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Gossip Girl: When you are the only one who cares

Okay it has been a while since i wrote anything and  I know great things have happened in the world of TV and tragic things happened. I can never seem to learn that NBC will always screw me using Community as its weapon and what was my favorite network for supporting smart comedies is now my forever enemy….that said this review has nothing to do with NBC at all.

Let’s talk what we have seen so far from Gossip Girl’s final season..Why? I don’t know , I guess and no matter how I try I can’t delete this show from my to-watch list. the writing has always been bad and I’ve watched every season for the actors (especially Leighton Meester who i think I am in love with)  and the characters they portray, but if I want to be completely honest what kept me on is the lavishness and the fashion .It is a guilty pleasure and though the finale of season 5 was not only a masterpiece of awfulness and badness but a spit in the face of every fan of the show. I have become genuinely concerned for my mental sanity from intense eye-rolling during this unpromising last season .

The premier episode was classic GG, which was okay, Georgina had the best lines and her obsession with the recently jilted Dan is nothing short of entertaining.Blair is inhabited by an alien creature who only loves Chuck Bass and does nothing else…it surprises me that for a power couple GG writers happen to give the the worst lines and lamest scenes…just because you keep telling us they are epic doesn’t mean we will believe it…I mean that love scene in the Monte Carlo hotel was badly done it could have been so much better but thank God they did not do the slow motion thing  they did with the piano scene in season 4,That was awful.on another note,Dear Ed I love you but it wouldn’t hurt if you take your shirt off…we wont judge you if we wanted to, we would have judged you for the red onesie

Chuck is on a mission to get back the company that was taken away from him and I can’t sympathize because A) the story of Chuck’s family has been beaten to death, B) his dad built the company from nothing so what right does that spoiled brat have to demand his company back. And finally C) Bart is such a bad-ass, Chuck looks like a dumb bunny next to him.On that note I understand why the show are showing what a good guy Chuck is now ,who is a “gentleman” and won’t give Blair what she “Needs” but I have to say this Chuck is so boring and if you think about it he is not good in a way that matters. the reason why this disappoints me is that the whole story of Chuck Bass is a man who will never find happiness…that is what I liked about him it was his forever powerful but alone status and we as audience love him,hate him and pity him at the same time. But now Chuck is all about his conflict with his dad and his relationship Blair who he loves but can’t be with because he thinks about her all the time?!

Speaking of Blair…what happened to her?I have never seen Leighton Meester so bored, she is not even trying, it should be noted here that Leighton Meester not trying is still pretty good for the quality of acting on this show . I swear sometimes I can catch a glimpse of an eye-role especially in her scenes with chuck…and the headbands OMG talk about going backwards.I am very disappointed with Blair, I loved her in previous seasons because she was fiercely ambitious and was the prefect amount of bitchy but now I am still waiting for Blair to show up, she has been through hell and though she is spoiled and insensitive at times she has grown to her own …How did she get reduced to who she is with now, there is no Blair without Chuck and that is so wrong .Blair is my favorite character for better or worse and truth be told Leighton Meester played her to perfection but now I see no reason to admire who Blair has become and the writers seem more concerned about showing us Blair as part of a couple instead of a character in her own right.

Serene Van Der Woodsen , I have to admit that Serena is the epitome of privileged youth and that is why I never sympathized with her,right or wrong I am always on the side of whoever hates or wants to destroy  Serena.Regardless of my feeling that as an actress Blake Lively makes no effort in playing Serena and that she is basically playing who she is in real life, I have always seen her importance as a key player in the Upper East Side. I have to say I am admiring Serene this season(so far) because even though she went through self-inflicted hell this last season she have received a wake up call and now is trying to make something of herself (even though if that means blinding into a new family and abandoning her own Brad Pitt style ). She is refusing to associate with her old gang but specifically Blair who as I mentioned earlier regressed to high school years and now is stuck there. There is a great number of fans rooting for Blair and Serena to find their way back to each other but I am honestly not;they outgrew that friendship and if that is a story of how that friendship ended I am okay with that.To be quiet honest if I want to see any friendship salvaged it is Blair and Dan’s friendship; for me it was real on many levels.

Lonely Boy….Oh Dan Dan Dan, the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to Dan Humphrey was falling in love with Blair Waldorf .I think Dan’s dark and twisty makeover has a lot to do with him being fed up of being the good guy and losing all the time,though granted he is blaming his lack of confrontation skills on others he is finally stepping out his shell and I think Blair inadvertently helped him do that .Dan holds himself to a very high moral standard that he judges himself and everyone around him by. But let’s face it as much as we love all the Upper East Siders they never took Dan seriously as much as the writers never really liked the character of Dan. Any other person would have established Dan’s status as either an annoying chump or an unforgivable douche but the show got lucky casting Penn Badgley in that role who took the character of Dan and made it into a relatable character who both tried to do the right thing but also had a dark side that when tapped into makes him a force to be reckoned with. I should point out here that I think Penn Badgley is a very talented young actor, and I will venture and say it: he is better than Gossip Girl. He has proven season by season that he is full of potential and now that Gossip Girl is over I am so excited to see this talent out to good use. I am happy about Dan’s storyline this season but also afraid because the writers seem to be making a hobby of ruining their characters.

