Vampire Diaries “The Reckoning”:Where Were You Damon?

I will start off by saying WHAT THE HELL?! Vampire Diaries writers never waste any time, this episode had a finale vibe and we are still in the beginning. As it seems Klaus have been patient with Stephan all this time and now there is no more Mr nice guy. we get a first taste of what a ruthless man Klaus is, unlike his brother Elijah, Klaus is not only a killer he is a manipulator, he compels a girl to left her foot up and her friend to beat her to death if she puts her foot down. He is twisted.

The gang are preparing for senior prank and it makes me sad that making something so normal feels alien to them and they don’t live that dream for long when Klaus grabs Elena…the writers didn’t even prepare for that they just dove right in…Elena is understandably terrified and Nina Dobrev’s innocent doe eyes help her greatly, as Klaus ruthlessly drags around Caroline and Tyler are attacked and Tyler is taken to Klaus by Rebecca who turns out to be a scary ally. Klaus wants to turn Tyler into a hybrid, and he kills him I pause the scene and let out a helpless shriek…

Kathrine tries to get Damon on her side while taking his phone and Jeremy hostage, she wants information on who exactly is Klaus afraid of, Damon tries to bang the information out of Jeremy and succeeds.Damon is away from all the drama that is taking place in the school gym, amazing location by the way the echo of the gym amplifies everything that is happening. Stephan is staked by Rebecca but why would a metal rod immobilize him unless perhaps it has vervain? anyways Stephan shows up and tries to convince Klaus to leave Elena alone and ends up having to feed on Elena “you know you want to” I kinda wanted him to. Time runs out Tyler is almost dying as Caroline helplessly watches and yes I am totally leaving out the Vicki talking to Matt story because I don’t like it that much, I know it is going somewhere and I will stay patient till we get there.

Klaus compels Stephan to kill the two students in the gym and then feed on Elena, there is a part of Elena that   believes he will not hurt her and there is another part that does not trust him at all and at the end of the episode the part that doesn’t trust him prevails. The best and saddest of it all is that Klaus compels Stephan  to shut off his feelings totally and it looks painful…as we are left to presume Stepahn hurt Elena beyond repair Damon is alerted to the situation back in mystic falls with many texts from Bonnie and leaves Jeremy and Katherine together, the last time they were together one was feeding on the other so I am not sure that was a good idea, granted Katherine wont kill him but still……

Elena is not killed but worse, she is lying on a hospital bed as a  nurse drains her of blood under Klaus’s compulsion, Klaus discovered that the blood of the doppelganger is the key for siring his own specie thus turns Tyler into a hybrid….Tyler was never totally a human to begin with but he is now dead. Damon comes to the rescue and receives a bit of complementary ass-kicking from Klaus, Damon very cleverly gets rid of Klaus by telling him Michael who we see wake up at the end a vampire who hunts vampires is coming for Klaus. Damon saves the day and carries Elena out of the hospital.

Elena went through hell in this episode and now she begins her journey into letting go of Stephan, I loved the moment she looks at Damon and says “where were you Damon?” he is now her savior, and as Damon came in to turn things upside down in season 1 now Stephan comes to claim his thrown as “The Ripper”.

Here’s next week’s promo “smells like teen spirit” will Elena succeed in saving Stephan? hope not …..

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