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Community 305: The Spooky Is Within

This week I come with a late rambling about this week’s all new Community due to much unneeded and undesired social life that I have to engage in every once and a while. Anyhow this week’s episode had a hard act to follow after “Remedial Chaos Theory” another seven story premise was a little alarming but do bear in mind that “remedial Chaos Theory” was 303 not 304 so “Competitive Ecology” was the one that was supposed to proceed the Halloween episode which makes sense. The episode was brilliantly funny written by no other than Dan Harmon the creator of the show I hope we see more of his writing this season.Britta analyzes the psych-test results that she gave the study group and discovers that one of them has very alarming results naturally she turns to Jeff to help her figure out who it is “Jeff can I have a quick conversation with you?” brilliantly answered by Jeff “doubtful but I support the dream” interrupted by the dean in a witch costume holy TV that was great .The study group are not wearing costumes except for Jeff who is dressed as “one of the fast and furious guys” and just as I was judging him for watching the movies he explained he doesn’t watch that shallow crap  he just wore whatever girls like…Deep stuff man.

Britta starts off with her scary story and instead of camp fire the study group huddle up in the study room in a living room like part of study room F, Britta’s story was expectantly lame because she put no heart into it, she was trying to get the study group to tell their scary stories to dive in their psyche, just as we are about to do as the episode progresses. Britta’s story only had her and Jeff as they are a typical guy and girl making out in a car in the middle of nowhere, as if they are teenagers! Shippers rejoice not me though I am an Jeff/Britta fan romance aside. Britta casts Jeff as the jerk of a guy who’s only concerned with one thing and the radio announces a guy with a hook thing who esccaped and murders people and stuff…I am not paraphrasing the radio and the characters had Britta’s incohesive telling of the story and care for details where Jeff delivered the worst acting ever as a guy being stabbed, hilarious.Abed interjects with a better structured story based on what is logical for a character to do in a similar situation, He and Britta are the “romantic” couple now who are logical and as they listen to the radio that Abed got as a cautionary measure Britta mentions that she hopes he is as fertile as she is tonight…Sexy, then they listen to lame Kenny-G like music as Abed the story teller starts humming in in real life v=because it doesn’t make sense they turned on the radio the moment the news is announced, here is a point that needs to be made, i read in a lot of comments sections to multiple reviews of different shows and people pick at every single detail not realizing that to make a compelling story using a format like TV or movie it is not sane to follow all logical rules, there are bound to be loopholes and most is something that can be lived with for the sake of the story, so when you are watching a story on TV remember it is TV after all and not real life so sometimes you have to sit back and enjoy the show. Anyways Abed’s story ends with him and Britta standing back to back as they hold knives as the emotionally needy Britta (as Abed sees her and maybe all women in romantic relationships)  says :”I love you” to be shushed by Abed. Note: How sexy did abed look in this particular story.

Annie’s story is not as logical and strucured as Abed’s but it is one of the best one in terms of what a scary story should be and it reveals a lot on how she sees herself in relation to Jeff and Britta. in Annie’s story the vampire Jeff saves her and carries her to his cabin indication what we already know about the character of Annie but then it gets interesting, as he is resisting the need to feed on her or in Jeff’s case ravish her and steal her “innocence” he suppresses this desire by feeding on Britta who has very interesting bite marks locations that say a lot. Jeff replacing his desire for Annie with Britta reveals much anticipated anger from Annie’s side ,After finding out that Britta and Jeff are secretly sleeping together for a year in season 2 her reaction was not as indignant as I expected her to be and now I understand that she surpressed this anger only to be revealed in small doses, and in this story it is the clearest representation of that anger I have seen so far. Annie views Britta as a threat and comforts herself with the idea that Jeff is tender with her feelings and careless with Britta’s and rationalizes Jeff’s attraction and interest in Britta as Jeff trying to cool off on his desire for her. She is not only upset with Britta who she made out to be Jeff’s victim “Skanky concubine” and “drained and tainted bitch-dog” , she is also upset with Jeff as she is proud she was able to change him as she has taught vampire Jeff how to read (in one of the most hilarious montages ever) and our Jeff how to feel maybe?! only to reveal he hasn’t changed she responds with eating Jeff alive and goes on at length on how to torture him…Anger issues, her story makes everyone uncomfortable and Troy jealous of the reaction she gets. It is the first time I see Troy jealous of Annie.

