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Revenge “Guilt”: The Point Of No Return

Let me start with this ” In revenge as in life, every action has an equal and opposite reaction”… seriously,most of the time voice overs are silly and pointless excluding Dexter’s voice overs of course, but this one is just ridiculous….Don’t get me wrong I love the show but THIS needed to be pointed out… i was rolling my eyes Lydia falls to her death, mishap forgiven.

This episode was particularly dark, there was enough guilt to go around as Lydia makes a comeback trying to win her once best friend over, Victoria guilt-ridden when is faced with her unknowing victims and Nolan realizing that his and Emily’s scheme caused Lydia’s death.It feels like the show is starting to show’s it’s teeth and watching this episode I see the story continuing beyond the original story.

In this episode though I saw myself wondering, how does Emily feel about Daniel who is Joh Kennedy JR handsome? their scene in the police station was heart-warming until you remind yourself that Emily is on a mission. I like Daniel a lot and I feel sorry for him. On one end Emily is using him and on another his friend Tyler is planning something…I am feeling he has a crush on Daniel but I really want it to be more, for example Tyler is out for Revenge too.

There are characters I don’t understand though? Clueless Ashley; why does she follow Victoria and what does she exactly do other than give Emily access to events. Declan and Charlotte; how exactly are they important to the story? I don’t see what I have to put up with those two maybe I’ll see their value later.

The show is starting to be one of my favorite new comers especially when they stopped with the video on Emily’s laptop thing, I hate that and we got to see Emily/Amanda backed into a corner and reaching out to Nolan which is good I don’t want her to be alone in this,lean your lesson a wig can’t do much. What will emily do when she discovers she may have caused Lydia’s death? Will we see her guilt-ridden?Will she back down when she says how far the Graysons are willing to go?  Does she love Daniel?  here is next week’s promo “Intrigue” and it looks juicy.

Note: I am in love with Nick Wechsler‘s Jack Porter

Revenge Review:Winning Formula Not Cooked Right


This show could have gone wrong in so many ways,hating the protagonist was not one of them because Emily VanCamp brings it home as the young and rich Emily Thorne AKA Amanda, she is not heartless but yet hard core, you feel as if put in the same situation you could easily become that revenge seeking machine.

The show opens to the scene of a murder with a party in the background ( which I think revealed a little bit too much), it clearly shows who got killed and who is the murderer and Emily Thorne’s obvious involvement. Then flash back to 5 months ago to see how Emily infuses herself into the rich world of the Hamptons to execute her revenge. The show flashes back to her childhood and then back to 5 months ago from the present to show why she needs that revenge.

The plot is interesting, a girl seeking revenge for her father who was framed by the Grayson family (a prominent family with a crazy beautiful house),arrested and later died an innocent man. I would watch a story like that especially on ABC they offer a level of intensity to their dramas (think Grey’s Anatomy in its glory days). The problem is that there were unnecessary unconvincing moment that made an otherwise winning formula a little bit off.

The cast amazing,it really holds up well.It’s the directing and writing I have an issue with. I think the problem is her age if she was a teenager when her dad was taken away I would have believed the need for revenge and the attachment of her childhood friend Jack Porter Nick Wechsler (the only handsome guy on the show).

As a pilot it was not impressive but Emily VanCamp’s performance was, it can be better and this is still the pilot and a lot of shows make the mistake of over dramatizing their pilot. It was not bad but it loses in comparison to it’s CW counterpart Ringer, which is also a story about deceit and betrayal in a rich decadent world.

I will be back next week because I believe this show can be better it just got off to a rough start. If the show does not deliver some fast paced nail-biting worthy story lines soon I wont be coming back for more. I hope it will, i really want to love this show.