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How I Met Your Mother : Bringing The Yuck back!


Two episodes back to back of How I Met Your Mother is every fan’s dream and it delivered on every level, Marshall slimmer and better trying to drink for two and Lilly trying to hide her pregnancy was both sweet and funny. Ted is looking back at the worst wedding he worst ever been to with groom Barney in the future , Barney has cold feet and we wonder if the bride is Nora or Robin… when at the end of the episode we have what I would like to see as hint Lilly comes in and tells Ted the bride wants to see him and why would Nora want to see Ted UNLESS Ted is actually the bride Robin’s best man. YAY!

Drunk Marshall and weepy self-pitying Ted take center stage in the episode while Lilly and Robin discuss chemistry especially the chemistry between Robin and Barney. The night is concluded with a group hug and Lilly announcing she is pregnant.

Best scene: the montage of Ted’s toasts ending with a remix, Josh Radnor never gets enough credit.

We are now witnessing the aftermath of the drinking binge of Marshall who has a chance to work with no other than Garrison Cootes played by Martin Short which leads to Marshall Googling  himself and discovering a streaking video that could cost him his impending job offer. He didn’t need to go to all this trouble I would’ve told him environmentalists love nudity have you ever seen  PETA  add ?!

Ted is dating two women and after pros,cons and colored charts he decided to take a lesson in Barney’s book who is trying to get Nora to date him after a startling confession of what lies he used on women (I’d buy that book). Ted wants to feel madly and helplessly in love so he blows off the meh women he was dating and he takes Robin to see Lenny Kravits at the architects Galla only to her horror she discovers he is Leonard Kravits a very old architect. (we saw that one coming). What I did not see coming was the atrocious scene of Ted’s ex girlfriend Victoria(played by Ashley Williams) assorting cupcakes on a tray… Oh how I hated her, she was lame and unfunny. If her story line involves her getting sucked into  a lawn mower then I am down with it.

Best scene: Pete Derkenson (sounds like a made up name) calls Barney after we’ve seen him sitting on the steps of his house, hands taped to beers drunk out of his mind, to tell him he’s taking off Marshall’s streaking video. Then he hangs up the phone to perform a surgery. Classic!



The Emmys 2011: A Win For Drama…A Flop For Comedy

Kyle Chandler excited for his long overdue win…Clear eyes, full hearts ….Can’t lose.

I was not excited for the Emmys 2011 for 3 reasons, the first was I am not impressed by Jane Lynch as a choice for  host ( if it was up to me, Jon Stewatr would host every award show ever made) , second Community was tragically overlooked and third Glee was nominated for a horrible train-wreck of a season. The ratings this year are better than last year “the power of Blech…I mean Glee” .

The ceremony had its good moments and its meh moments. Jana elynch’s opening number was awkward and funny at times but I did not measure in comaprison to last year’s Jimmy Falon’s ” Born To Run” I was thankful for the long over due win for Kyle Chandler as a lead actor in a drama series, very much so that i thought the Emmy would come with an apology for years of overlooking the gem of an actor. The streak continued on for Friday night Lights (best drama television has ever seen as far as I am concerned) and Mad Men .

Then came the Comedy Category and I started getting bummed out. The Jimmy kimmel-Jimmy Falon tussle was fun and funny which made me think “why aren’t  those two the hosts instead?”. For the best actor in a drama series category Jim Parsons won…now let me be clear Jim Parsons is a fine actor BUT Steve Carell should have won, Carell’s comedic genius should have been recognized. It was a damn shame. At the best comedy series category I was rooting for Parks and Recreation and dreading a Glee win. Modern family won which was great BUT come on how can Modern Family as funny as it may be measure up to a brilliant show like Parks and Recreation. Still I am glad Glee didn’t win, the most overrated show ever created.