The others are left out because honestly i don’t care about them either way, if i have to say something about Nate it is I don’t understand why he is not chased out of the Upper East Side with torches for having a girlfriend at high school.Would you have some respect for the character…his conflict with Dan is interesting but to be honest he should stop being a right of passage for guest stars.

This season is obviusly the product of no one caring to finish the job, the cast seems bored and the crew seems bored;between leaked photos and call sheets,bad hair and fashion and cast interviews that very clearly state how they feel about their own show everyone clearly doesn’t care. But where does that leave us…the hostages ?! no it is not a typo.I don’t know about you but this show has me hostage I tune in every week and I can’t seem to quit.

What I know is that I am 3 episodes in and I am not impressed, Gossip Girl’s third episode “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” should be in a museum of horrible TV episodes it was really painful to watch and thinking back nothing actually happened.What I want for those remaining 7 episodes is the following

1. get rid of the guest starts, no one cares about Sage and Steven.

2. Dan’s tell all “Inside Out” better have some real repercussions.

3. Either put Chuck and Blair together of break them up once and for all.

4. for Blair to find her calling, I don’t like her blending into her mother’s legacy maybe she should make her own fashion magazine.

5. Serena leaves the Upper East Side and moves to L.A

6. More scenes putting Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester together.regardless of ships those two bring out the best in each other as actors.The writers want Chuck and Blair to be together i don’t like it but i get it …Don’t abandon a good thing,fix the friendship.

7.Nate should stop sleeping with a 17 year old. It is just so wrong GG so very wrong.

8. Rufus to go away, he is a waste of air-time.

9.As someone to bring Lilly down Ivy is so insignificant either bring in a bigger player or abandon the storyline.

10. Make Blair dress better…please she is a gorgeous woman with an amazing figure…use that.

11. No Bow ties for Chuck, i know they are his signature but they bring me back to my previous belief that Chuck Bass was supposed to be playing for the other team.

12. some reference to collage…i mean they do go to collage don’t they?!

13. DO NOT end the season with a wedding…they are all too young to get married.

14.Chuck leaves his father alone and starts his own business from scratch.

15.Dan finds success as a writer and manages to write about something other that the UES.

16.Blair finds her voice and decides she is too young to be engaged and returns the ring to Chuck.

17. DO NOT kill Bart Bass.

18.Nate leaves the Spectator and gets into politics.

19. More Georgina crushing on Dan.

20.No flash forward scenes, I know I will not be happy about the finale and i would like to make up an ending of my own.

Finally what I want the most is to find out Gossip Girl has been soemone we knew all along…Dorota is a very logical place to go revealing that she has always been sick of how Blair bullies her and the GG site was a release but then again Dorota would never hurt Blair.

Let’s wait and see…maybe it will get better…maybe

All New Community:5 Reasons why you should watch and skip TBBT

With the grace of the TV gods we get to watch an all new Community tonight on NBC 7/8c , the horrible nightmare of having no new episodes for months is a distant memory now but the show is not safe yet… that said here is why I think you should cancel all plans sit at home and watch TV tonight ….

1. The exciting synopsis of tonight’s episode  “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” : A new Subway shop opens in the cafeteria, and Shirley, Pierce, and Britta attempt to sabotage it. Vice Dean Laybourne returns to try to win Troy over. Troy and Abed build competing blanket forts.

2. We will get a Jeff speech and I guarantee a phenomenal one, Jeff tries to keep the peace between feuding parties.

3. Vice Dean Robert Laybourne makes a comeback and pics show he added something new to his ensemble.

4. The episode is written by one of my favorite Community writer Chris McKenna (the one who wrote Remedial Chaos Theory) promised to be a game-changing episode as Megan Ganz (a Community writer) teased on Twitter posting “If you don’t watch tonight’s COMMUNITY (written by @cpmckenna), tomorrow when everything in the world is different, you’ll have no idea why.” Whenever Chris McKenna writes I am sold.

5. BLANKET FORT WAR…..need I say more? Fluffy hell will break loose

Reason and logic suggest you don’t miss out on Community tonight, and remember if you watch The Big Bang Theory instead a mermaid will die and a fairy will lose its wings.

