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Another One Bites The Dust :Gossip Girl’s Eric Moves On

It seems that this year is the time that both networks and actors explore their options refusing to compromise. Gossip Girl’s Connor Paolo, who plays Eric Van der Woodsen Serena’s gay brother, confirmed that he has moved on from the hour-long CW drama to ABC’s  Revenge telling TVline “You should never go back in life. Only forward”. He’s the  third character to leave the CW drama along side Tyler Momsen and Jessica Szohr. To be honest none of those characters where necessary or even had significant storylines so I am not shedding any tears.

I watched the promo for the upcoming series Revenge and I have a feeling that Connor Paolo will  go the distance on this new show. The 21 year old made a small impression on Gossip Girl for  no fault of his own,the character wasn’t simply that important. I hope that will change on his new  show.

Karma Is Great: The World Smiles To Friday Night Lights

As Friday night lights came to an end the blow of having FNL no more is softened by the joyous news of a FNL movie coming up. I have to tell you this is the best news ever. According to Peter Berg the man behind the movie/tv show/movie the movie will include Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton it’s not clear if all the cast member will be there but I really hope so.

This show was a masterpiece of television and it is a shame it only got 5 seasons, the ratings were low and that is sad in a world where other story lacking shows make it further.What show doesn’t seem to amaze for 5 seasons? most die creatively by the 4th season

All bitterness for the greatest show on TV aside I’ll be looking forward to the movie which apparently will pick up where the season finale left off. Finally great TV gets justice.

The Vampire Diaries :Spoilers are here

Well, Season 3 spoliers are here courtesy of and they come in a great time where my patience is running thin. I need my TVD fix and I want it NOW.

Big question answered “who will be Elena and Jeremy’s guardian now that aunt Jenna is dead?” Well, due to a small time jump Elena will be celebrating  her 18 birthday and so can be a guardian for Jeremy. Another thing to make it worth the wait is this season will finally be the season where we will see A LOT of Elena and Damon together, according to producer Julie Plec Elena will be facing a big problem with her undeniable attraction to Damon while she is trying to find Stephan.

Stephan will be busy being a bad ass and apparently playing with an old acquaintance of him vampire Rebecca who is more than excited to see the “Ripper” back. On other news tyler and Caroline will be breaking new ground in their friendship as their families feud and the whole”matt is ok with Caroline being a vampire ” thing needs to play out.

I don’t know about you but it sounds like a hell of a season, but then again did The Vampire Diaries staff and crew ever disappoint us ? the answer is hell no!

I am so giddy right now I have to say it : yepee Delena 4 ever

Downton Abbey: Storytelling As It Should Be

I will start with a confession:I am a sucker for period dramas. As I was searching for worthy shows i stumbled on this show rated an impressive  92  so i decided to check out this “Masterpiece” called Downton Abbey on ITV originally aired in 201o.

I am glad I did, after watching season one with it’s engrossing seven episodes my perception of what tv should be has changed. The show is one of the best shows I have seen in years, it’s like the British Mad Men if you will.  It tells the story of an estate owner in a fictional village “Downton Abbey“,his family and servants during the time of King George V two years prior to the first world war. Their lives intertwined yet seperate , you are transferred through the upstairs world of the Duke and Duchess of Grantham and their three adult  daughters where the glamour,the endless search of a husband and dinners takes place and whose lives are drastically altered by the sinking of the Titanic and then the downstairs world of the servants  where there is power play and conspiracy.

This show does everything right, the characters are very interesting and the storytelling is flawless. If you have extra time this summer check it out and satisfaction guaranteed. It does not have the stiff rigid approach to a period drama, it is very well rounded and flat out AMAZING! season 2 to be aired later in 2011.

For more information

Hollywood Studios Says No to Jordan’s New Movie Rights Policy

Though living in a 3rd world country has its “perks” it also means that I have to watch movies later than the rest of the universe and most times are censored so no nudity or graphic love scenes. Recently it has been weirdly clear that cinemas in Jordan are not offering any new movies even though it is the summer and watching movies in the movie theaters is a favorite pass time  in Jordan . Then prime cinemas located in Jordan issued an explanation to this mystery, Hollywood Studios decided to boycott Jordan and refuses to send anymore movies ….OUCH! but why?!

