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Community Review:Two Worlds Collide

Tonight’s episode was about parallel universes, there were two versions of Annie going head to head in Two identical MUNs. This episode had a great character moment between Jeff and Annie, where Jeff is surprisingly honest about his feelings and in that honesty leads Annie to accept herself and who she is now.

I like Jeff Winger as a leader of the pack it feels as if the show is going back to the dynamic of season 1, Pierce’s jokes are light-hearted and as far as I am concerned he is back on my good side, people forget that last year “the year of the Pierce” was a very tough on Pierce; he lost his mother who in season one we knew she was the only one in the world who loved them. bottom line Get off his back!

The Jeff and Annie dynamic was as amazing as always, I don’t understand why it would be considered creepy, granted there is an age difference but emotionally they are about the same age. some might argue with this but for me a Jeff/Annie relationship makes more sense to me than a Jeff/Britta relationship, because Jeff and Annie not only have an amazing chemistry,protective of each other and have a lot of rewind -worthy moments but also they are different in a good way. Jeff and Britta have an amazing friendship, the dynamics between them are not sexual they are sibling-like, they need each other but not necessarily in a romantic way.

The episode went back and forth between seriousness and the ridiculousness; The group loses it focus because of a fart as they face a genocide crisis, an activist arrested in Syria causes Britta to lock her self in a cage and then crash the MUN in the Cafeteria wearing an outfit with burnt dolls and barbies on it ?! (sounds like an outfit from Lady Gaga’s closet)

Annie’s struggle into adulthood is put to the test as she tries to beat Asian Annie along side her biggest cheerleader of the episode Jeff ending up in a temper tantrum throwing herself on the table. Again the show makes a refrence of how creepy it is that Jeff  is interested in Annie to eventually make it less creepy which I understand but I swear if Jeff calls her kiddo one more time I’m taking  baseball bat to someone’s knees.

As Annie is laying on the couch in shame Jeff walks in to make it better, he is dead honest about they way he feels about  her which I love, Annie has been upfront about her feelings in the past  and it was always Jeff who is shutting her down, that is changing.

There you have it all my ideas all at once 15 minutes after watching  the episode and yea I know I’ve forgotten some important parts and focused on Annie and Jeff a lot but I can help it I love those two.

Important note : this episode has proven both Annie and Britta equally childish; Annie temper tantrum and Britta’s “rage against the machine”  but Annie is the one who recognizes her childish behavior Britta is clueless….I love Britta.

Best Parts:

  • Troy deciding to use a southern accent while fully aware Georgia is a country
  • Pierce perceives Somalia as a paradise…which is a poor, starving war-torn country and is willing to take refugees
  • Shirley saying ” I far-TED”
  • “Uruguay kindly requests that Somalia stops pronouncing it Ur-a-gay.”
  • Playing “hello” every time Britta and Chang face off taking the literal meaning of the words.
  • “when you feel the way I feel about you the easy loophole through the creepiness and danger is to treat them like a child….it’s a way to tell you how important you are from a distance.”
  • Annie Kim losing…no one messes with my Annie
  • Abed’s reaction to Jeff’s statement ” Annie you are acting like a school girl and not in a hot way”.
  • Britta’s nonsensical outburst in the study room.
  • Garret shouting CRISIS every time.
  • floating heads .
  • Abed’s representation of Switzerland. As a Palestinian seeing a Palestinian represent Switzerland is hilarious.
  • Troy changes the cup Annie is murdering to an empty one.
  • Britta’s reaction to Jeff’s defense of Annie as the group likens her to Asian Annie.
  • Britta has been wearing a bra for two episodes in a row now, thank God.

Geography of Global Conflict : 5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Tonight’s Community

Martin Starr on Community

Tonight on NBC 8/7c. again in case you missed it NBC 8/7c. Community’s 2nd episode of season 3 entitled ” Geography Of Global Conflict” …….come on people watch other shows online and watch Community on the good ol’ fashioned TV.