Gossip Girl:Will Blair Find Happiness In Brooklyn?

It’s been such a while you guys, and though It feels like I’ve been blogging into a vacuum some genius few are leaving comments and making my miserable life sweet.You guys are better than TV, there I said it.Now that my favorite show Community (heard of it?) in the entire world is back on the air  and life is good again.My hungry fingers find their familiar way towards the keyboard typing away all the crap that goes through my head.

The subject I chose for my comeback is one I wanted to write about for a while now,I chose to write about what’s going on with Gossip Girl…Now before you roll your eyes…wait. Reviewers are always hard on Gossip Girl and I understand why, if  it wasn’t for my huge girl crush on Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) I might be inclined to condemn the show. I can’t deny that I love the show, I love the fashion and the unexplained (eavesdropping/overhearing) and this is what the show has always been about, it is a guilty pleasure and a good one.Bottom line is you can’t expect a story of a quality of what you might experience watching FX’s Justified, know the show’s history and review it accordingly.

Here comes the unpopular opinion, I am really liking season 5, the world is hating on this season but I see it differently.I need to point out though that in order to be in peace with the show’s many gaps in plots and character development I fill in the blanks on my own creating in my head a super show,because I am in love with Gossip Girl’s vision of Manhattan and the Upper East Side , I adore most of the characters I decided a while ago that the writers are leaving a lot of things for the audience to see as they want…Twisted logic I know but (It’s me ,it couldn’t be awful).

The main reason of why I love this season is the great idea of pairing the best two actors on Gossip Girl together and increasing their scenes, I am of course talking about Penn Badgely (Dan Humphrey) and Leighton Meester  (Blair Waldorf), those two together were a very pleasant surprise earning the name Dair because it is so daring and courageous of the writers to go there, because almost everyone was asking them not to, they will yield soon though .

Let’s start with the character of Blair (leighton Meester), I read the comments and for the first time since GG aired I see a lot of Blair hate, I felt a lot of people are surprised by the dramatic change in Blair character, especially her emotional instability, but for me that has always been Blair.Her relationship with Chuck as magnetic and legendary as it was, reflected clearly what an emotional wreck Blair was, agreed that her vow to stay with the prince was a very very lame excuse (but here the wrapped logic comes in handy). For me Blair never really wanted to get back together with Chuck, he lost a piece of her when he traded her for traded her for a hotel and he lost her completely when he slept with Jenny Humphrey but neither of them knew it yet. She loves him but doesn’t feel happy with him a fact she stated many times, yet she keeps coming back to him  because Chuck has become her security blanket from everything that is real (what is better for a girl than a love that everyone believes is epic). She lost herself in the tragic love affair escaping from that fact that Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) did not love her enough.In that limo in season one found Chuck a fellow tortured soul, she saved Chuck but Chucked darkened her and pulled her in deeper and deeper into dysfunction. With Louis she escaped into a fairy tale of being a princess in love with a prince ( her calling it a fairy tale is evidence of how disconnected she was), the wedding approached and Blair found herself  trapped in a relationship and a pregnancy life was happening to her and she was not ready for it.As a result she ran back to Chuck  hoping that she might find happiness there. Blair made a huge mistake marrying Louis, if anything Blair is the most lost this season and bit by bit she is starting to face the real world where actions have consequences.

Now let’s talk about “Hum Drum Humphrey”, I never really liked Dan in the beginning of Gossip Girl, his relationship with Serena never made sense to me,I understood why she loved him but I never understood why he loved her, he was a better person without her and admittedly had some great moments and chemistry but that for me dwindled over the course of seasons because I genuinely think Serena is not a good human being…Dan is .Serena (in my opinion) used Dan as a project to prove to herself she is unlike her elitist mother and friends, he was the dawn of a new Serena and Dan was her savior, the first person who believed in her. Consequently Dan was sucked in my her life and her world, she was never good for him, granted she helped him into a world he desperately wanted to be a part of , but their relationship never worked out for a reason, Serena was too selfish and Dan did not know how or why he loved her and after a while he was done (re-watch seasons…He had a problem with who she really is as a person and that is saying a lot).

