Tonight All New Community: Troy And Abed’s New Apartment

Community Early Review: Remedial Chaos Theory image

As far as I am concerned there is not a reason in the world why a person should watch anything other than Community 8/7c on NBC, I will not go on and on about how great the show is and how under appreciated, I will not talk about how much it means to me and how I think is  the smartest comedies around. (see I didn’t say anything)

Tonight’s episode “Remedial Chaos Theory”, the title alone should be enough. The cast of Community and chaos make a tasty combination. Abed and Troy host a housewarming party at their new apartment, the cast promise some interesting props in the apartment, imagine Troy and Abed  fitting all their awesome crap in one place, wonder if Abed installed cameras yet. As the gang are gathered there is dancing and a fire breaks out, 6 time lines breakout as Jeff numbers  the members of the study group  (1-6) and roll the dice to decide who will go downstairs to get the pizza leaving 6 different scenarios of how the group will interact if one of the 6 members was not a part of it . It is a character based episode and does what what Community does best complexity in simplicity. It is said to be Community at it’s best, think of it as a bottle episode but this time it is outside the study room without the metaphorical study room table.

That is all we are allowed to know, before I leave you remember this….Community is not only a great show it’s also very respective of its audience, so if you are a fan but want to watch other things that air at the same time slot remember, why not watch those shows online later? watch that one live. If you never watched Community then just watch this one then decide if you like it. (Puppy eyes)

I will leave you with a sneak peek that is quite interesting, look out for the pictures on the wall and the matching outfits. The way Abed talks about Shirley’s early arrival is funny


After watching that let me know that you will be my hero and you will watch Community tonight because you want to see comedy done right

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