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How I Met Your Mother : Bringing The Yuck back!


Two episodes back to back of How I Met Your Mother is every fan’s dream and it delivered on every level, Marshall slimmer and better trying to drink for two and Lilly trying to hide her pregnancy was both sweet and funny. Ted is looking back at the worst wedding he worst ever been to with groom Barney in the future , Barney has cold feet and we wonder if the bride is Nora or Robin… when at the end of the episode we have what I would like to see as hint Lilly comes in and tells Ted the bride wants to see him and why would Nora want to see Ted UNLESS Ted is actually the bride Robin’s best man. YAY!

Drunk Marshall and weepy self-pitying Ted take center stage in the episode while Lilly and Robin discuss chemistry especially the chemistry between Robin and Barney. The night is concluded with a group hug and Lilly announcing she is pregnant.

Best scene: the montage of Ted’s toasts ending with a remix, Josh Radnor never gets enough credit.

We are now witnessing the aftermath of the drinking binge of Marshall who has a chance to work with no other than Garrison Cootes played by Martin Short which leads to Marshall Googling  himself and discovering a streaking video that could cost him his impending job offer. He didn’t need to go to all this trouble I would’ve told him environmentalists love nudity have you ever seen  PETA  add ?!

Ted is dating two women and after pros,cons and colored charts he decided to take a lesson in Barney’s book who is trying to get Nora to date him after a startling confession of what lies he used on women (I’d buy that book). Ted wants to feel madly and helplessly in love so he blows off the meh women he was dating and he takes Robin to see Lenny Kravits at the architects Galla only to her horror she discovers he is Leonard Kravits a very old architect. (we saw that one coming). What I did not see coming was the atrocious scene of Ted’s ex girlfriend Victoria(played by Ashley Williams) assorting cupcakes on a tray… Oh how I hated her, she was lame and unfunny. If her story line involves her getting sucked into  a lawn mower then I am down with it.

Best scene: Pete Derkenson (sounds like a made up name) calls Barney after we’ve seen him sitting on the steps of his house, hands taped to beers drunk out of his mind, to tell him he’s taking off Marshall’s streaking video. Then he hangs up the phone to perform a surgery. Classic!




The Secret Circle Review:Vanilla Awaiting Fudge

I didn’t expect much when I first saw the promos for Kevin Williamson’s new show “The Secret Circle” , the fact that a series creator  with a sucessful show would do another one with a similar concept is pretty scary (Shonda Rhimes anyone?!).

After watching the pilot I can definitely see some fan base forming maybe a slightly younger age group than The Vampire Diaries . I  for one am not a part of this age group. I didn’t hate it but I will not be tuning in next week, at least I will wait till season one finishes and watch it on DVD over the summer vacation (yes! in my line of work I get the summer off, jealous much?!)

The setting is different from The Vampire Diaries which was a relief because I swore if I sense any similarities there will be hell to pay (Kevin Williamson get ready to block me) but i didn’t see any except it was as dark as TVD was in season 1 (lighting wise).  I liked some of the characters and I hated some; I liked the girl Cassie played by Brittany Robertson she wasn’t your typical teenager,that actress has fire in her and I think she’ll be great in this role. I also liked the obvious badass Charles Meade played by Gale Harold -who looks like TVD’s Elijah’s brother- I mean that guy is cool, he burned a house while playing with matches, he made a guy drown on dry land and whenever he walks into a room he has this ominous energy around him, I pretty much liked all the grown ups and hated all the teenagers -except for Cassie- and that is why I say I am probably not the target audience of this show. I especially hated the girl-bitch character Faye Chamberlaine played by Phoebe Tonkin, she was really bad at being “a mean girl”, she added nothing new to the stereotype of an actor trying to act malicious, the limited evil look and the Melissa George mouth did not do it for me, i could feel her “acting” every step of the way.

In all, the show offers nothing earth shattering but …I liked the setting and the rich back-story. I feel like it has a potential of becoming a good cult show, for a pilot it did not impress me that much but still they avoided a lot of typical pilot mistakes.

Best scene: Gale Harlod torching the house with matches and drowining a man on dry land as the poor guy spits water, Awesome!

Worst scene : Phoebe Token’s character Faye Chamberlaine turning off lights and conjuring up a lightning storm to finally try to make stop by simply uttering the words “Stop the storm” I felt it was under whelming and poorly thought out.

KILL!  the creepy theme  music please , I know it suppose to carry out a message of mystery and fear but it just creeps me out and not in a good way. 

so guys what do you think?