Well as Prime Cinemas website declares that this attitude from Hollywood Studios and it’s producers comes as a reaction to the new movie rights customs fee sanctioned by Jordan which is apparently one of  a kind not sanctioned by any other country. Hollywood and it’s production companies refused to pay the fees and to top that decided to boycott Jordan by not sending anymore movies until the issue is resolved.

I don’t know what will happen next or who will cave first but what i know is this: In a country where going to the mall and watching a movie is the main pass time of the summer people will rip each other’s heads off out of boredom if this issue is not resolved.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Emmy Pick : Delusional, Face It You Do Suck

Well, all drama shows have picked out the episodes for Emmy consideration and Grey’s Anatomy has the audacity to present an episode.Now before you freak out, because I have gotten in trouble before with Grey’s Anatomy forum regulars , let me explain my story with Grey’s Anatomy.

I was once a huge fan I watched the show and then discussed it with my girlfriends between lessons and on my lunch break. I was invested up to season 3 and then season 4 came and they started losing me bit by bit until one day I could not take it any more and I watched with total disappointment at a once great show that brought me to tears.

This season has not been bad but not impressive compared to the amazing seasons 1-3 but better than 4-6, but still not award worthy by a long shot. If it gets nominated for anything shame on the Emmys was  Glee’s nomination last year not enough ridiculousness ?!

Anyways Grey’s Anatomy has been the kind of show where the acting is great but the writing is awful and inconsiderate. I really felt like the writers think of fans as idiots who eat up all the unnecessary drama,just because a mom is crying and a baby is dying does not mean it is a great storyline. There is even one point in season 4 where the characters kept repeating the same sentence twice before going on and on about some meaningless emotional breakthroughs does anyone remember that ?

Which bring me to this: Grey’s Anatomy  producers chose “Song Beneath The Song” as their Emmy episode ,you remember the horrid one where everyone was singing after Callie gets into a car accident and  her real self  being taken to surgery while the ghost her is  is sitting  on the bed singing to herself to get up (no not a scene from Inception)  … the one where they left us to wonder if Callie’s baby will make it all episode and then both were fine  OOOOOH so scary . This episode should be hidden somewhere not paraded around in the Emmys , I mean I am all for metaphores but that episode just sounded like a song list so they can sell it on itunes. How would they like it if the Glee kids worked in a hospital It just looked silly ?! What are you going to throw at me? ratings well you have fans like myself who fell in love with the characters and can’t seem to quit watching and others who just wont admit that the show sucks but deep down they so sadly know it.

I mean My God what a pain of an episode it was painful to watch I did not even care if the baby made it …what a bad bad choice and if it is nominated well then hell did in fact freeze people.

Brits Do It Right :Come Fly With Me



I have recently been introduced to the comedy of Matt Lucas and David Walliams  through their hilarious series Little Britain,Little Britain USA and Come Fly with me.

I have been living under a rock I know otherwise how could I have sat through mediocre funny sitcoms when this jem of a comedy was being made, the work of Matt Lucas and David Walliams is brilliant, it’s a sketch comedy that talks about brits in all forms of life. the two comedians take on different characters usually women and dazzle the audience with their smart relentless comedy. I first thought it was a show about two transvestite actors so I wasn’t too keen on watching but then I was proven wrong and was completely hooked.

British comedy doesn’t get enough credit outside the UK ( in comparison to american comedy shows) and when it does it is usually formatting the show to fit audiences from other countries like USA, and I don’t understand why? British comedy is not necessarily too British for others to appreciate I live in the middle east and I get it and trust me I’m not that bright ! I think people just stick to the familiar but British comedy is a creative well that should be tapped.

