Downton Abbey: Storytelling As It Should Be

I will start with a confession:I am a sucker for period dramas. As I was searching for worthy shows i stumbled on this show rated an impressive  92  so i decided to check out this “Masterpiece” called Downton Abbey on ITV originally aired in 201o.

I am glad I did, after watching season one with it’s engrossing seven episodes my perception of what tv should be has changed. The show is one of the best shows I have seen in years, it’s like the British Mad Men if you will.  It tells the story of an estate owner in a fictional village “Downton Abbey“,his family and servants during the time of King George V two years prior to the first world war. Their lives intertwined yet seperate , you are transferred through the upstairs world of the Duke and Duchess of Grantham and their three adult  daughters where the glamour,the endless search of a husband and dinners takes place and whose lives are drastically altered by the sinking of the Titanic and then the downstairs world of the servants  where there is power play and conspiracy.

This show does everything right, the characters are very interesting and the storytelling is flawless. If you have extra time this summer check it out and satisfaction guaranteed. It does not have the stiff rigid approach to a period drama, it is very well rounded and flat out AMAZING! season 2 to be aired later in 2011.

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Primary teacher who loves TV like crazy. I watch more TV a week than anyone i know. I usually have crazy pairings on TV that no one sees but me and a good eye for spoilers. Twitter account :!/lonestarjrs

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