Troy’s story has him and Abed as top gun fighting pilots who drink some green stuff with no suspicion and are sown together by Pierce the crazy scientist, they gain power front their union and destroy Pierce who expresses his jealousy of their power. The revenge was so befitting of Troy as a character, Pierce has his butt sown to his chest, his hands as feet and feet as hands, Troy story is horrific and funny at the same time and on poor Pierce’s expense much to Pierce’s objection who offers a story using all the characters however he chooses to show how awesome he thinks he is and how he sees the study group members. In Pierce’s story  he is simply called Magnum with luscious hair  and has the three ladies of the study group as his playmates (indicating he sexualizes all his female friends even Britta who annoys them and Annie who is more than too young) he is attacked by his hood version of Troy and Abed and he manages to defeat them  hitting Troy as he says “You are so relevant” before Pierce’s equipment finishes the job and punches him.

Shirley offers her self-righteous story, the study group members (except for Pierce who is absent from this story as he mistakes Jeff who is named Jango for him) are young collage kids or teenagers from the early 90s who are dancing to metal music and high on drugs, this is not how Shirley sees the group but an indication of how she relates to them, she feels victimized and ostracized by the group and she refers that feeling for being a christian and that might be the case but she is as she always does over dramatizes the situation. Britta gets the lion’s share of mockery in Shirley’s story on how she is needlessly defiant and keeps referencing that she lived in New York, she goes out of the cabin and gets attacked by locus. Enter the dean dressed as the devil, if the devil was a 1816 hooker, this is by far one of the best entrances I’ve seen in a long time that it deserves its own standing ovation. as the dean threatens them with Pilates: the demon that eats their genitals, Shirley shows up to save the day…oh wait no to say goodbye as she ascends to heaven leaving her friends to damnation as she utters the words “I forgive youuuuuuuuuuuu”.  Note:Yvette Nichole Brown excelled in delivering this story

Shirley story drives everyone out of the study room as Britta and Jeff stop them and Britta reveals the truth about the psych-tests through a disturbing montage where s mysterious killers kills everyone and where Britta gets chocked to death as she reads “Warren Pierce”, this leads everyone to turn tables and accuse her of being the psycho, they all freak out in a hilarious showdown and Jeff tries to fix them with a story. In the past the famous Winger speeches and stories would have made everything better because as said before part of Jeff’s charm is novelty, what you don’t know about him makes him interesting and now the study group became his family and they know him better now and even express frustration with him so the jig is up, he can’t get away with the same crap he always pulls that is why it wouldn’t surprise me that his relationship to the study group is the longest relationship he’s known. the test results are done again as Annie discovers Britta ran them through the machine upside down and Jeff reveals he filled his out randomly because “I am just a guy that doesn’t like taking tests doing  work or getting yelled at” but he is no sociopath. The correct results are finally revealed and as it turns out they are all insane except one Abed who is certifiably normal, and as I often read that Dan Harmon identifies with Abed I cen’t help but wonder it this is Harmon’s way of saying he is the only sane one in an insane world or it could only be that the most weird member of the group turns out to be the only normal one. The scene end-er is a touching one, it reminds me of the lase scene in “Abed’s uncontrollable Christmas” where the TV is turned off and the reflection of the study group members are on the TV screen, this scene is a happy Halloween from our beloved study group… wiping tear. This episode is yet another example of  TV done right it offers the scary stories and a little more.


p.s. If you particularly liked the many pictures per post format let me know so I can use it more often. I’d love to know what you think.