I have been accused of being an aggressive Community fan; lashing out on people who don’t watch and going all murder-suicide insane  on people who don’t get it, so I’ll try a nicer approach this time. Here are 5 reasons why you must watch tonight’s episode…PLEASE 🙂

1. Annie meets her frenemy/evil multi-cultural twin “Annie Kim” or as referred to by the group “Asian Annie” played by Irene Choi who’s a type A  personality bringing the worst in Annie. Fun Fact: when casting for the role of Annie Edison she was supposed to be Asian but Alison Brie nailed it.

2. Party Down’s  Martin Starr guest stars on the show as Professor Cligoris a douche and snobby  intellectual professor who will probably get on Jeff’s nerves,Professor Cligorise tries to keep the peace as both Annies try to destroy each other in a MUN (model UN) competition.

3. We see Britta and Chang go head to head as Britta defies his creepy authority. “Respect my  authorita” South Park anyone?

4. Jeff tries to help Annie defeat her opponent, so expect debate episode 109 sexual tension probably 10 times more heightened. Alison Brie (Annie Edison) said that the sexual chemistry between Annie and Jeff “really kick up by the second and third episodes.”

5. It is AWESOME… it is the kind of show that you can watch over and over again and still both enjoy and discover new jokes. It treats its audience as smart individuals.

I will leave you with this…sorry I couldn’t resist….Just to remind all the details on the episode is based on what I read  in interviews.

Ringer Review: Pink Is My Favorite Color

Ringer is on my yes list, I am loving the show and even though the third episode in the season had its off moments I enjoyed it. The series hit that jackpot with the cast. If there is a concern it is that the pace isn’t that fast, I am hoping for fast paced quick story line resolving brilliance of The Vampire Diaries. They pace is not slow at all but not knowing exactly what’s happening can be a little frustrating, but as an audience  there is a sort of attachment you form to the character of Bridget and in this episode a real sympathy for Siobhan as the stick turns blue and she discovers she’s pregnant.

What I like about Ringer is that every action has both a reaction and a consequence, Bridget went to the divorce attorney’s office she has to answer to her husband, she takes a cell phone she has to answer to the scary dude and she kills someone and has to deal with the body for a whole episode. I am really loving Bridget she has shown over and over again what a survivor she is which makes sense since I am assuming she lived on the streets at some point in her life.

The story of both Bridget and Siobhan continue as we try to discover why would Siobhan fake her own death?who wants her dead? and when will Bridget reveal her secret?

Note: The dress was amazing…my jaw dropped. I WANT IT!


The Playboy Club: Bunny Tails And Scotch

The Play Boy Club was described by Joel McHale as “Mad Men with boobs” and that is what I expected so I watched the first 2 minutes half heatedly, but it was a pleasant surprise.

It is a story about deceit,murder and surprisingly not much flirtation. The world in the playboy club is unreal and detached from reality as it should be.The bunny suits are unflattering but they work if they send the message how ridiculous their job is. The key holders (men who are allowed in the club) are powerful business man that bring as much money as trouble.

4 minutes into the episode a murder happened and the lives of new bunny Maureen played by Amber Heard and lawyer (one time linked to the mob) Nick Dalton Eddie Cibrian collide as they try to cover up the murder. The plot starts from there and I am not sure how long it can be dragged on and how fast it will be resolved but if they are smart they shouldn’t drag it on till the season finale. This show can distinguish itself if it relies on fast paced story lines and interlocked relationships and not try to pull a Mad Men because the subject matter wont help them. The show has to be as decadent as the playboy club itself  and having it on network TV wont help.

The show offers some legitimate beginning of a story line and I am excited to see where it goes, the cast has potential especially Amber Heard and Laura Benanti who playes the mother bunny….God I guess my only problem is how often they use the word bunny, how am I supposed to take them seriously when they say bunny meeting, a bunny, I am not a waitress I am a bunny and Cigarette bunny.

We have Bunnies and mobsters all in one place in an era that offers a lot of stories, so kick back relax and enjoy the ride.

Prime Suspect: A Man’s Game No More

I was not sure about NBC’s  Prime Suspect it seemed like a story told to death. What pusehed to watch it is the fact that it’s based on a british series starring  Helen Mirren and usually when american tv takes a british show and makes it their own it can go either way but so far we have success stories such as Shameless and The Office. 

