Ringer “A Whole New Kind Of Bitch”: Henry Shows His True Colors

Ringer is getting interesting, the 5th episode proved itself to be a doozy, Gemma knows about Bridget’s true identity and is determined to expose her. Gemma showed her true colors in this episode and eventhough she was justifiably  hurt her despicable attitude answered a question I had since episode one: How was Gemma BFFs with a manipulating cold bitch like Shibhon? well because as it turns out Gemma is no lamb, she manipulated Bridget into agreeing to sleep with her husband so Gemma can catch them and execute the infidelity clause in their prenup allowing her to deprive Henry from the money and the kids.

Andrew is clueless when it comes to his daughter and apparently his wife, he has a time admitting she is a addict and admits her to public school as a behavior modification last resort. I don’t feel as if Andrew and Bridget has a life beyond the 45 minutes we see them on TV, I understand the writers are trying to build a relationship but I’d be happy to see what will happen when feels start forming.

The episode runs on one theme, our fear that Gemma will spill all and Bridget once again pleading with her and trying to pick up the mess her sister left. Gemma raised a good point, what Bridget did (assuming Shibhon’s identity) was really selfish. She can justify it all she wants but she really had her best interest at heart. Bridget tries to deal with the situation by turning on Gemma asking for Henry’s help to pacify Gemma and try to make things right. Henry turns out to be an interesting charater, not only is he cheating on his wife and in love with a despicable character like Shibhon, not only is he an apparently absent father and horrible writer, not only is he a liar who lives off his wife’s inheritance but also he is a cold blooded murderer. The final scene where Andrew shows up at Gemma’s apartment after she calls him in tears sent chills down my spine, Henry answered the door and I knew he was up to no good, blood on the wall ,a small stain and then a massive one indicate that Henry killed Gemma, Bridget unknowingly signed Gemma’s death sentence. I am sorry to see her go because I really liked her and I appreciated her ruthless reaction to the betrayal, it made me admire her more.

Henry is in trouble, after all the cleaning the promos for next week’s episode”The Poor Kids Do It Everyday” show that Bridget gets a first hand experience of covering a murder when it seems Henry confesses to her that he killed Gemma. Icing on the cake “Veronica Mars” Jason Dohring will be guest starring as a public school teacher that Juliet will admire, how much? it is still not decided.

Where does it go from here? I don’t know and I am loving it


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