How I met Your Mother “Nortta”: The Title Says It All

I love How I met Your Mother for better and for worse and this episode so poorly entitled “Noretta” combining Nora’s name and Barney’s mom Loretta’s name is definitely worse. The episode lacked effort and it felt off track maybe it is due to cramming too many guest starts into one episode. I will not say I didn’t laugh because I did, I especially liked the “Three is a crowd” story between Robin,Ted and Kevin but it falls short in comparison to last week’s episode. The story is not new the characters start seeing their significant others as their parents so when you see Marshall about to kiss his dad (in reality Lilly) you are bound to laugh but it is a dumb joke none the less. I am not saying it was a bad episode, it was O.K but I really expected more .This is just a bump in the road but I still love the show and I’ll just ignore the fact that this episode exists, the show has its ups and downs but has grown enough audience that people are willing to live with those mishaps of episodes because they love the characters and the actors playing them.

Movie Lovers In Jordan: Bad News…No More Movies

Well as a resident of Jordan I grew up watching reruns of old shows old movies, it took me a while to catch up with the rest of the world and realize that what I am watching is not being aired on networks anymore.

On to the bad news: Jordan imposed new customs fee on movies imported from major Hollywood studios over the summer that resulted in having no new movies in Jordanian theaters, and as people where left to wonder how this catastrophe will be resolved the summer went by and new movies were back. Now Prime cinemas in Amman announce that NO NEW MOVIES WILL BE PLAYED IN AMMAN THEATERS.

the announcement comes in red on the website as follows” Jordanian customs have enforced new and confusing  regulations for importing films to Jordan, those new regulations make it IMPOSSIBLE for major Hollywood studios and film producers to send films to Jordan” it continues to state that “no new movies are currently playing in Jordan and now new films will play if Jordan customs continue with those regulations”  Movie theaters will close on October 25th  2011 whether it is a gesture of support,indignation or a money saving tactic is undisclosed .This deprives custors of enjoying one of the FEW pass times that exists in Jordan, a small country with modest means. Goodbye over priced candy bars, goodbye caramel pop corn and the stomachache that follows, goodbye flat soda,  goodbye anonymous annoying guy who always laughs too loud and too much, and goodbye annoying teenager who has to ask her friends what’s going on now…may you all rest in peace.

This is frustrating news and probably one side of the story but it does not deny the fact that GUYS we do not have new movies…Alas! bit torrents here we come and electronic stores load up on the home theaters. Hope it will be resolved soon but who will cave first?

Grimm Pilot Review: Sweet Dreams Turn Out To Be Meh

There is nothing I love more than girl jogging in the woods  and gets killed scene by something scene as her ipod is on the ground playing the Eurythmics “sweet dreams” ( if you don’t know it, then welcome to earth or you’re just too damn young). That is the opening scene so I got excited, paused to go get my tea ready because I love anything supernatural then came back fully commited to loving what I see…I didn’t

I think the story is interesting and I wished it wasn’t in modern times, I think late 19th century would have been a better and more expensive choice because the story is based on 19th century fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, solving crime that involves supernatural beings which seems great but with NBC’s Grimm it was embellished a modern twist and as I said that modern twist made everything seem bland and forced. Now bear in mind that I was watching really bad video quality (serves me right for watching it before it airs) that might have something to do with the fact that I felt the visual effects were sloppy. I checked my Facebook page twice in the first half hour and that is not a good sign,what bothers me is the unlimited potential I see for the show and i might be eating my words later but I don’t think so. It is a good idea , they went to all the trouble of choosing the woods as a setting and casting David Giuntoli as detective Nick Burkhardt the young grimm detective who is supposed to be clueless but just ends up uninteresting as a character, the show is O.K but in a time of great TV it just doesn’t measure up.

