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2 Broke Girls + 1 Confused Girl = A Failure To Communicate

I am at a loss because in my surroundings it seems I am the only one who doesn’t find CBS’s new comedy co-written by Whitney Cummings that funny. I can’t say it is not funny because it has it’s funny moments, but it is not that great. The characters are not that interesting and let’s admit it it a rich turned poor girl trying to make and a jaded poor girl trying to tolerate the rich girl is oldest goldmine of jokes in  the book or(I guess it should be query) and it not a new idea or a fresh outlook om an old one. To be fair both Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs hold up really well, it is the writing i have a problem with. This can be the kind of show that really picks up and becomes funny after it finds its own identity, or it will become a flop.

The presumably  funny a racism lawsuit waiting to happen character of the restaurant owner Han Lee played by Matthew Moy reminds me of the insensitive portrayal of Asian characters like the neighbor in one of the best movies ever “Breakfast at Tiffanys” . The funniest charater on the show in my opinion is that of the chef in the restaurant Oleg  palyed by  Jonathan Kite, his creepy comments and his perverted outlook really cracks me up.

I wanted to wait a while before I review so I can give the show the benefit of the doubt, many might like it and I don’t particularly hate it, but I am confused about why would people watch an episode of a comedy if it offers nothing new and you wait till minute 10 to laugh of a 20 minute show.


CBS takes undermining its audience to a whole new level

How To Be A Gentleman premiered on CBS Thursday night and let me tell you it killed…. every one who was watching. It starts off bad and then it gets worse. I shut it down entering minute 10 because though I am self-destructive I have my limits.

Lets’s start with the shadowy image of what looks like a cheap Knock-off of Neil Partrick Harris to be even more disappointed with the shabby unfunny acting of helium addict (that was mean) David Hornsby  who plays an old fashioned gentleman in our modern world………………  Sorry! I snoozed while writing the story line. The cast is God awful and they try to make it better by casting Kevin Dillon ( a modern guy..think Johnny Drama again) as the other pair of a really ugly shoe.

Here’s why I hated CBS for this show, in what universe was this pilot picked up ? CBS is known for comedies like Friends,How I Met Your Mother,  The Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men, which are hits but it is also famous for one  trick pony kind of shows. Don’t get me wrong all mentioned a great comedy shows, but they are not innovative or ground breaking in any way. Which made me reach to the conclusion that when it comes to comedy CBS really thinks its audience are morons, case in point; How I met Your Mother is a fresh new show but we are now tortured by the same thing that attracted us to the show…finding the mother, The Big Bang Theory started out as a fresh new comedy and it is still a very hilarious comedy but if it broken down to basics it is very redundant, they never try new things and characters never seem to go anywhere emotionally. Two and A Half Men, to some this might seem as blasphemy but the show is not funny, it is moronic at best. I loved Jon Cryer in “pretty in pink” but for  the life of me I don’t understand his Emmy appreciation.The show basically a series of meh jokes.

I might be way off base and I don’t care I said this once and I say it again with the quality of comedy shows that NBC has been supporting for years, comedy on TV should step up its game.

How I Met Your Mother : Bringing The Yuck back!


Two episodes back to back of How I Met Your Mother is every fan’s dream and it delivered on every level, Marshall slimmer and better trying to drink for two and Lilly trying to hide her pregnancy was both sweet and funny. Ted is looking back at the worst wedding he worst ever been to with groom Barney in the future , Barney has cold feet and we wonder if the bride is Nora or Robin… when at the end of the episode we have what I would like to see as hint Lilly comes in and tells Ted the bride wants to see him and why would Nora want to see Ted UNLESS Ted is actually the bride Robin’s best man. YAY!

Drunk Marshall and weepy self-pitying Ted take center stage in the episode while Lilly and Robin discuss chemistry especially the chemistry between Robin and Barney. The night is concluded with a group hug and Lilly announcing she is pregnant.

Best scene: the montage of Ted’s toasts ending with a remix, Josh Radnor never gets enough credit.

We are now witnessing the aftermath of the drinking binge of Marshall who has a chance to work with no other than Garrison Cootes played by Martin Short which leads to Marshall Googling  himself and discovering a streaking video that could cost him his impending job offer. He didn’t need to go to all this trouble I would’ve told him environmentalists love nudity have you ever seen  PETA  add ?!

Ted is dating two women and after pros,cons and colored charts he decided to take a lesson in Barney’s book who is trying to get Nora to date him after a startling confession of what lies he used on women (I’d buy that book). Ted wants to feel madly and helplessly in love so he blows off the meh women he was dating and he takes Robin to see Lenny Kravits at the architects Galla only to her horror she discovers he is Leonard Kravits a very old architect. (we saw that one coming). What I did not see coming was the atrocious scene of Ted’s ex girlfriend Victoria(played by Ashley Williams) assorting cupcakes on a tray… Oh how I hated her, she was lame and unfunny. If her story line involves her getting sucked into  a lawn mower then I am down with it.

Best scene: Pete Derkenson (sounds like a made up name) calls Barney after we’ve seen him sitting on the steps of his house, hands taped to beers drunk out of his mind, to tell him he’s taking off Marshall’s streaking video. Then he hangs up the phone to perform a surgery. Classic!