Special note : I am so glad Downton Abbey won best miniseries… if you don’t watch it you should

Here is a list of the winners via EW  :
Outstanding comedy series: Modern Family
Outstanding drama series: Mad Men
Outstanding miniseries or movie: 
Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actress, miniseries or movie: Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce
Outstanding supporting actor in a miniseries or movie: 
Guy Pearce, Mildred Pierce
Outstanding directing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special: Brian Percival, Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actor in a miniseries or movie: 
Barry Pepper, The Kennedys
Outstanding supporting actress, miniseries or movie: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Outstanding writing for a miniseries or movie: 
Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actor, drama: 
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Outstanding lead actress, drama: 
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Outstanding supporting actor, drama: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
Outstanding directing, drama: 
Martin Scorsese, Boardwalk Empire 
Outstanding supporting actress, drama: 
Margo Martindale, Justified
Outstanding writing, drama series: 
Jason Katims, Friday Night Lights
Outstanding variety, music or comedy series: 
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Outstanding directing for a variety, music or comedy series: Don Roy King, Saturday Night Live (host: Justin Timberlake)
Outstanding writing for a variety, music or comedy series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Outstanding reality competition: The Amazing Race
Outstanding lead actress, comedy: 
Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly)….WHY?
Outstanding lead actor, comedy series: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Outstanding writing for a comedy: Steve Levitan, Jeffrey Richman (“Caught in the Act”), Modern Family
Outstanding director, comedy: 
Michael Alan Spiller (“Halloween”),  Modern Family
Outstanding supporting actor, comedy:
Ty Burrell (Modern Family)
Outstanding supporting actress, comedy: Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

Ringer Review : Between A Rock and A hard Place

It is always good to have Sarah Michelle Gellar on the small screen again. As a devout  Buffy  fan I had some expectations but giving that it was the CW I also knew what limitations of awesome I should expect.

We are introduced to Bridget the screw up twin in an NA meeting flirting with her sponsor and her FBI firend agent Victor Machado shows up played by lost‘s Nestor Carbonell (having him back is also a good thing) and we right away know Bridget is in witness protection to testify in a murder case against this bad man( who looks scary ….seriously!chainsaw massacre scary). Right off the bat I felt some extra  intrest from agent Victor Machado towards Bridget or maybe I am reading into things….I am not.

Bridget escapes and goes to visit her rigid white and beige wearing twin sister Siobhan( who has a large self portrait in her house and has a massive mirror she keeps staring at herself into). I did not like her one bit and that goes to show what a great job Sarah Michelle Gellar is doing that I like one and I hate the other.They discuss the death of “Sean”  who died because of Bridget and left her sister devastated, later we find out  it was Siobhan’s son (probably 2 or 3 years old). They afterwards take a boat ride ….now let’s discuss THAT!

I don’t know much about cameras or how things work out on a set but the scene on the speed boat was the most fake scene ever, It was as if I was watching a 70s cop show…I mean how hard is it to shoot on an actual boat ..(nod to having Bridget’s reflection on Siobhan’s sunglasses but still the scene sucked ).Another thing I found puzzling is Bridget took a nap on the boat…who does that?! it was integral to the story but still seemed very odd.

After her sister’s alleged suicide Bridget takes over her sister’s life. Now all the details of the pilot episode seem rushed and fuzzy but I think that happened to give the audience the same feeling of confusion that Bridget must be feeling and they wanted to get how the story happens out of the way quickly to start the actual story. The husband Andrew Martain played by the awesome Ioan Gruffudd is back from London  and right away Bridget picks up on the resentment he holds for Siobhan which conjures up a hint of a smile…sibling rivalry  never gets old. (nice job Gellar!).

Later we meet Siobhan’s best fiend Gemma played by Tara Summers who is a typical best friend personality but it still works. At the charity Bridget wears red , which is not a habit of Siobhon’s, and we discover that Siobhon deserves the cold treatment she gets from her husband because she is cheating on him with her best friend Gemma’s husband Henry played by Kristoffer Polaha . As Bridget is getting a first look at what a horrible person her sister is, she offers a truce to Andrew (Siobhan’s husband) in what is probably one of the best scenes in the episode and is met with rejection and distrust… looks like Siobhan did a number on the poor fella.

The FBI agent questions Bridget as Siobhan about Bridget….that was confusing. the bottom line is agent Victor Machado is not giving up anytime soon and neither is the fresh out of jail bad man she pissed. To top that we discover Siobhan is pregnant and now Bridget has to act pregnant. I really feel sorry for both Bridget and Andrew they are both Siobhan’s victims …maybe that will bring them closer.

