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Cougar Town Season 2:When Kooky Meets Alcohol

I’ve always known that there is a show called Cougar Town on ABC starring Courtney Cox as a divorced woman trying to get back her life. The title alone was enough to get it on my reject pile.The world doesn’t need another Desperate Housewives. After season one the show was renewed and that was odd to me I didn’t expect the show to survive because the first 9 episodes were not enough to sell it to me.

last week I ran out of shows to watch so I ventured on Cougar Town (sorry the name is just so ridiculous and making fun of it on the show still didn’t make it go down any smoother ) after being mentioned so much on Community my favorite comedy. I crammed the 2 seasons in almost a week and I love it. Now I didn’t do the show justice because I kept comparing it to Community and in that area Community wins hands down no competition is even thinkable.

Cougar town is NOT about a divorced woman trying to claim her life back, it is about a group of friend who drink A LOT, it is basically a fun group having fun and living their lives, there is nothing more to it really. It is funny, very funny and it’s fun to watch. It is basically fun … (see how many times I said fun…well, coz it is !) the characters are interesting though sometimes they seem catrtoonish and forced  like Ellie Torres played by Christa Miller who’s the cynical in the group can be ridiculous at times, it feels like an older version of her scrubs character Jordan Sullivan cold and emotionless which is a little boring and redundant . To be fair hats off to the other characters Courtney Cox does a great job as Jules Cobb which is a step up from Friends’  Monica Geller-Bing the control freak. The interaction between the characters is very entertaining, they are all presented as one group that’s a part of the same story all getting equal screen time.

This is a show that you’ll not regret watching ,it brings something new to the table  it doesn’t try to be anything it is not and it is not afraid to make fun of itself .It might strike you as silly at times but bear in mind that the characters are buzzed 24/7

Favorite character of the season : Bobby Cobb played by Brian Van Holt

Favorite episode : “No Reason to Cry” the 11th episode of the season where Jules kills animals as she questions her relationship with Grayson Ellis played by Josh Hopkins (an actor I never seemed to like until I saw him in this role ) it was funny and well written, “imaginary hat” off to Gregg Mettler the episode’s writer.

Favorite scene: Lori played by Busy Philipps dressed as Ellie played by Christa Miller for Halloween.

Favorite relationship : Andy played by Ian Gomez and Bobby played by Brian Van Holt , a wonderful bromance

There you have it, I watch and then present my sometimes unwelcome opinion, why? well because I can.