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Gossip Girl cleans up its act

Not to sound horrible but I’ve waited for this news for so long; The CW announced that both Taylor Momsen AKA Jenny and Jessica Szohr AKA Vanessa wont be horrifying us with their presence on Gossip Girl’s  season 5… can anyone say Hallelujah .

Those two have been ruining the show for so long and by they I mean Vanessa , nothing against the actress but her character was annoying . She unnecessarily took away storylines from beloved characters we actually we cared about.

Vanessa Abrahms goodbye and good riddance i hope they throw you under a bus in the finale. Here is a list of things i wont miss:

1. The horrible voice.

2. The outfits :the stylist who dresses Vanessa Abrahms is either blind or just hates the actress.

3. The dull  monotonous conversations with Dan.

4. The stupid reaction on her face every time something happens.Or I guess someone’s definition of  “acting”

5. Her sick need to tattletale.

6. She blocks the sun.

7. Her hipster energy.

8. When she cries, it’s ugly.

9. Her constant leeching off the Humphreys

10. Her existence.

Sorry  Jessica Szohr but your alter ego; Vanessa can really dampen a scene.Now it’s a chance for you to leave and make something great of yourself away from my favorite show.

I’ll leave you with this ….


Gossip Girl,The dark side of the moon

So there is no denying that Gossip Girl has gotten really good this season , they cut back on the annoying  -that’s you Jenny– and the atrocious characters AKA Vanessa . I love how Blair is growing up even though i didn’t buy her ever so quick love affair with the prince Louis ,  I do enjoy watching her happy wishing she was as happy with Chuck .

I am not going over the episode play by play because if you are reading this you probably watched it. Our Blair wants happiness and wants to be in an adult relationship and  doesn’t mind playing princess while doing it. After years of Chuck “eating her cake” she is done with not loving him but with sacrificing herself for him. let’s be honest as romantic as Chair may be they are not normal. I needed as an audience to see someone recognize that enters Nate the glorified extra . After Blair being underhandedly sabotaged by Serena (the nice bitch) who later came to regret it , the party came . I don’t know if it was intentional but Blair showed up looking like anything but Blair the hair (as shown above) was unflattering and the make up was just too much though i expected her to be in her element Blair was clearly way in over her head .

Chuck did what he always did and as he walked away seeing the horrified look on Blair’s face a montage flashed in my head of the many time Blair had that look because of Chuck , and so once a devout chair fan when Blair admitted her will to choose joy i applauded both the amazing Leighton Meester who never disappoints and the writer who managed to squeeze some lines of personal growth between dresses and schemes  . Then came the physical abuse we heard so much about paving the way to a total Bass destruction. All throughout the episode i felt a stench of darkness following chuck where ever he goes his voice tainted with suppressed violent anger.  Chuck lost it eaten by self-hatred and crushing loneliness because now Blair is leaving him too, (reaching inside the screen for a hug).

Random thought: I hate Charlie she dragged the show back to high school, she is actually picking out a book about turning a friend to a boyfriend that scene was  by far the only scene where l liked the Umpa Lumpa Vanessa more than the person opposite her. the highlight of the episode was Blair and the low point was Louis’ accent though he’s growing on me i still hate the accent.

On a final note I commend Leighton Meester who manages to have chemistry with a light bulb. She is a true talent i see big things for her. Now signing off with the promo of the next episode “Shattered Bass”  Jack is back with hopefully a better haircut.