2 Broke Girls + 1 Confused Girl = A Failure To Communicate

I am at a loss because in my surroundings it seems I am the only one who doesn’t find CBS’s new comedy co-written by Whitney Cummings that funny. I can’t say it is not funny because it has it’s funny moments, but it is not that great. The characters are not that interesting and let’s admit it it a rich turned poor girl trying to make and a jaded poor girl trying to tolerate the rich girl is oldest goldmine of jokes in  the book or(I guess it should be query) and it not a new idea or a fresh outlook om an old one. To be fair both Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs hold up really well, it is the writing i have a problem with. This can be the kind of show that really picks up and becomes funny after it finds its own identity, or it will become a flop.

The presumably  funny a racism lawsuit waiting to happen character of the restaurant owner Han Lee played by Matthew Moy reminds me of the insensitive portrayal of Asian characters like the neighbor in one of the best movies ever “Breakfast at Tiffanys” . The funniest charater on the show in my opinion is that of the chef in the restaurant Oleg  palyed by  Jonathan Kite, his creepy comments and his perverted outlook really cracks me up.

I wanted to wait a while before I review so I can give the show the benefit of the doubt, many might like it and I don’t particularly hate it, but I am confused about why would people watch an episode of a comedy if it offers nothing new and you wait till minute 10 to laugh of a 20 minute show.

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Primary teacher who loves TV like crazy. I watch more TV a week than anyone i know. I usually have crazy pairings on TV that no one sees but me and a good eye for spoilers. Twitter account :http://twitter.com/#!/lonestarjrs

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