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Betrayal beyond forgiving: Why Love Bites Gets No Love

When  the first preview of Love Bites on NBC came out I was excited, the cast was amazing and familiar and it seemed like a funny little show that talks about the dating world. Having Becki Newton on the cast sold me. Then the show was delayed due to Newton’s pregnancy and I was bummed, It was one of the new shows that got me excited and buzzed.

then this year two weeks ago to be exact it primered and I was first in line to watch the show, I had the soda and chips ready, I put my call phone on silent and I was there ready for the show. Then I see Beki Newton pregnant which she wasn’t in the promo, then her best friend has changed and I was like O.K cast changes no biggy .the episode starts with one story then I discover that the story is barely told you are shipped off to a different setting from Manhattan to San Francisco who wants to watch a story that lasts 10 minutes? In San Francisco you are faced with new characters who have are having a different kind of story that has very little relation to the first story, when you are dealing with that BOOM you are again transferred to LA for another story with another set of characters.

The promo promised nothing like this though it was clear that the stories are different, I didn’t expect the stories to be so disconnected. How did NBC agree to a sitcom that takes place in 3 different states? The show just seems sloppy as if the producers had to edit whatever footage they had into 2 episodes. The music montage sounds so forced and the stories are so obvious.

I waited for the 2 episodes to give the show the benefit of the doubt because I wanted it to succeed and it might still do but as I watch it looked like a cancelled show. The second episode was a little stronger but presents another set of characters that were not there in the first episode, the only constant characters are characters played by Becki Newton,Greg Grunberg and Constance Zimmer. The whole thing seemed uncomfortable.Only time will tell but so far the first two episodes did not do well with viewers and unlike other shows that rate 2.3 million viewers this one deserves it.