The story is very ordinary, we right away get a feel of what a hard ass  Det. Jane Timoney is played by Maria Bello. She is a serious cop with unyielding determination and ambition, surrounded by males who resent having her around she is assigned the crappy cases and not taken seriously until she takes (NOT GIVEN) a job of a recently deceased fellow detective.

The show has a potential of becoming interesting, but honestly how many times have we seen stories about NYPD ? The approach is different i’ll grant you that, but at this time in TV Drama has gotten really good and mediocre shows have no business being on TV.  Judgement: I like it and I like the cast but not the stories involving them , but I wont be watching every week, I’ll just wait till I have nothing else to watch.

NOTE: nod to the fashionable detective we don’t see that often.

The Vampire Diaries Review: We Are All Lost

In The Vampire Diaries’ second episode “The hybrid” our beloved characters are being tested. I will not go through what happened in the episode scene by scene because if you are reading this you probably watched it. The episode was both a sad and funny one, the dynamics between Damon and Elena dominate the episode. Those two are getting pushed closer together (Damon pushing Elena into the lake was a welcomed break from the intensity of the episode).

Damon: In this episode Damon is dealing with a lot, he gave up on Stephan and it eats him up inside. He doesn’t want Stephan back because he wants Elena and he wants Stephan back because he loves him. He is dealing with Andy’s death which as much as he liked to pretend was not easy on him. Elena doesn’t seem to clearly see his struggle and keeps pushing him to find Stephan. He realizes later that Stephan is not beyond saving and it hurts him to see Stephan trapped. He really loves his brother and hates him at the same time and when Damon feels too much he shuts down.

Elena: She is alone…lost and needs Stephan back because she both loves him and as crazy as it might sound he is her protector and guide to anything normal. Elena is always relentless but rarely stupid and in this episode she was both and that shows how desperate she is to find Stephan. Elena is also in need of guidance and after Damon fails her she turns to Alaric her only connection to adulthood. Elena is really trying to be put together but she has a lot of hurt and pain she is dealing with. On top of that she is taken aback by her strong feelings for damon because unlike Damon she was never open to them or about them. damon’s constant pushing her to be honest about her feelings even if she doesn’t act on them is not helping her struggle at all (say what you will those two don’t have a boring relationship at all).

Jeremy and Matt: Though I am not sure where this storyline is supposed to lead, I am giving it time.I feel so sorry for Matt and Jeremy they both live with too many ghosts…emotional ghosts. Their new found friendship is a good thing. (they should seriously ban Jeremy from using the internet, first he researches vampires then coming back from the dead and now how to talk to ghosts).

Stephan: The most lost of all, he lost himself and even though the show is showing us the soft side of Stephan I cant forget those bodies we’ve seen in the first episode of the season .Damon is brutal but quick he’s even a little bit tender with his victims, Stephan’s crimes are so animalistic and just so damn freaky. Stephan is battling the biggest baddest daemon around…himself, which makes me wonder why he is sticking with klaus…because he promised, he is afraid for Damon’s life or because deep down he wants to. I feel in need of a good reason . He was trapped on that mountain and as Elena rushes to Damon and they enter the car together there is nothing he can do but watch.

Alaric: He must be one of the angriest character in this episode and though he’s been in control in the face of everything for two seasons now is the time where he falls apart and throws in the towel…he doesn’t want to care anymore. As he is preparing to fall into nothingness Elena asks him for help then forces him to be a part of her broken family giving him a chance of a life again (there is a creepy air about Elena and Alaric’s relationship that wasn’t there before, I can’t put my finger on it but I feel it)

Caroline: Though she is not seen until the end of the episode, Caroline is the toughest character there is and she has some great adversity her coming her way, as she makes peace with her mother her father shows up to chain and torture her.

Klaus: Could we have seen the softer,melancholic side of Klaus in this episode. As his plans fall through in creating an army of hybrids, Comrades as he calls the…and I wonder does he mean friends? a family? it sort of reminded me of the monster of Frankenstein. Sitting on that log drinking beer he looked so miserable and lonely. Did his plan fail because Elena is alive? she died isn’t that the point?