Finally,we discover Siobhan’s life is as dangerous as Bridget’s. Someone wants wants both of them dead for different reasons. A tangled web of murder,betrayal and deceit sucks Bridget in.

I really liked it, there are bound to be some haters but enjoy the show for what it is. The cast is amazing, I never liked all the characters after a pilot episode like i did in this one. There were some lame moments and gaps in telling the story but it was still good. I will be coming back to watch next week for sure.

The Vampire Diaries Review:Growing Up Is Hard To Do

One of the most anticipated shows on my list and it’s finally here. the theme is growing up, as Elena turns 18 an atmosphere of maturity dominates the episode, the characters seem older and more established.

It all starts as usual with a shocker, as Stephan is not only following Klaus but also kills  two young women as they scream … good Stephan is gone, for a moment as Klaus left the house I thought Stephan was going to show mercy but as Damon reveals later he does not and to add to that he ripped them apart and put them back together because he feels remorse….that sent a chill down my spine. The blond girl looked him in the eye and asked him not to kill her and our Stephan did it anyway.

Elena’s morning is a somber one, I like that scene it reminded me of the pilot waking up in bed sad over her parents, looking back we spent a significant amount of time in Elena’s bedroom over the past 2 years. Elena wakes Jeremy up and helps Alraic who is an obvious human mess with the Coffee machine. There is a B-day party planning going on hosted by tanned and slimmed Caroline, the bubbliest bad-ass vampire around.

Damon in the bath tub, that man is not afraid of a bubble bath a lesson to men everywhere (Elena’s looking down then turning away as she sees him all soapy is priceless) . Andy is back and let me just say that they have a nice relationship I know he compelled her and such but still they have a nice honest dynamic. Andy is helping Damon find Stephan, as he is staring at multiple maps,news paper articles and post-its with colorful thumbtacks about Stephan’s victims not Klaus’s but Stephan’s . When first we saw Damon’s bedroom and unbelievable bathroom in season 2 I noticed that he’s surprisingly neat and organized, so he is a little OCD.

Jeremy works at the Grill and it is obvious that they are in the middle of the summer so Stephan has been gone for a while and Jenna has been dead for a while too. Over the summer Caroline have been seeing Tyler a lot but only as friend and I was then asking why????

Klaus found what he’s looking for Ray Sutton the werewolf  in a bar and with the help of Stephan or actually, he does nothing it was all Stephan,Klaus just barks orders and delivers creepy one-liners. I hated seeing Stephan following Klaus’s orders but in all honesty the throwing wolf spane darts at the werewolf game was kind of an awesome idea.

The Dynamic duo Damon and Alaric “Damonic” 🙂 went to check out Stephan’s last trail and came face to face with Stephan’s victims, the smeared blood all over the walls did not prepare me to the eerie positions the bodies of the girls were found in or the falling blonde head. Caroline and Tyler discuess how when they are supernatural they are ….”excited” all the time foreshadowing the fact that later they will “express their excitement in a physical fashion” to put it lightly hehe .

Damon give Elena her necklace back, I can’t remember why it was lost though?! anyways Damon compels a girl to drink the cheap stuff which was a relief, what teenager has the audacity to drink a bottle of wine with beer provided. Jeremy and Matt smoke a joint as they bond, might it be an indication that Matt will have more screen time this year?

Stephan stops Klaus from dealing with Damon and suggest he deals with it to stop Damon from trailing him. Andy is in a dark studio and we all know she’ll end up dead. I expected Stephan to drop her off at  the mansion all chopped up but no he invited Damon to watch. The confrontation ends up with Andy falling to her death,as good as Stephan might be I think he enjoyed this one. After all Damon killed Lexi Stephan’s best friend relatively the same way, I think he was subconsciously waiting for that one for a while. I felt sorry for Andy she really did not deserve it.

