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Glee Finale: Haven’t Been Baked Properly

If someone asked me “What happened in the Glee finale last night?” my answer will be “Nothing”. Season 2 has been a series of disappointments where the story-lines barely exist. In all fairness the music is good but everything else is horribly bad .

I went into the episode against all instinct hoping that the finale will be magnificent or at least good. The opening scene was promising then it all went down hill. lets start by Mr.Schuster leaving the kids unattended in Manhattan running around annoying people going to work and going on dates at night!  Then the glee club decided to write songs a day before nationals and they manage to write a song that they never seem to sing at nationals while they are jumping on a fountain , then another two songs that were written between Finn and Rachel’s lame love story and pillow fights. AH writing songs is so easy just go to NYC…irresponsible!!!!

I understand that the writers wanted to capture the magic of New York but they failed miserably in my opinion.what a lame episode…It’s not setting well…I need water…O.K I’m back

On another note let’s talk about the big thing Quinn is supposed to do as promos had us believe, the poor thing collapsed on the bed screaming “I just want somebody to love me” that was the only great moment this episode.The Quinn character is a very interesting one that keeps getting ignored and shoved to the side by writers. When will this character ever have its moment?

Now lets talk about the choir that sang Usher’s “Yeah” the song was good but the dancing was horrid, those nice white dresses being flung right and left with the girls going up and down …UGH what’s wrong with pants if your dancing like this ?! and the blonde girl who was singing even through a headache with no HD I could see she is  NOT in highschool. Was she supposed to be ?!

They lose after Finn and Rachel kiss on stage in the heat of the moment (in front of Quinn) as they kiss the audience grows silent and a weird blue light shines on them (a romantic lights guy maybe?!). Finn and Jesse face-off about Rachel who last season couldn’t get noticed and now has 2 guys fighting over her. Magic…

I honestly can’t take this anymore. I fell in love with the show 10 minutes into the pilot and I believe this show has potential, but the people behind it are more interested in the tours and merchandise to actually make an effort and make a TV show that tells a story in song. What a shame… it will win many Emmys this year, while others shows will be subbed , why?!!

The Vampire Diaries: Did the writers slip or was it intentional?

In memory of the awesome season finale last week I share this; After the beginning of season 2 I went back and re-watched season 1 of The Vampire Diaries to get a clearer grasp of what’s going on . What I discovered is that the stories are airtight there is no mistakes or oversights from the writers to be seen. Every character had purpose and every action had a explanation.

Last week I had an aha moment when I saw a tweet from a devout Vampire Diaries fan by the twitter name of CanitoSalvatore asked this perceptive question. In last week’s finale how did Katherine get into the house to give Damon the cure for the werewolf bite? ( which on a funny note I retorted : Who cleans the Salvatore house?). Elena owned the house while Katherine was imprisoned by Klaus. As we saw Damon and  Stephan had to be invited in by Elena after signing the house over to her, Elijah was suffering and chocking because he was not invited so HOW?!

The only explanation I could find is that Elena was dead for a while after the sacrifice and the house had no owner after her death. If so that raises a lot of potential complications and consequences for her death that may or may not be addressed in season 3.

On this note i will sign off with spoilers for season 3 of The Vampire Diaries.


and spoilers for season 3


The Office Finale: Who’s The Boss?

I have to say The office is holding up well without Steve Carell. It is very smart of the show writers not to hold off his exit till the finale.Because if they did a lot of people wont tune in for the nest season .This way people got a chance to see what the show looks like without the male lead.

The episode started with Creed as manager and it was hilarious, his character always seemed in the background and now it is shining. The show’s strong point is this :everyone is talented and funny. The contenders were all funny, I loved the guest stars they were funny but not too much in the spotlight. Jim Carry was just weird, James Spader was the creepy genius (who had the best quotes in the episode),Will Arent was confrontational without a cause , Ray Romano was on the verge of suicidal (and most funny) and Dr.Who’s Catherine Tate who I thought was a perfect fit. she was the right amount of crazy. Of course the in-house contenders were Andy and Darell.