There are many rewind worthy moments in this episode but the best one has to be the conclusion scene between Elena and Damon, the scene is almost an exact replica of the scene in season 2 episode 8 “Rose” where Damon first tells Elena he loves her then compels her to forget. In this scene they both now he loves her and he backs into a corner into admitting she cares for him to prove one thing that he needs her to know and admit how she feels about him when Stephan is gone.

Some might start to see that Damon is becoming more human this season and that Stephan is becoming more demonic and that could be the case but what if we are getting to know Damon and Stephan more and we as audience are starting to see who they really are. What if they way things are now has always been the case.

Here’s next week’s  promo “The End Of The Affair”

Community Review:Jeff Takes A Swing At Perfection

It’s back and feels like home again. The season 3 premiere of Community is as brilliant as always and a little more , it had a season one feeling but not really. We are introduced to new characters and dynamics of who is what are changing. To deliver on his promise of being less wierd the episode opens with a dream sequence of Jeff (Joel Mchale) flying in the sky singing, then the whole school breaks into song and dance, Abed (Danny Pudi) making eye contact, Annie (Alison Brie) a little too cozy with Jeff ( we’re gonna sleep together)and with black underwear showing (maybe Jeff is dreaming of what underwear she might be wearing, he really really wants to sleep with her).  Jeff snaps back into reality summoned by Annie’s voice and they are in the study group room again discussing Pierce.

Pierce wants get back to the group and Jeff doesn’t want him back,Jeff argues to the group and to us the audience (with ulterior motives)that this unity of the study group goes beyond taking one class and staying in collage together as they are now a family and will be always in each others lives.Karma would have it Jeff is kicked out by the new biology professor to be replaced by Pierce.

Jeff’s imperfections and reliance on the group takes center stage and we see first hand how Jeff has changed, in season one he wanted to be left alone and now he struggles with sitting friendless in the cafeteria and being  excluded. Jeff has become his worst fear, the uncool outsider, the Pierce. In my opinion Jeff’s worst nightmare is becoming Pierce when he grows older.

Jeff then tries to convince Professor Kane to let him back into the class and is denied his request because his new professor hates him, he really does Jeff was not wrong there, so expect those two to butt heads. Jeff finds a picture of Pierce with what looks to be professor Kane (turns out it’s just a black guy a mistake made by Pierce in season one) which leads him to be convinced he is the victim of a conspiracy lead by Pierce, and lets be honest so did we. The writers walked us thorough Jeff’s train of thought knowing that we will be on Jeff’s side to reaveal later that we were wrong hence vindicating Pierce to everyone who thought he was a villain as he yet again saves the day.

This episode felt like an introduction to how things are going to be from now on, I can honestly say that this is one of the few season premiers that I watched and felt that the show has grown as characters, directors and writers.I for one loved the episode theer is nothing better than crazy Jeff, well except  for crazy Annie as we will see in next weeks debate-like episode where we will meet Annie’s nemesis “Asian Annie”.

Best Scene: Jeff attacks the group with an axe to destroy the magical study group table. I love the fact that their table now is not perfect it has a crack that is fixed by Annie. That crack will forever stay there representing the season 3 motif  “acceptance in the face imperfection”. We will see how the group will grow further into not needing the “magical table” anymore.

P.S: Best lines were Troys’s in this episode as he insults Britta.

Guess Who’s Back: Community To Rock Your World

POP…….. POP!

Community a personal favorite of mine is back tonight 8/7c  pm  on NBC  with a big musical number. A lot of buzz on the internet on where the show is going in its third season, creator Dan Harmon promises less big production epic episodes and more character based ensemble-driven. I trust him and the writers of Community blindly

In tonight’s season 3 premiere Jeff comes head to head with the new biology professor Kane played by the wire’s  Michael K. Williams, Jeff’s smart mouth gets him kicked out of class so prepare to see Goldblooming  Jeff with his “Pottery-must-get-Rich” crazy eyes, as shown from the picture above Jeff is not exactly in a normal setting it’s like he’s in a room prepared by Dexter Morgan . Pierce is not in the group and as usual Community writers don’t leave you hanging for long they will address that head on. Pierce will be back but my guess is he will be more welcomed in the group.

