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All New Community:5 Reasons why you should watch and skip TBBT

With the grace of the TV gods we get to watch an all new Community tonight on NBC 7/8c , the horrible nightmare of having no new episodes for months is a distant memory now but the show is not safe yet… that said here is why I think you should cancel all plans sit at home and watch TV tonight ….

1. The exciting synopsis of tonight’s episode  “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” : A new Subway shop opens in the cafeteria, and Shirley, Pierce, and Britta attempt to sabotage it. Vice Dean Laybourne returns to try to win Troy over. Troy and Abed build competing blanket forts.

2. We will get a Jeff speech and I guarantee a phenomenal one, Jeff tries to keep the peace between feuding parties.

3. Vice Dean Robert Laybourne makes a comeback and pics show he added something new to his ensemble.

4. The episode is written by one of my favorite Community writer Chris McKenna (the one who wrote Remedial Chaos Theory) promised to be a game-changing episode as Megan Ganz (a Community writer) teased on Twitter posting “If you don’t watch tonight’s COMMUNITY (written by @cpmckenna), tomorrow when everything in the world is different, you’ll have no idea why.” Whenever Chris McKenna writes I am sold.

5. BLANKET FORT WAR…..need I say more? Fluffy hell will break loose

Reason and logic suggest you don’t miss out on Community tonight, and remember if you watch The Big Bang Theory instead a mermaid will die and a fairy will lose its wings.

Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget!”: Even The Titles Are Lazy


The only reason i watch Ringer is the amazing cast, the minute I saw who was in it I was sold as a fan of basically all actors who picture pops up after the tiresome monologue that is the beginning right where the tantantan sound comes up. I gave this show many chances and the only thing I can honestly say after tuning in every week for 19 episodes is this show is lazy. As a show based entirely on lies and deceit a subject matter that is exciting in its own right drops the ball when it comes to interesting storytelling. It feels as if the writer got bored half way through the show and just gave up. Every chance of an interesting story was destroyed by fear.In a time of great TV being too scared of killing off a character (such as Malcolm Ward) ,or the excruciating killing of another (Gimma) that gets stalled over many attempts  just forces people to switch channels no matter how many times they remind themselves this is Buffy on TV and we all owe her loyalty for her years in serving our teenage fantasies.

This episode is no different and it really ticked me off,the promo really over sold this episode,we are teased with a confrontation between the twins that turns out to be a fantasy of siobhan’s wishful thinking (the fact that there is no difference between the two what so ever really bothers me) not to forget the ridiculous course of events that leads Bridget lying on a mattress in The Bronx faking her own death with a blood bag…yeah I know!

I hated this week’s installment and I can’t forgive the bad writing because i see potential in this show if managed by new writers and absurd loose ends tied or better yet buried deep.I will keep watching to see where things end but I really hope this show doesn’t get renewed so we can see these good actors put to better use on other shows.

Tonight All New Community: 5 reasons why your TV shouldn’t miss it



This is a “watch or else” kind of situation….We finally have some Community back in our lives and there is no good reason not to watch.Community’s 12th episode comes to your TV (that should be open to NBC even if you are out of the house) at 8/7c.The story is: As the study group returns after winter break, Jeff (Joel McHale) reveals that he’s been seeing a shrink and taking anti-anxiety medication. The newfound confidence leads him to experience debilitating levels of narcissism(if you can imagine a more narcissistic Jeff)  , which Britta (Gillian Jacobs) tries to help him manage. Meanwhile, over the break, Abed (Danny Pudi) developed a celebrity impersonator habit that has saddled him with debt. In order to help Abed shed his debt, the study group puts on costumes and goes to work for Vincent (French Stewart) as celebrity impersonators – appearing in character at a Bar Mitzvah celebration.

Not that it is needed but i will give you great reasons to watch tonight’s episode instead of whatever is on TV in that God-forsaken hour

1. THIS….


no more reasons should be listed…..This will be on your TV…

2. Britta (Gillian Jacobs) will do a Michael Jackson impression and I bet you she will “britta it”

3. French Stewart (Harry Solomon in 30 rock from the sun) will be guest starring .

4. Many costumes will be involved as the gang impersonate celebrities in a bat mitzvah .

5.The most amazing reaction to anything on TV: Dean Pelton’s (Academy award Winner Jim Rash) reaction to Jeff’s new hot and confident look. A must see,trust me.

Make sure not to miss “Contemporary impressionists” written by  Alex Cooley and directed by Kyle Newacheck

Gossip Girl:Will Blair Find Happiness In Brooklyn?

It’s been such a while you guys, and though It feels like I’ve been blogging into a vacuum some genius few are leaving comments and making my miserable life sweet.You guys are better than TV, there I said it.Now that my favorite show Community (heard of it?) in the entire world is back on the air  and life is good again.My hungry fingers find their familiar way towards the keyboard typing away all the crap that goes through my head.

The subject I chose for my comeback is one I wanted to write about for a while now,I chose to write about what’s going on with Gossip Girl…Now before you roll your eyes…wait. Reviewers are always hard on Gossip Girl and I understand why, if  it wasn’t for my huge girl crush on Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) I might be inclined to condemn the show. I can’t deny that I love the show, I love the fashion and the unexplained (eavesdropping/overhearing) and this is what the show has always been about, it is a guilty pleasure and a good one.Bottom line is you can’t expect a story of a quality of what you might experience watching FX’s Justified, know the show’s history and review it accordingly.