Unless the show gets better with upcoming episodes I don’t se a bright future, I will not be watching and might be revisiting it over the Christmas Hiatus, the show is not horrible, it’s just boring.

See for yourself on NBC October 28th  Fridays at 9/8c (in case you are not out with your friends)

All By Myself : Lonely Characters On TV

We are all lonely one way or another, but some people are alone and lonely, we love them and we feel sorry for them, here are a few names compiled by me and my sister

1. Chuck Bass Gossip Girl : even though Chuck is the proudest, meanest man alive he lives    for one thing only…Blair. Now Blair is with the prince and Bass is back to his season one      loneliness and it kills him because now he knows what is missing. I feel sorry for him, he      has no family and no one that really cares for him, and even when they try he only manages to push them away.

2. Matt Donovan The Vampire Diaries: If Matt turns into a psychotic killer I don’t blame him. He is abandoned by his mother,his sister was killed and she is haunting him,his girlfriend turned out to be a vampire and now is dating his best friend and a sacrifice needed both his palms to be cut into…I feel sorrow whenever I see Matt, for two season he’s been out of the loop, poor Matt.

3. Ben Wyatt Parks And Recreation: After ending his relationship with Lesley, Ben is in a new town with no reason to stay. Eating lunch alone must be one of the saddest scenes…at lunch time. I hope he wont be alone for long.

4. Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother:  Now Ted has an amazing group of friends but recently he is the only single one, what makes him lonely is how much he needs to fall in love, he is like the rest of the single people who go home to an empty bed and every date carries the promise of a future.

5.Raj The Big Bang Theory: Raj is what you call “pathetically lonely”, he is unable to talk to girl unless drunk and never had a steady girlfriend. his attraction to Bernadette went nowhere.

6. Alex Karev Grey’s Anatomy : In my mind Alex will never get over Izzy, and even his once complex character became unnecessarily mean , he is still one of the loneliest people on Grey’s anatomy, he has never seen a happy day or ever had someone who cares for him and him alone.


7. Pierce Hawthorne Community: Pierce had one person in his life that really loved him..his mom and she died. Pierce is always alone with no one to relate to and even though he is surrounded by his study group members Pierce remains a lonely old man.

There you have it those are the people I could think of, if there are more feel free to suggest in the comments section 🙂



Revenge “Guilt”: The Point Of No Return

Let me start with this ” In revenge as in life, every action has an equal and opposite reaction”… seriously,most of the time voice overs are silly and pointless excluding Dexter’s voice overs of course, but this one is just ridiculous….Don’t get me wrong I love the show but THIS needed to be pointed out… i was rolling my eyes Lydia falls to her death, mishap forgiven.

This episode was particularly dark, there was enough guilt to go around as Lydia makes a comeback trying to win her once best friend over, Victoria guilt-ridden when is faced with her unknowing victims and Nolan realizing that his and Emily’s scheme caused Lydia’s death.It feels like the show is starting to show’s it’s teeth and watching this episode I see the story continuing beyond the original story.

In this episode though I saw myself wondering, how does Emily feel about Daniel who is Joh Kennedy JR handsome? their scene in the police station was heart-warming until you remind yourself that Emily is on a mission. I like Daniel a lot and I feel sorry for him. On one end Emily is using him and on another his friend Tyler is planning something…I am feeling he has a crush on Daniel but I really want it to be more, for example Tyler is out for Revenge too.

There are characters I don’t understand though? Clueless Ashley; why does she follow Victoria and what does she exactly do other than give Emily access to events. Declan and Charlotte; how exactly are they important to the story? I don’t see what I have to put up with those two maybe I’ll see their value later.

The show is starting to be one of my favorite new comers especially when they stopped with the video on Emily’s laptop thing, I hate that and we got to see Emily/Amanda backed into a corner and reaching out to Nolan which is good I don’t want her to be alone in this,lean your lesson a wig can’t do much. What will emily do when she discovers she may have caused Lydia’s death? Will we see her guilt-ridden?Will she back down when she says how far the Graysons are willing to go?  Does she love Daniel?  here is next week’s promo “Intrigue” and it looks juicy.