Back at the party Alaric is holding down the fort full of his drunk history students and I am glad he pointed that out, because it was weird. Caroline begs Elena to move on with her life and to stop whining about Stephan and while they bicker over it Elena finds Damon’s “mission Stephan” closet and confronts him as he is returning from his unpleasant encounter with Stephan. Damon lets her have it he tells her about Stephan’s victims and the fact that he is gone and it is not the first time it happens. As it turns out Stephan regresses and indulges in blood then bounces back and recovers but this wont be anytime near Elena’s life time (nod to the mortality mention) then he gives her a sympathetic regretful look and leaves .

Tyler and Caroline hook up and it was well….good but not that amazing ….I can hear the booing. The issue to me is the acting especially that of Michael Trevino at that moment in the hall, the words bobbing for apples comes to mind but the rest was quite interesting. I didn’t like Caroline leaving in the middle of the night and not staying or even waking him up as if in her mind it was a hook up and nothing more and as I was contemplating that Tyler’s mom shows up and shoots Caroline with vervain darts…OMG! she knows she is a vampire.

back at the bar Klaus attempts turning the werewolf into a vamwolf by feeding him his blood then killing him. I wonder when the werewolf is a hybrid won’t he be as strong as Klaus ?! so a)why should he listen to him and follow his rules? b) why not rip him apart to get back at all the torturing? Klaus doesn’t believe Stephan’s act and so we hope that it’s all an act but to understand Stephan one has to think of him as an addict.

Best scene: They always save the rewind-worthy scenes  for last, as Stephan emerges from the bar he is teary (how I missed whiny old Stephan) and calls Elena who has her phone on silent leading every one in the world watching to scream “pick up you damn phone!”  she does, she knows it’s Stephan though he does not speak and she gives him words of encouragement as he is standing there nodding his head unable to say a word. The brilliance in this scene is that we’ve been seeing Stephan as the villain the whole episode wondering if he can be saved but at that moment (with the help of the stellar acting of Paul Wesley) he shrinks into a helpless ball of emotion because he is trapped in his addiction .

What a great beginning for an obviously awesome season. I will leave you with next weeks episode promo “the Hybrid”

Whitney Review: Deserves Another Visit

I have been introduced to Whitney Cummings‘s stand up routine over the summer, she is funny a little mainstream and honest. Not a lot of stand up comedians can act but Cummings pulls it off. I love the fact that her show is neither a portrayal of a marriage comedy or a single girl trying to find love. She plays a loud mouthed,ungraceful photographer named Whitney (as if it is called something else she’ll forget her name?!) who has a steady boyfriend of 3 years Alex played by Chris D’Elia who as it turns out is pretty funny .

A lot of Cumming’s stand up material is there in the pilot such as the wearing a hoody and the role playing fiasco. She has done this previously where in interviews she would repeat jokes instead of offering new material which is a cause for concern that the show will repeat the same joke over and over again in a different form. You will not get a dose of pure female comedic genius like that of Tina Fey’s or Amy Poehler’s for sure, Cummings’s humor is entertaining but not brilliant, she offers a realistic cynical look at relationships and the dynamic between men and women and  if the show hires some great writers to support that theme  it will do really well.

First impression: not safe from cancellation because some people are bound to hate Whitney especially when NBC offers some challenging comedies such as Community, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock.

In all, the show is funny and entertaining,It needs some recasting since some of the supporting cast is not impressive BUT I am excited to see what it offers next week while I am very realistic about the possible disappointment.

The Secret Circle Review:Vanilla Awaiting Fudge

I didn’t expect much when I first saw the promos for Kevin Williamson’s new show “The Secret Circle” , the fact that a series creator  with a sucessful show would do another one with a similar concept is pretty scary (Shonda Rhimes anyone?!).

After watching the pilot I can definitely see some fan base forming maybe a slightly younger age group than The Vampire Diaries . I  for one am not a part of this age group. I didn’t hate it but I will not be tuning in next week, at least I will wait till season one finishes and watch it on DVD over the summer vacation (yes! in my line of work I get the summer off, jealous much?!)