Out comes Blair, she has always been an annoyance, a horrible human being to him, then he got to peek into the mystery that is Blair Waldorf, and to his surprise and ours he fell in love. Serena was never the love of his life but is Blair? their relationship is not only fun to watch but also normal, you can see them watching movies, laughing,fighting,cuddling and even holding hands, normal happy couple stuff. Dan was Blair’s savior and maybe she will be his? Blair ran to Brooklyn every time she felt alone in the world and entrusted Dan with her secrets because Serena would never understand what it is like to feel worthless, Dan would. Both Dan and Blair examine life deeply and romantically almost poetically each in their own way. Dan came to an understanding of who Blair  is and still fell in love with everything she is not everything she wants to be. Chuck might love her more but Dan  is able to make her happy and healthy. Chuck is too dark and for the sake of his character should stay that way. In the balance of things Chuck and Blair made a lot of mistakes but for me Chuck pushed  Blair away and when he came to his senses it was too late.Blair tried too hard to keep their relationship going and he blew it (Re-watch the scene after he sleeps with Jenny and the scene when Blair confronts Chuck about trading her for a hotel), Blair loved Chuck and he punished her for it . A long time Chuck/Blair shipper I add Dan/Blair to my list because those two not only have chemistry(regardless of what a promo of future bad sex implies…UPDATE elevator scene )  they also are fun to watch together,the banter alone is worth it.

The realistic ending would be Blair finally breaks free of Chuck’s hold on her like we’ve seen the last episode before the hiatus, that was a moment we saw a more mature and happy Blair  but….knowing Gossip Girl writers, Dan is the set up for Chuck and Blair to yet again to get back together. I hope there is a scenario in the world where Dan ends up with Blair, Serena becomes a career woman,Nate joins a political career supported by his grandfather, Rufus finds something else to do other than follow Lilly around and Chuck ends up more rich,powerful and tragically alone.

This is what I feel so far about what is happening with Blair and Dan, I haven’t been that excited to watch GG for seasons and now this new budding relationship got me back on the GG team.I hope the writers realize they struck gold and treasure it.


The Vampire Diaries: “The New Deal”: Two Seasons In the Making

It has been a while where we all missed The Vampire Diaries and if anyone noticed i was gone yes i was not blogging for a while because the news of a Community Hiatus hit me really hard i did not even review their Christmas episode because i just can’t. Thankfully The Vampire Diaries’ amazing episode helped me deal.

the show opens up with Bonnie and as a “not-so-big-a-fan-of-Bonnie” i rolled my eyes, i understand her necessity but I just do not like her at all…anyways the dream itself predicts that as always The Vampire Diaries is not running around in circles around a story line, they could have stalled the story of Michael for an entire season but they did not and now Klaus and Stephan are in a battle as the tables are turned and instead of Stephan trying to protects his family it is Klaus who is trying to protect his.

After everything that happened Elena is paranoid as she is taking her daily run because she is smart, she understands that Klaus will have her head for trying to kill him, you never really understand how scary someone is until we see other terrified of him, and the problem with Klaus is that he is a sociopath, he is not violent he is evil, even his absence of a reaction terrifies Elena . At the grill Damon is being Damon and the always underrated Alaric is looking for Jeremy who is hanging out with Tyler.Tyler’s connection with Klaus proved itself very alarming and i don’t have faith in Tyler because i feel that when the going gets tough Tyler will sell his friends out and I don’t mind that at all, it makes the story more interesting because lets face it Tyler has always been a jerk. Him trying to explain that connection to Alaric and Elena only made them more sure that he can potentially be an enemy, I just wished Elena asked Tyler “If Klaus asked you to kill me will you?” but I guess we will find out the answer to that soon .

Klaus is not playing and he knows exactly how to get what he wants starting with Jeremy,this was a big episode for Jeremy in a good way, i love the fact that Jeremy is not happy with the life he is living but sadly surrenders to it, and as he is standing compelled in front of a speeding car it hits me….he is a 16 year old orphan who lost his aunt and uncle very recently, he has been through hell. . I couldn’t help but shriek as the car hit Alaric, though i know he is in no danger of dying it still frightened me. regarding all angles of the situation Jeremy’s suggestion of leaving mystic falls was a smart one and the ominous sentence that felt as a foreshadowing  “None of us are going to make it out of this town alive” , the only one that made the most sense to me in that room was Jeremy…i really liked him in this episode, he chopped a hybrid’s head off and saved Elena’s life. This new kick ass Jeremy made Elena sad and as a sister she wanted to save her brother so she asked Damon to compel him in a scene very reminiscent of season 1. it was a very heart breaking scene and Nina Dobrev (Elena) is one of the few actresses who breaks my heart simply by crying.