Note: I am in love with Nick Wechsler‘s Jack Porter

Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit”: It is not over when you are dead

Vampire Diaries got crowded this week and as ghost Vicki said it best “In a town full of vampires,werewolves and witches I’ll fit right in”. Elena is back as I know and love her, bad ass Elena. She is very wisely training with Alaric at 6 am to protect herself against vampires against Stephan to be exact… Whats is funny about that scene in the woods is Alaric’s out of control hair and the-Greendale-human-being-cousin-doll Elena was practicing on (shout out to NBC’s Community).

It is the first day of school and Stephan and Elena’s anniversary and as I hear Elena remember that it hits me, it has been a year, all that that happened throughout the past two seasons happened in one year and I really admire Elena for getting out of bed in the morning,I wouldn’t ,this is why I get upset when Elena is whiny because she is strong, she is no Bella and that is what I love about her.My friends claim that in this season Nina Dobrev who plays Elena over acts and I disagree,if there is something I am worried about with Elena is that with the gradually changing wardrobe and little more makeup she’ll blend with Katherine, and they will become the same actress, I hope that never happens.

This episode was an homage to the season’s pilot and I loved that,Elena coming out of the bathroom and bumping into Stephan and the bonfire it shows how far those characters have come, I didn’t like The Vampire Diaries the first 3 episodes of season one and I am glad I continued watching to see the error of my ways because now I can honestly say that Vampire Diaries gives me my drama fix for the week.

Damon surprisingly seemed like the only together person/vampire in this episode, now another thing I discussed with friend is the shift of roles between Stephan and Damon, they claim it is not realistic and again I disagree, I said it once and I will say it again, Damon is not bad and it will be boring if he had that one side to his character, Damon is impulsive he lets you know what he thinks, he is the most emotional and guarded one of the two brother she has always been the screw up and he is comfortable with that label , Stephan on the other hand himself to a high moral code that always weighed heavy on him and made him seem as kind of a buzz kill because unlike Damon he cares how other people see him, he is hard on himself and has a darkness in him that he fears, a real darkness that Damon talks about but never shows , Stephan never mentions his darkness but it can be seen in moments he lets his guard down. and what we see now is Stephan letting go of that moral code. In a nut shell this is not a change as much it is a revelation about the two characters which I think is brilliant.

The ghost story line continues to worry me because I don’t know exactly where it is going but then again when do I ever see a story line coming in Vampire Diaries, six episodes in and i have gasped and yelled out OMG more times than I can count, so even though I am a little scared I will trust the writers and watching this week’s episode helped me get to that state of mind because at least a little is being revealed and apparently even witches on the other side are hell-bent on killing Elena…poor Elena.

A little B story line that will eventually get to the A story is Rebekah’s (I caved and now that is how I spell her name) interest in Tyler and Tyler’s blind devotion to Klaus are getting on Caroline’s nerves and as Damon sees it there is one solution to the problem “Get a new boyfriend”. Elana’s plan to lock Stephan up seemed too easy to pull off, but I admire her dedication, she was out there in the bonfire party looking Stephan in the eye refusing to back down, and as she is busy getting “not sober”, Damon is trying to charm Rebekah but she is too smart to fall for it. Elena is drunk and let me just say I love drunk Elena, and she fakes falling from the bleachers as Stephan catches her as wee swoon over the exchanged glances Alaric shoots him in the back. Let me take a moment to recognize how amazing and awesome Alaric was in this episode, tortured fighting with Damon Alaric is awesome…how cute is it that Damon misses his friend when he says ” Are you ever gonna be not mad at me rick?“. On another note I wish everyone would stop calling him Rick, I love the name Alaric and Damon started using Rick to get on Alaric’s nerves now everyone is using it…NOT COOL. Now back to Stephan he gets trapped in the car with elena as Vicki sets the car on fire, Matt does the hardest thing he ever has to do which is let her go and put her back where she belongs…not here.