The setting is different from The Vampire Diaries which was a relief because I swore if I sense any similarities there will be hell to pay (Kevin Williamson get ready to block me) but i didn’t see any except it was as dark as TVD was in season 1 (lighting wise).  I liked some of the characters and I hated some; I liked the girl Cassie played by Brittany Robertson she wasn’t your typical teenager,that actress has fire in her and I think she’ll be great in this role. I also liked the obvious badass Charles Meade played by Gale Harold -who looks like TVD’s Elijah’s brother- I mean that guy is cool, he burned a house while playing with matches, he made a guy drown on dry land and whenever he walks into a room he has this ominous energy around him, I pretty much liked all the grown ups and hated all the teenagers -except for Cassie- and that is why I say I am probably not the target audience of this show. I especially hated the girl-bitch character Faye Chamberlaine played by Phoebe Tonkin, she was really bad at being “a mean girl”, she added nothing new to the stereotype of an actor trying to act malicious, the limited evil look and the Melissa George mouth did not do it for me, i could feel her “acting” every step of the way.

In all, the show offers nothing earth shattering but …I liked the setting and the rich back-story. I feel like it has a potential of becoming a good cult show, for a pilot it did not impress me that much but still they avoided a lot of typical pilot mistakes.

Best scene: Gale Harlod torching the house with matches and drowining a man on dry land as the poor guy spits water, Awesome!

Worst scene : Phoebe Token’s character Faye Chamberlaine turning off lights and conjuring up a lightning storm to finally try to make stop by simply uttering the words “Stop the storm” I felt it was under whelming and poorly thought out.

KILL!  the creepy theme  music please , I know it suppose to carry out a message of mystery and fear but it just creeps me out and not in a good way. 

so guys what do you think?

Returning Shows: Fall TV Munchies

This season of 2011-2012 is the most excited I am for new upcoming TV shows, it is either because my appetite for TV programming has increased or that this season is an impressive one. It’s definitely a little bit of both. The summer has offered a few distractions such as new shows : Franklin and Bash and Friends with benefits and returning shows: Weeds,The Big C,Louie and True Blood . As great as they were they are NO fall TV programming where you having a long list to select and choose from.

That said the sadness is and the time has come where you grab popcorn and watch you favorite show on TV, your computer or whatever contraption who can keep track. Another option for people who live outside the US is to look for bit torrents, download and then watch.

I will first start with returning shows I am looking forward to and if I leave some shows out it is either because I am not fortunate to know them yet or that I think the shows sucks and refuse to watch it .

1. Community season 3(NBCSept 22nd : First ,yeah! I have no illusions how bias I am for the show, I still think it is the greatest comedy on TV and the lack of recognition saddens me because with no doubt the show has the hardest working actors, writers and crew.

Where we left off : The WW2 of paintball where Greendale Collage prevails over City Collage, Pierce (Chevy Chase) the recently becoming the villain of the group saves the day and wins the school $100,000 and refuses the group’s invitation to come back to the group after he’s been voted out. The door to study room F is open with 6 hopefuls that pierce will come crawling back to the group.

Why we are excited:  The obvious is more Community is always a good thing. The much anticipated Jeff/Annie ,Troy/Britta love connection.Knowing the creator Dan Harmon it will not be a typical soapy story line. They promise to have more fun and be less weird so we will have to wait and see. Oh plus John Goodman is coming to the show and Jim Rash (dean Pleton) is a series regular now 🙂

Excitement levellethally high, Hyperventilation high.

2. The Good wife Season 3 (CBS) Sept 25th : After delivering a stellar season it is no wonder The Good wife can’t come a moment too soon. so a moment of silence for the pure awesomeness that is season 2…………

Where we left off: Alicia and Will finally caved in and made their feelings clear, after everything went wrong they managed to let go of their fears and embrace their passion. Peter is State Attorney now and in cahoots with Carey, and bridges burned between Alicia and Kalinda.

Why we are excited: the “talk”, Alicia and Will will discuss the hell out of their encounter and a good covwersation is never bad between those two. Kalinda has a hell of redemption to do and losing Alicia is bound to spin her out of contorl,Eli Gold (Alan cumming) is Alicia’s co-worker no…or is it boss?! anyways  and Peter is going to play dirty with the help of the unfortunally scarcely used  Matt Czuchry.