Here comes the unpopular opinion, I am really liking season 5, the world is hating on this season but I see it differently.I need to point out though that in order to be in peace with the show’s many gaps in plots and character development I fill in the blanks on my own creating in my head a super show,because I am in love with Gossip Girl’s vision of Manhattan and the Upper East Side , I adore most of the characters I decided a while ago that the writers are leaving a lot of things for the audience to see as they want…Twisted logic I know but (It’s me ,it couldn’t be awful).

The main reason of why I love this season is the great idea of pairing the best two actors on Gossip Girl together and increasing their scenes, I am of course talking about Penn Badgely (Dan Humphrey) and Leighton Meester  (Blair Waldorf), those two together were a very pleasant surprise earning the name Dair because it is so daring and courageous of the writers to go there, because almost everyone was asking them not to, they will yield soon though .

Let’s start with the character of Blair (leighton Meester), I read the comments and for the first time since GG aired I see a lot of Blair hate, I felt a lot of people are surprised by the dramatic change in Blair character, especially her emotional instability, but for me that has always been Blair.Her relationship with Chuck as magnetic and legendary as it was, reflected clearly what an emotional wreck Blair was, agreed that her vow to stay with the prince was a very very lame excuse (but here the wrapped logic comes in handy). For me Blair never really wanted to get back together with Chuck, he lost a piece of her when he traded her for traded her for a hotel and he lost her completely when he slept with Jenny Humphrey but neither of them knew it yet. She loves him but doesn’t feel happy with him a fact she stated many times, yet she keeps coming back to him  because Chuck has become her security blanket from everything that is real (what is better for a girl than a love that everyone believes is epic). She lost herself in the tragic love affair escaping from that fact that Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) did not love her enough.In that limo in season one found Chuck a fellow tortured soul, she saved Chuck but Chucked darkened her and pulled her in deeper and deeper into dysfunction. With Louis she escaped into a fairy tale of being a princess in love with a prince ( her calling it a fairy tale is evidence of how disconnected she was), the wedding approached and Blair found herself  trapped in a relationship and a pregnancy life was happening to her and she was not ready for it.As a result she ran back to Chuck  hoping that she might find happiness there. Blair made a huge mistake marrying Louis, if anything Blair is the most lost this season and bit by bit she is starting to face the real world where actions have consequences.

Now let’s talk about “Hum Drum Humphrey”, I never really liked Dan in the beginning of Gossip Girl, his relationship with Serena never made sense to me,I understood why she loved him but I never understood why he loved her, he was a better person without her and admittedly had some great moments and chemistry but that for me dwindled over the course of seasons because I genuinely think Serena is not a good human being…Dan is .Serena (in my opinion) used Dan as a project to prove to herself she is unlike her elitist mother and friends, he was the dawn of a new Serena and Dan was her savior, the first person who believed in her. Consequently Dan was sucked in my her life and her world, she was never good for him, granted she helped him into a world he desperately wanted to be a part of , but their relationship never worked out for a reason, Serena was too selfish and Dan did not know how or why he loved her and after a while he was done (re-watch seasons…He had a problem with who she really is as a person and that is saying a lot).

Out comes Blair, she has always been an annoyance, a horrible human being to him, then he got to peek into the mystery that is Blair Waldorf, and to his surprise and ours he fell in love. Serena was never the love of his life but is Blair? their relationship is not only fun to watch but also normal, you can see them watching movies, laughing,fighting,cuddling and even holding hands, normal happy couple stuff. Dan was Blair’s savior and maybe she will be his? Blair ran to Brooklyn every time she felt alone in the world and entrusted Dan with her secrets because Serena would never understand what it is like to feel worthless, Dan would. Both Dan and Blair examine life deeply and romantically almost poetically each in their own way. Dan came to an understanding of who Blair  is and still fell in love with everything she is not everything she wants to be. Chuck might love her more but Dan  is able to make her happy and healthy. Chuck is too dark and for the sake of his character should stay that way. In the balance of things Chuck and Blair made a lot of mistakes but for me Chuck pushed  Blair away and when he came to his senses it was too late.Blair tried too hard to keep their relationship going and he blew it (Re-watch the scene after he sleeps with Jenny and the scene when Blair confronts Chuck about trading her for a hotel), Blair loved Chuck and he punished her for it . A long time Chuck/Blair shipper I add Dan/Blair to my list because those two not only have chemistry(regardless of what a promo of future bad sex implies…UPDATE elevator scene )  they also are fun to watch together,the banter alone is worth it.

The realistic ending would be Blair finally breaks free of Chuck’s hold on her like we’ve seen the last episode before the hiatus, that was a moment we saw a more mature and happy Blair  but….knowing Gossip Girl writers, Dan is the set up for Chuck and Blair to yet again to get back together. I hope there is a scenario in the world where Dan ends up with Blair, Serena becomes a career woman,Nate joins a political career supported by his grandfather, Rufus finds something else to do other than follow Lilly around and Chuck ends up more rich,powerful and tragically alone.

This is what I feel so far about what is happening with Blair and Dan, I haven’t been that excited to watch GG for seasons and now this new budding relationship got me back on the GG team.I hope the writers realize they struck gold and treasure it.