Elena’s encounter with Stephan was sad, she implored him to help her and give Klaus what he wants and he refuses. he is not heartless, Stephan is still a good guy and it would be idiotic to turn him into a villain, he is finally doing what needs to be done to take Klaus down, and though he did not accept to jeopardize his plan to save Elena’s brother he did everything he can to save his own. In that moment if you felt that Stephan doesn’t care about Elena anymore, well we are all wrong, he asked Damon to keep Elena out of his plan to take down Klaus…AWWWWWW

Damon talks to Stephan, it was fun to watch Damon try to get into the spooky house as the witches are trying to stop him. Damon and Stephan have a lot of resentment and love between them, i will venture and say that they are the greatest love story of the entire show. They fight as always and Damon lets Stephan have it and eventually they work it out and agree to work together to bring down Klaus.Little did they know Elena was back in the mansion giving a very dead Rebecca to a very pissed off Klaus. Though this might seem impulsive once again Elena proves that she does best when she is not listening to what she is told, she strikes a deal with Klaus to spare her brother in exchange of his sister. Elena very intelligently notes that Rebecca might not only come after her but after Klaus too, Rebecca know he killed their mother. Klaus decides to keep her dead in a very touching scene. Weird sibling love all around.

Finally the most anticipated scene in the episode, Damon and Elena on the porch where many special moments seem to happen on this show, Damon kisses Elena…it is that simple, he tells her that Stephan was trying to save him when he ruined their plan to kill Klaus and that he thought that Stephan being a traitor helped him over his guilt, Elena pleads with him not to go there and he doesn’t. Elena’s eyes are screaming “kiss me” and we are all yelling at the screen “kiss her” and he decides that if he wants to feel guilty he might as well feel guilty for something that is worth it, he goes back and kisses a very dumbfounded Elena….end scene

notes :

  • Klaus is renovating a house :hope that means he is going to be in our lives for a long time.
  • Klaus really hates Damon….serious hate
  • Alaric’s ring did not work….what does that mean?!
  • Elena’s face at the end scene looked pretty much like mine
  • Jeremy cutting off a hybrid’s head with a meat cleaver was awesome…just awesome.
  • When is Jeremy coming back? why did they send him away?
  • I find the fact that the words “it’s everything you wanted it’s everything you don’t ” were in  the lyrics as Damon and Elena kissed was hilarious and so…. so true

It is so good to have this show back in my life. Here’s the promo for next week’s episode “Our Town”


Community Breaks Into Song: All I Want For Christmas Is More Greendale

Originally, I was going to write every single blurb in first person and take credit for all of the pieces, but that would have been unnecessarily confusing. I am Gillian Jacobs.

This post has no spoilers because I avoided spoilers this week to make tonight more special, I am clueless to the premise and all I know that christmas,singing and Taran Kallim are involved. being a spoiler virgin in this world is not easy specially to an spoiler addict, between the temptations of NBC’s recklessly  too revealing spoiler videos (so I am told) and people going crazy on Tumblr I felt all alone and I managed to survive.

This week 8/7c on NBC is the last Community episode of 2011 to be replaced by 30 Rock mid-season and the show is promised to be back “sometime” in the spring . but fear not the show is still being written and filmed, according to @danharmon’s twitter account they are up to writing 315 and NBC has to air all 22 episodes….whenever that time is I will be there.

Community has a great history when it comes to Christmas episodes,”Comparative Religion” and Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas are absolute masterpieces so if anything in my cloud of ignorance I know for a fact the episode will be brilliant. The cast will sing original songs that are bound to be hilarious and catchy because again history shows how important music is to a show like Community.

To maintain honesty i haven’t ead this I had to copy it blindly from EW because I am as I said trying to avoid spoilers :

When Greendale’s glee club is shut down for copyright infringement before their holiday show, the study group is targeted as their replacement, one by one succumbing to the finger-snapping spirit that spreads like some irony-obliterating virus. The original songs are downright hilarious — especially Alison Brie’s breathy-sexpot baby-talking jingle — and there are some choice broadsides at the Fox series, like jokes about the blatant MacGuffinism of regionals and Jeff’s observation that ”not liking glee club doesn’t make us bullies, and implying that is reverse bullying.

what I can guarantee is some great fun and amazing costumes I don’t know beyond that.  Though I don’t celebrate the holiday I’ve always had an appreciation for the magic of the occasion, My Christmas wish is that this episode explodes in ratings to show how much love and support people have for this masterpiece of a show. REMEMBER :8/7c tonight on NBC 

I CAN”T WAIT FOR “Regional Holiday Music” Community’s we’ll be back soon sign off.

take the poll and yes the lack of options is intentional

Community: Inside We All Feel The Same

let me start by saying that “Foosball And Nocturnal vigilantism” was a great episode, it is as simple as that. it was great writing , great directing and some really great acting. the show is really making a good case for itself and if this season doesn’t get an Emmy recognition I am staging a sit in.

the episode was a weekend episode and i loved that because it makes me feel as if I am taking a look at the study group’s lives outside Greendale which has been set as the domain that held that group together, it offered a peek into what’s it’s like to have Annie as a roommate as she is living with Trobed, her interaction specifically with Troy was the most interesting, Alison Brie killed it as the story of breaking something and trying to replace it has been told to death as Troy points out but this is not Community’s style, first we see Annie professionally lie and staging a break in to convince Abed someone took the DVD and giving Troy a threatening look to cover up her pile of lies, I have to note here that I am rooting for more “Threes company” story lines between those three, they work really well together. Abed dressed as batman as he did in season one in the Halloween episode, an episode that defined Community as a comedy and i feel like this one is defining it again and showing us what season 3 will be all about.though Britta and Pierce laid low for this week it felt like it was for the serves of the episode, the episode was heart felt and sweet and both those characters (who I love to death) bring severity that this episode did not need, so I think it was a creative decision.