Come fly with me comes in a different formatt than Matt Lucas and David Walliams’s other ventures. It’s in mockumentary style and it deals with day to day situations in a British airport  as the two comedians play different characters, the show is unapologetic about it’s own nature which for me is one of the greatest things about comedy.

If you haven’t watched then buy little Britain USA season 1,Little Britain Seasons 1-3 and Come fly with me season 1 out   14/11/2011. 

Goodsigh ……….


And The Award For Balls Of Steel Goes To:Game Of Thrones

Spoliers …….


How did this happen? In what universe do the producers decide to kill of a main character? Sean Bean’s character Lord Stark was introduced as the main character in the show he is the honorable man who fights for what is right and good. The twist came when he was dragged from his prison and confessed to treason in exchange of mercy but King  Geoffrey  the brat decided otherwise and demanded his head. going into the episode i knew someone important is going to die because I didn’t watch it right away but i did not expect this. Do I like this bold move?I don’t know. I really was expecting Lord stark to serve in the night watch with his bastard son, I was excited for those two to bond.

I am still flabbergasted, and I ask again What the Hell happened in that room that the producers decided “O.K let’s kill him off ?!”. I decided how i feel i am pissed off

Ants In My Pants: True Blood Season 4



It took me time to like True Blood, but now i am hooked. Though I have reservations about the casting True Blood never disappointed. The new season has witches and fairies and I am curious to see how they manage to pull off the story of Sookie being a fairy without looking absolutely ridiculous. The exciting part is there will be more Eric and Pam which are my favorite characters. The following video has the first 8 minutes of True Blood season 4 I avoided watching fear of spoilers but feel free to watch

Cougar Town Season 2:When Kooky Meets Alcohol

I’ve always known that there is a show called Cougar Town on ABC starring Courtney Cox as a divorced woman trying to get back her life. The title alone was enough to get it on my reject pile.The world doesn’t need another Desperate Housewives. After season one the show was renewed and that was odd to me I didn’t expect the show to survive because the first 9 episodes were not enough to sell it to me.

last week I ran out of shows to watch so I ventured on Cougar Town (sorry the name is just so ridiculous and making fun of it on the show still didn’t make it go down any smoother ) after being mentioned so much on Community my favorite comedy. I crammed the 2 seasons in almost a week and I love it. Now I didn’t do the show justice because I kept comparing it to Community and in that area Community wins hands down no competition is even thinkable.

Cougar town is NOT about a divorced woman trying to claim her life back, it is about a group of friend who drink A LOT, it is basically a fun group having fun and living their lives, there is nothing more to it really. It is funny, very funny and it’s fun to watch. It is basically fun … (see how many times I said fun…well, coz it is !) the characters are interesting though sometimes they seem catrtoonish and forced  like Ellie Torres played by Christa Miller who’s the cynical in the group can be ridiculous at times, it feels like an older version of her scrubs character Jordan Sullivan cold and emotionless which is a little boring and redundant . To be fair hats off to the other characters Courtney Cox does a great job as Jules Cobb which is a step up from Friends’  Monica Geller-Bing the control freak. The interaction between the characters is very entertaining, they are all presented as one group that’s a part of the same story all getting equal screen time.

This is a show that you’ll not regret watching ,it brings something new to the table  it doesn’t try to be anything it is not and it is not afraid to make fun of itself .It might strike you as silly at times but bear in mind that the characters are buzzed 24/7

Favorite character of the season : Bobby Cobb played by Brian Van Holt

Favorite episode : “No Reason to Cry” the 11th episode of the season where Jules kills animals as she questions her relationship with Grayson Ellis played by Josh Hopkins (an actor I never seemed to like until I saw him in this role ) it was funny and well written, “imaginary hat” off to Gregg Mettler the episode’s writer.

Favorite scene: Lori played by Busy Philipps dressed as Ellie played by Christa Miller for Halloween.

Favorite relationship : Andy played by Ian Gomez and Bobby played by Brian Van Holt , a wonderful bromance

There you have it, I watch and then present my sometimes unwelcome opinion, why? well because I can.