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Hollywood Studios Says No to Jordan’s New Movie Rights Policy

Though living in a 3rd world country has its “perks” it also means that I have to watch movies later than the rest of the universe and most times are censored so no nudity or graphic love scenes. Recently it has been weirdly clear that cinemas in Jordan are not offering any new movies even though it is the summer and watching movies in the movie theaters is a favorite pass time  in Jordan . Then prime cinemas located in Jordan issued an explanation to this mystery, Hollywood Studios decided to boycott Jordan and refuses to send anymore movies ….OUCH! but why?!

Well as Prime Cinemas website declares that this attitude from Hollywood Studios and it’s producers comes as a reaction to the new movie rights customs fee sanctioned by Jordan which is apparently one of  a kind not sanctioned by any other country. Hollywood and it’s production companies refused to pay the fees and to top that decided to boycott Jordan by not sending anymore movies until the issue is resolved.

I don’t know what will happen next or who will cave first but what i know is this: In a country where going to the mall and watching a movie is the main pass time of the summer people will rip each other’s heads off out of boredom if this issue is not resolved.