Now to the jem of the episode Jeff and Shirley, who would have thought that in any scenario Jeff would be the victim and Shirley would be the bully?! I really felt sorry for Jeff , this season though only in it’s 9th episode has been really hard for the character of Jeff,he has never felt so small and powerless as he did in this episode. some serious acting muscles from Joel McHale and you can see that he is not annoyed by the German “Doeutsch bags ” but them playing foosball made him feel insecure…later it is revealed why.

I am always game for more of Shirley because I think she is great, and her interaction with Jeff was more focused and intense than it was in season 1 because unlike “Social Psychology” the Jeff/Shirley story was not over shadowed by a then really key Jeff is jealous over Britta’s boyfriend. Their collaboration is toxic and evil, it was fun to see Shirley as mentor turned villain and Jeff as the student turned victim. Jeff and Shirley were on opposite sides of defining moments, Jeff a 10m year old neglected child (perhaps poor judging from the outfit) learned how to build walls around himself and not allow anybody in, he learned to preserve his awesomeness as an identity and Shirley learned  that her anger is toxic and started to overcompensate by being extra nice.They are both who they are today because of that day. At the end they throw all that baggage away and the embrace each other because we are all the same after all, who they are and whom they were stemed out of insecurity and the desire to be accepted and loved I(a universal plight), they are  even not petty enough to give beat the German in a grand triumph, they just let them fight over the ball and go to watch a movie. the last scene where kid Jeff and kid Shirley are walking away felt a little much but it didn’t bother me. It was all just great 🙂

loved the episode and a special nod to the episodes first time writer Chris Kula who captured Greendale magic on his first Community solo try.One more to go December 8th and then…

Community: Human Beings are required to watch tonight’s all new Community

This week community won 3 covers of TV guide after the fans chose them and this news couldn’t have come in a more befitting timing as on the day of the news at the time the cast members learned that their show is being benched and as they are trying to put on a brave face the jokes and smiles said it all about the broken hearted cast.

It may have seemed like it lately but this not an exclusively Community blog, it just took a while to take in the news because the only show that made me feel as attached as Community does is Friday Night Lights and yes I am starting to think it is me as all shows that i love and feel strongly about seem to be doomed one way or another …(maybe I should go back to watching Glee that show needs to be killed). I will post other stuff I swear

Tonight’s all new Community on NBC 7/8c is promised to be a joy ride and if you have your doubts you’re dead to me  then the followings facts i learned though I am trying my best to avoid spoilers

1. Nick Kroll is going to be Jeff’s German opponent

2. there is  a Foosball match

3. Batman Abed makes a come back

4. Yvette Nichole Brown gets some serious screen time

5. Shirley and Jeff bonding time

6. the setting of The Dean and Jeff’s date AKA the mexican restaurant from the mall makes a come back

7. One more episode and then  it’s off to God knows when

8.Annie gets caught in a lie

9. we get to see TroBed’s apartment  again  🙂 or is it now TroAnBed?!

10. The Big bang Theory and every other show at 7/8c is a rerun so don’t even bother

11. Joel McHale looks seriously hot in this episode.

12. It is Community….why wouldn’t you watch….seriously

Community “Documentary Filmmaking Redux” :Some Flies Are Too Awesome For The Wall

This episode couldn’t have come at  a better time when all the fans are freaking out about NBC rescheduling of Community.This week’s episode reminds us of why we love Community so much, because it is special and we feel special for watching as if we are all a part of a secret club or as Jeff says in the pilot ” you’ve just stopped being a study group(audience) you’ve become something unstoppable, I hereby pronounce you a Community ” and that is what we the fans are…A Community

This week we got to see all our Greendale favorites back  fat Neil,magnitude,Leonard and others.Abed’s camera captures all the story on film and what better person to have an insight than Abed. The episode opens with a dusty commercial from the early 90s that includes Chuck’s Ryan McPartlin and  the dean was asked to update and he employs the help of the study group including a reluctant Jeff who’s blackmailed to agree with what I don’t know because it seems like it is something that the study group knows about.

