American Horror Story:Scary, twisted and just wrong

American Horror Story

I honestly don’t know how how I feel about Ryan Murphy’s new show “American Horror Story” and because I have a personal feud with him (He doesn’t have a clue about it) I decided to wait a while before I pass judgement. I love the cast and the setting. The writing is good but not “Crap-Free”.The show stars Connie Britton ,Dylan McDermott, and Taissa Farmiga as a family that moves into a cursed house, the back story is rich and interesting, we instantly know that they are NOT a happy family. The house is flat out creepy  murders happened in the house and the basement is a sickening experiment lab.

The show is very smart with using the camera and lights to terrify and disgust, the show is not just scary and creepy it also smells of death  and decay…yes guys I can almost smell it. Here is my problem: The story of the house doesn’t seem that rich, even though we don’t know much it seems as if the show will be a horrifying show that will focus on the shock of the image not the story.

Looking back at some of the TV shows Ryan Murphy has been a part of it seems that they have a focus on either shocking the audience to their core despite the lack of a continuous and rich story line as “Nip/Tuck” clearly demonstrated, or to create a cult of audience who blindly worship at the alter of the show again despite the existence of a rich story line as we see with “Glee” . I feel as if this show will have both factors but NOT a rich, satisfying story line. I love to be scared and terrified but sometimes a story can be make an image more frightening because of what it might imply or symbolize.

I will continue to watch the show to see where it takes me and because I live Connie Britton even though I wished a better show for her. as I said before the cast is amazing and they act well too, the writing is my main concern because as we see in the second episode the events were erratic and desperate and the murder story was less than impressive ( a guy that hates nurses and so he kills them…seriously?) which is too soon for a show to get lost, but also it has an old horror movie feel that reminds me of Hitchcock movies especially the music,kind of like horror stories on the radio. The show has some impressive names such as Denis O’HareJessica Lange,Frances Conroy and Evan Peters.


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  1. About the guy who kills nurses because he hates them : look it up, it is actually based on a true story ! The murderer was Richard Speck.

    • Richard Speck was a mass murderer who tortured, raped and killed nursing students in 1966, the scenes from American horror story shows him drowning one and stabbing another, so for me as a viewer with individual opinion the true story is more gory than a tied up nurse who gets stabbed in the back multiple times. see I looked it up 🙂

    • also the black dahlia was portrayed in november 30 episode and tates role = columbine killings

  2. The music has a Hitchcock feel because it was Hitchcock music. In the first 2 episodes, they used music from “Vertigo” and from “Psycho”.

  3. there is more events than just the richard speck murders portryed in this show ….. tate murdered people in school= columbine
    …..woman was drugged by doctor then cut in half= the black dahlia
    im thinking that the main house is portraying the amityville horror house…….im trying to look into the rest of the show to see what all “american horros” are portrayed in this show …..

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