Community Season 3 : Jeff And Annie Romance

I am so exited for this news so I am typing as I dance….

Spoilers have been all over the internet left and right for returning fall shows and one of the them is my favorite Community. We so far know that Chang will be a security guard, Abed and Troy are getting an apartment together, Annie is getting an Annie-look-alike rival, John Goodman is coming as the dean’s worst nightmare,Michael. k . Williams will be the new biology teacher who will terrify Jeff, Pierce will get back togther with the group and Jeff and Troy will butt heads for the title of alpha male which will take its toll on Jeff .

What’s new ?

As Community cast and crew are up to the 5th episode. A recent interview with Community’s Joel McHale comes to shed new light. Joel McHale tells Entertainment Weekly after being asked who’s the next romantic interest for Jeff Winger “It’s going back to Annie,that said because Britta and Jeff have had secret sex for a year, it’s not as simple as you think.It’s so funny to get people’s reactions.It’s always like “OH,they’re so cute together” or “He’s a pedophile”  “

does that mean that season 3 will finally be the season Annie and Jeff hook up for real? If  it is I hope they make Jeff work for it a little, and knowing Jeff he’ll break her heart or maybe not. I am insanely excited for what’s to come.

As always I reserve the right to read into anything I want, reality sucks sometimes. But what do you think let’s put it to a vote assuming that this season is ” The Annie of it all ”


Sept 3rd: Just read a TVline scoop that came later than mine “ehem ehem!” and it confirms that season 3 will definitely see more of Jeff/Annie romance but whether it’s a hook up or a relationship is unknown. There are speculations made by Alison Brie who plays Annie that the two might have hooked up over the summer, maybe the timeline episode will travel back to how exactly they came to be an item. Joel Mchale reassures that it will not be a normal “will they ? won’t they?” deal but it will also be taken seriously and portrayed carefully. My heart just skipped a beat .

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