Abed is in a state of shock for some reason and Shirley performs a show in the cafeteria.Alison brie promises a hint of a budding romance between Annie and Jeff in the first episode (if you watch the promo they are a little but too close during their dance routine). Jim Rash’s character Dean Pelton who’s a series regular now, collides and get squashed by Vice Dean Laybourne played by the amazing John Goodman. Antagonists will be from outside from the group this year.

Well,I will leave you with this…Community is the kind of show that not only brings back what is genuinely funny, it challenges the format of a comedy show. It needs to be on the air, no doubt about it. I know there are other shows that are on the same time as Community and some might prefer to watch those instead but please remember those shows have no problem with the ratings Community does. Please watch Community live and watch those other shows on line. It is our generation’s (25-35) MASH in the sense that it will be a classic that people still rent and watch 20 years from now .

Revenge Review:Winning Formula Not Cooked Right


This show could have gone wrong in so many ways,hating the protagonist was not one of them because Emily VanCamp brings it home as the young and rich Emily Thorne AKA Amanda, she is not heartless but yet hard core, you feel as if put in the same situation you could easily become that revenge seeking machine.

The show opens to the scene of a murder with a party in the background ( which I think revealed a little bit too much), it clearly shows who got killed and who is the murderer and Emily Thorne’s obvious involvement. Then flash back to 5 months ago to see how Emily infuses herself into the rich world of the Hamptons to execute her revenge. The show flashes back to her childhood and then back to 5 months ago from the present to show why she needs that revenge.

The plot is interesting, a girl seeking revenge for her father who was framed by the Grayson family (a prominent family with a crazy beautiful house),arrested and later died an innocent man. I would watch a story like that especially on ABC they offer a level of intensity to their dramas (think Grey’s Anatomy in its glory days). The problem is that there were unnecessary unconvincing moment that made an otherwise winning formula a little bit off.

The cast amazing,it really holds up well.It’s the directing and writing I have an issue with. I think the problem is her age if she was a teenager when her dad was taken away I would have believed the need for revenge and the attachment of her childhood friend Jack Porter Nick Wechsler (the only handsome guy on the show).

As a pilot it was not impressive but Emily VanCamp’s performance was, it can be better and this is still the pilot and a lot of shows make the mistake of over dramatizing their pilot. It was not bad but it loses in comparison to it’s CW counterpart Ringer, which is also a story about deceit and betrayal in a rich decadent world.

I will be back next week because I believe this show can be better it just got off to a rough start. If the show does not deliver some fast paced nail-biting worthy story lines soon I wont be coming back for more. I hope it will, i really want to love this show.

New Girl Review: Comedy Gets A New Adorkable Flavor



I love nothing more than the humor of  Zooey Deschanel, she is always the “supporting” fun friend and now she comes to TV to get her chance to shine and make TV fun. She is a real dork have no illusions about that. She plays Jess a total clueless dork who takes shower in her bathing suits, sings theme songs about herself  and is about as sexy as a door knob.

She is a train wreck… we open with Jess telling her new potential room mates how she ended up with no apartment ending up with them rooming with her in hopes they’ll meet her model friends. We meet the three guys first the douche Schmidt played by  Max Greenfield who like a less hip a lot whiter Aziz Ansari (Tommy on Parks and recreation). second we meet Couch played by Damon Wayans Jr. an intense gym trainer, and last Nick played by Jake M. Johnson who is a romantic mess but in comparison to Jess very put together.

The episode varies through scenarios they try to get Jess back in the game to rid themselves of the constant screening of Dirty Dancing and the pathetic crying, ending up with them saving her from being stood up and then singing her “i had the time of my life” taking on the role of her guardians and setting the show’s dynamics into motion.

It is a fun light hearted show, Zooey Deschanel delivers brilliantly and fearlessly. I will be tuning in next week and I hope more episodes showcase the other characters comedic talent, and those four actor’s comedic mix works.