Abed’s tagging (i don’t know what it’s called when someone’s name is written under their footage  in a documentary) Pierce Hawthorne: Local Curmudgeon,Troy Barns:Best Friend,Jeff Winger : Former Lawyer,Britta:  Anarchist Cat Owner (she will love that), Luis Guzman:president of the ceramics club 1993 ,Leonard: Up and Comer,Shirley Bennett :Moral Compass, Annie Edison: script supervisor( Abed never messes with Annie does he?!) Ben Chang: self proclaimed under-study .

Annie is the script supervisor and as she is describing her job to Abed’s camera please notice the writing on the board behind her where allscheduling is happening in  UPPER CASE , this was a detail i loved then again Community is in the details. Jeff is Dean Pelton and to he tries his best to sabotage the commercial by giving a hilarious impression of Dean Pelton while dressed in a bald cap in front of the Luis Guzman statue (how the mainstream audience don’t eat this up is beyond me!) . Troy and Britta are playing diverse students in Greendale and let me stop here and note though I had my doubts in the begining I am loving those Troy and Britta’s awkward crush on each other, who would’ve though you’ll find Britta in the midst of something cute .Pierce is fighting with well..himself as he demands the start treatment…is this a portrayal of what working with Chevy Chase is like?

Jeff’s impression in front of the Luis Guzman statue and his call to his lawyers warning them of the illegal use of Luis Guzman’s image backfires as Guzman calls the dean to appear in his commercial…things go downhill from there.the dean decides to rewrite the script  and as Abed points out the dean’s perfectionism is what will cause his downfall.As time passes the commercial deviates from its purpose and becomes and experimental art movie that has no point and the actors are placed in a psychological terror as they try to comply with the deans demands. the setting of shooting in the school made me feels as if we are backstage on the Community set  as the creator Dan Harmon strives for the best and driving himself and everyone else insane( especially if he’s working on a themed episode), the scripts keep changing while shooting and the suits keep calling because they are behind schedule and over budget, but the difference here is that the dean comes up with idiocy but Abed the true filmmaker is the one that strikes gold .The Dean’s insanity is coddled by Annie’s strive to be a teacher’s pet, she defends him aggressively and refuses to acknowledge his insanity, loved the scene where he hands her an orange and says “scene four”.


Jeff on the other hand is caught in this insane spiral with everybody else as he is now Dean Pelton, he’s a method actor now and is in his heart a bald man with bald friends “Lights…camera..DEAN” . Jeff’s psychological state is more fragile than ever, he and Annie share that, they are always the fastest ones to snap and crack under pressure of the trivial but when the going gets tough, they are there to take charge. The one who ends the madness though is Britta as she puts a stop to the commercial and demands that the Dean let them go in a great setting of smoke that reminded me of season one The Vampire Diaries…making things intense,.The Dean is left with only his thoughts and Abed’s camera.

Luis Guzman shows up to post-apocalyptic Greendale (boy that show really likes to trash the school) , we haven’t seen the outside campus of Greendale for a while,it is good to remember that there is sun out there.Luis Guzman soon recognizes what’s wrong with the Dean’s vision; the Dean thinks he’s too good for a school full of nitwits and not so many students and he’s ashamed of it. because when you have something special that is rare and precious like a great school or a genre-bending TV show with an amazing cast and crew you should recognize that it is miracle  to have that all in one place and you should appreciate it instead of trying to change it appreciate it foe what it is. Luis Guzman says to Dean pelton “This is a special school, you don’t deserve to be here” and as he says that a flyer behind him reads “THE SAFE WAY IS THE BEST WAY” I love that about community and it’s amazing art department. NBC chose the safe way and embraced it’s fear of staying number 4, it thinks it is too good for a low rated show …..Alas

As sad music plays the study group watches a montage of a naked Dean Pelton (Notice the Jeff Winger underwear from the pool table episode in season one),the Dean is covered in the ash of his burnt university degree, Abed points out that story telling is the filmmaker’s choice and sometimes happiness can be found in sadness. On that note the study group horrified by the above mentioned montage decide to embrace dean Pelton and surprisingly Jeff is the one who invites him in as my favorite music from the show plays, I call when Jeff kissed Annie music because I don’t know if it has a name, I was told by a fellow community fan that it is called “Greendale is where I belong” love that music.

This episode was all heart, a kiss from the cast and crew of Community to their fans and a showcase of Jim Rash’s talents, thank you Megan Ganz ( the episode’s writer) for always delivering the best and for loving Community as much as we do. When this episode was written I am not sure how much the writers knew about the rescheduling and I might be reading too much into thing but hey it’s my blog… But seriously how can so much heart and dedication be overlooked? a special nod to the brilliant Joe Russo who directed the episode…my hero

Community is where I belong….