Andy was very eager to get the job and i think he’ll be a good fit, let me take a minute to talk about the outfit.What was that ??? the colors were crazy. Did he get dressed in the dark? on a different note he refused a date with Erin.

The hour long episode was flat out funny, some would argue that the Dwight Schrute character is too much but I have always been a fan so I want more Dwight. Angela got engaged to “the senator” and in the midst of all her bragging I wanted someone to shout out :HE IS GAY !!!!!!!

Finally, I feel like the perfect candidate did not apply; Pam was the perfect manager she knows everybody and knows how to handle them. I would’ve liked to see her as manager though she might conflict with Jim who slacks off at times. I hate that the writers left us hanging not knowing who is the the new “Boss”, my guess is Catherine Tate.

Wish for next season : give B.J Novak and Mindy Kaling  more air time they are both very funny given the chance to shine.

Gossip Girl Finale:A Harsh Lesson In Fairytales

Looks like Gossip Girl writers are learning a lesson or two from Vampire Diaries. I honestly expected the episode to drag on with Blair stuck with Russel but the event seemed to move quickly to make space for the more important issues just like a TVD storyline would but less bloody . I respect the writers for putting a relationship like Blair and Chuck into perspective . It was risky because those two are the reason for three quarters of the ratings, but the story was more important than the popularity and I commend that.

A lot of drama was going on with the cousin Charlie and through that Chaos we get to meet Georgina again and learn that Charlie is not really Charlie.On a side note if Gossip Girl got rid one  annoying shrill character AKA Vanessa, it was replaced with another in the form of Charlie, she is my new punching bag .

The dynamics between Blair and Chuck were amazing and fueled the entire episode.They crashed a Bat Mitzvahs and danced with absolute happiness, when did we ever see Blair and Chuck unguarded and relaxed . Then Blair took him to a room and did what she always did, Chuck -after the fact- wont let her break it off with Louis after seeing that The prince makes her genuinely happy. Their goodbye scene was heartbreaking and too profound for the quality of the show, yet another example of the writers sneaking a moment of personal growth between schemes,dresses and parties.

After the dust settles and Chuck is “Hollowed” by his decision, Blair is still getting married. Serena goes to visit her grandmother and meets a man,ends up with a job. Eric is going to Collage and getting a pilot on ABC’s “Revenge”.

For the best part Dan still likes Blair, he is depressed and wants her badly but too ashamed to admit it and Blair doesn’t feel the same way.Vanessa signs off with revealing Dan’s book “Inside” a tell all about his life in the Upper East Side,his desire to fit in and his feelings for Serena and BIG REVEAL Blair maybe?!!! and our little imp publishes it behind Dan’s back, what a friend !

Just when we think it’s over we are left with a shot of a bathroom trash can with a very mysterious positive pregnancy test? Is Blair pregnant? Is it Chuck’s baby? I doubt it’s Serena’s test. Season 5 I can’t wait.

Last note : I loved Dan Humphrey this season. I never really liked him  and now I eat my words.

Ants In My Pants: Gossip Girl Finale

As I browse through the internet I see a picture I saw before,but now I discover it’s a picture of the finale as Blair’s dress shows above, I am a teacher who runs around with 6 year olds all day so yes my focus is a little off .

What will happen? Russel will not hurt Blair that is for sure, but will Chuck save her and will that redeem him in Blair’s book? What will happen in the face off between dirty Bass and the dandy prince ? Is this picture fake because it looks a little too happy ending to me ?

There’s a lot of water under the bridge between those two, their relationship took an ugly turn in season 4. What will happen with cousin Charlie (like we care ) and the burning question how did Dan turn off his feelings for Blair so soon?

I for one will be glued to the TV to know what will happen with the most magnetic couple on TV. Will Chair ever make it ?!!!

Come on baby light my fire

Looks like things are going to be hot and heavy in Gossip Girl’s season finale, Blair held hostage by Wallace and insane Charlie getting freaky. The trailer warns it’s turning out to be an ugly fairytale. This week’s episode’s best lines is when chuck says to Blair : “how will i ever prepare for what you’re planning?”

Looks like Chuck is on a mission to rescue Blair, will they ever find peace together.