Elena’s is hurt and Damon is “medicating” her, Elena is really struggling with her feelings for Damon(Damon is not making it easy to not fall in love with) because she doesn’t know hat they are and she is a little ashamed that now that Stephan is gone she is eyeing his brother, before we saw Damon looking at Elena’s lips filled with desire, now it is Elena who’s doing all the looking. Standing ovation to the scene in the  weight room where Damon shows her exactly where to get to a vampire’s heart…the mention of Buffy made it better.

The cherry on top: Katherine wakes Michael up who is changed and refuses to drink human blood and just as you are thinking “Aww he doesn’t drink people he is the good guy” he well…he eats Katherine. Michael feeds on vampires, so Klaus is running away because he is someone’s dinner. Chocolate sprinkles: as you are enjoying watching Damon clean up after Stephan, ghost Mason shows up and he does not look happy.

What is in store for next week? well looks like Mason is not the only ghost in town [SPOLIER] Lexi Stephan’s best friend makes a comeback and from the looks of it tries to help Elena “restore” Stephan…WHAAAAT?!

Hart Of Dixie: Taking The Plunge…Or Not

I am growing quite fond of this new CW show Hart Of Dixie starring Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter bacause it has a lot of heart…guys let this one go..

This week’s episode centers around what heat waves do to people and I believe it is true, the heat can drive a person insane and make them do unspeakable things. I wasn’t a big fan of Summer on The OC but Rachel Bilson is unbelievably fun and lovable as doctor Zoe Hart. The characters in this show are interesting and the stories are gripping. The show itself is not ground breaking at all but it has a potential to be so due to an excellent cast and such an easily dramatic setting.

This week takes Dr.hart on a journey of embracing spontaneity and as she struggles with her understandable desire towards her neighbor Wade played by  Wilson Bethel she while helping a patient misses out on an opportunity to let go and act of that desire.

One issue I have is the unbelievable overacting of a yellow wearing lemon Breeland played byJaime King , a high strung southern queen bee who is torn between her soon to be husband and over the summer lover, and even though this week previewed her character’s struggles I still do not like her at all.

How I Met Your Mother “Mystery vs. History”: Psychological Analysis

I will say it ….This is one of the  the best  How I met Your mother episodes if not the best and smartest one to date. It was fresh and funny, giving us long time viewers a look at what our beloved gang looks like from the eyes of a stranger Robin’s therapist boyfriend Kevin played by Kal Penn . How I Met Your Mother  had its good episodes and their not so good ones and they are forgiven because we are in love with the characters, but this was an amazing ones taht I felt was well thought out by the writers. Might we see sitcoms upping their game by raising their respect to their audience as shows like Community do?

Hats off to the cast and writers who delivered such a stellar episode that deals with modern day dating and the dysfunctional of  the seven season long relationship. If the shows keeps delivering strong episodes like this one it will earn its place as a great comedy.

P.S: thanks for revealing the gender of the baby though we knew it is a boy from previous episodes I hate when it’s kept secret.

Community: Halloween episode revealed

Community cast as viewed by  Cartoonist Chris Schweizer

As reported on Tumblr, the synopsis of the 5th episode Of Community, the long promised Halloween episode “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps”  directed by Tristram Shapeero and it looks interesting .Here it is:

When Britta (Gillian Jacobs) runs anonymous personality tests on everyone for a psychology class, one of the test results seems to indicate that someone in the group is deeply disturbed. At the group’s Halloween pre-party, she enlists Jeff (Joel McHale) to help draw out the potential sociopath and the two of them lure everyone into telling their favorite horror stories.

I can’t wait,  “this is the year we all die” who do you think the potential ax murderer is ? take this poll just for fun

the episode air 8/7c on NBC October 27th… be there!