Excitement level: High with occasional breathing.

3. Parks And Recreation Season 4 (NBC) Sept 22nd : with new addition last season this show managed to be more awesome, it should be registered as the smartest casting move in TV history.

Where we left off:  After a slow brewing romance between Leslie and Ben they’re finally on the right track, or are they? Leslie is offered a new job which might jeopardize her relationship with Ben. Chris is interested in Ann again and Ann is working with the parks department (to justify her constant showing up, no one visits city hall by choice).

Why we are excited: Tammy 1, mommy Swanson…need more…seriously?! we will find out what Leslie is going to do with Ben.

Excitement level : high with tendency to get light headed.

4. The Vampire Diaries season 3 (CWSept 15th : After so many dead could the body count get any higher? we are psyched to find out.

Where we left off:  the curse of the sun and the moon has been broken, Katherine is gone, Elena and Damon kissed ,Stephan turned bad and now Klaus is a vampwolf .

Why we are excited: All  the listed above…. What will happen with Stephan. How Damon and Elena will address their recent kiss. Who else will die this season and brooding,mourning Alaric is bound to be hot .

Excitement level : high with heavy bleeding.

5. Fringe season 4 (Fox) Sept 23rd : Fringe has proved itself a strong contender after surviving the death time slot it been moved to (Friday night) and for that it deserves commending. I am NOT a sci-fi fan but Fringe is entertaining enough to keep me hooked.

Where we left off: Peter was hooked to the machine resulting in a world merge and Peter disappearing taking away every trace of his existence.

Why we are excited: What happened to Peter? Peter does not exsit does that mean his son is never born? how will bolivia and olivia ever deal with eachother? so many questions unanswered.

Excitement level : high with drastic weight loss and chronic blackouts

There are some other shows I am excited about like How I Met Your Mother Sept 19th , The Middle Sept 21st ,Grey’s Anatomy Sept 22nd , The Big Bang Theory  Sept 22nd Raising Hope Sept 20th , and The  Office Sept 22nd  but those are the ones I wanted to focus on….ah my life is back to normal.

P.S: This Blog post is dedicated to Aseel Zahran who allowed me to use her computer to update my blog and who told me I should have a blog in the first place so I can stop blabbing about TV while she’s out to save the world.

Community Season 3 : Jeff And Annie Romance

I am so exited for this news so I am typing as I dance….

Spoilers have been all over the internet left and right for returning fall shows and one of the them is my favorite Community. We so far know that Chang will be a security guard, Abed and Troy are getting an apartment together, Annie is getting an Annie-look-alike rival, John Goodman is coming as the dean’s worst nightmare,Michael. k . Williams will be the new biology teacher who will terrify Jeff, Pierce will get back togther with the group and Jeff and Troy will butt heads for the title of alpha male which will take its toll on Jeff .

What’s new ?

As Community cast and crew are up to the 5th episode. A recent interview with Community’s Joel McHale comes to shed new light. Joel McHale tells Entertainment Weekly after being asked who’s the next romantic interest for Jeff Winger “It’s going back to Annie,that said because Britta and Jeff have had secret sex for a year, it’s not as simple as you think.It’s so funny to get people’s reactions.It’s always like “OH,they’re so cute together” or “He’s a pedophile”  “

does that mean that season 3 will finally be the season Annie and Jeff hook up for real? If  it is I hope they make Jeff work for it a little, and knowing Jeff he’ll break her heart or maybe not. I am insanely excited for what’s to come.

As always I reserve the right to read into anything I want, reality sucks sometimes. But what do you think let’s put it to a vote assuming that this season is ” The Annie of it all ”


Sept 3rd: Just read a TVline scoop that came later than mine “ehem ehem!” and it confirms that season 3 will definitely see more of Jeff/Annie romance but whether it’s a hook up or a relationship is unknown. There are speculations made by Alison Brie who plays Annie that the two might have hooked up over the summer, maybe the timeline episode will travel back to how exactly they came to be an item. Joel Mchale reassures that it will not be a normal “will they ? won’t they?” deal but it will also be taken seriously and portrayed carefully. My heart just skipped a beat .