All New Community Greendale gets more exposure: why you as a human being must watch

in the midst of all the community rescheduling madness let’s put all the frustration aside and take the time to rejoice in tonight’s all new Community 7/8c  on NBC. In this episode entitled “Documentary Filmmaking :Redux”  Dean Pelton directs everyonr in a commercial fopr Greendale and the power from being behind the camera goes to his head: When the school board asks Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) to make a new commercial for the school, he enlists the study group to star in his production. As he gets swept away with the project, more of the student body is pulled into the fray, including Magnitude (Luke Youngblood), Fat Neil (Charley Koontz), Garrett (Erik Charles Nielsen), Leonard (Richard Erdman), Star-Burns (Dino Stamatopoulos) and even Greendale alum and genuine celebrity, Luis Guzman (“How to Make it in America”). Meanwhile, Abed (Danny Pudi) films all the activities for a documentary. If I had done my homework right it is possible that in this episode Annie and Jeff pick up on the Troy/Britta chemistry and they do not like it one bit.How does dean Pelton blackmail the study group into participating? the cast is teasing that this episode will be Jim Rash’s (Dean Pelton) Emmy submission. tune in and remember to watch it live , DVR it or buy it on itunes, itunes sales helps shows to stay on the air

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below is a link to Jim Rash’s interview with TVLine  regarding this episode and last week’s “Kiss From A Rose’ duet with Joel Mchale if you missed that video please watch

The interview

Here are some pictures from the episode to get you super psyched:

Community (NBC) Documentary Filmmaking: Redux

guys look again that is Joel McHale

Documentary Filmmaking: Redux Poster

look who it is !

THIS is giving me a headache.

Vampire Diaries “Homecoming” :Oh Stephan,what have you done?

The Vampire Diaries is famous for its twists and warp speed story progression but I swear this week’s episode left me dazed and confused. I knew they will not kill Klaus but I really didn’t expect Mikael to die that fast and I certainly did not expect that Stephan will be the one that puts a hitch in their plans.This one is a game changer and what we though was the introduction to a face off between K;aus and Mikael as the ultimate goal shifted into a face off between Stephan and Klaus, this story of recruting an army of hybrids and Klaus ultimate search of power is now a story of epic revenge, Klaus is going to take vengeance on Stephan and a very angry Stephan will take vengeance on Klaus…let the mind game begin when the show returns Januray 5th 2011.

A few points worth mentioning, first of all where was Alaric? I hate when he’s out of the loop he should be given more important and significant role. It’s Homecoming in Mystic falls and dare I say the show’s format was a little different,it keeps referring to itself using the voice of  Stephan as he warns Elena and Damon that their perfect plan to kill Klaus will fail because one of them will let their humanity take over as it later turns out Stephan’s humanity and love for his brother. I don’t understand why Katherine bothered to save Damon and employ Stephan to that end. Damon was really focused in this episode, what I love about Damon is; even though he might be impulsive most times he really does what he has to do to get the job done and Elena had the same attitude she mercilessly stabbed Rebekah in the back while they were having a heart to heart, I am loving how pragmatic Elena is becoming.

Klaus’s face off with Mikael revealed a lot about klaus as Mikael strips him bare and states all we know are Klaus’s insecurities, this encounter was my favorite of the episode and Joseph Morgan is pulling all the stops to bringing the character of Klaus to life and making us relate to him. Mikael tears him to pieces and as tears are streaming down Klaus’s face for a second we wish he would kill Mikael and he does, we regret that wish…not entirely because I am not ready to see Klaus leave.

The plan fails and it is a surprise, we’ve been told all through out the episode that the plan is going to fail, even Damon was afraid that something will go wrong and what painful about it is that Stephan intervened when the plan was working perfectly and they had Klaus where they wanted him. Stephan really made a mess of things, and though we learn later he had good intentions at heart his involvement in that ruin of damon’s plans will not be forgiven anytime soon for Damon and Elena both decide to let him go.

The episode was filled with betrayal and unexpected twists, biggest of all Stephan’s retaliation against Klaus by stealing the coffins of his family members which sent Klaus off the deep end, Tyler’s loyalty belongs with Klaus and though he does a hell of a job explaining it to Caroline it is not enough for her to forgive him for injecting her with vervain in Klaus’s name. Katherine hits the road taking Stepahn with her but unfortunately both of their plans don’t include staying together, he has a plan of vengeance and she has one of hiding, I don’t feel like we are going to hear from her anytime soon but it saddens me to hear that Stephan has no wish to reveal or express his humanity even when now he is free of compulsion.

To ease the pain of having to deal with The Vampire Diaries Hiatus till January of 2011 here is a promo of what’s to come and it is tasty as Klaus and Stephan both try to take vengeance against each other and Stephan soon learns that Klaus means business.