  1. anz Megan Ganz
    @lonestarjrs Aw, shucks. Thank you!
    29 May
    Megan Gnaz’s reply to this post on twitter

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