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Grey’s Anatomy’s Emmy Pick : Delusional, Face It You Do Suck

Well, all drama shows have picked out the episodes for Emmy consideration and Grey’s Anatomy has the audacity to present an episode.Now before you freak out, because I have gotten in trouble before with Grey’s Anatomy forum regulars , let me explain my story with Grey’s Anatomy.

I was once a huge fan I watched the show and then discussed it with my girlfriends between lessons and on my lunch break. I was invested up to season 3 and then season 4 came and they started losing me bit by bit until one day I could not take it any more and I watched with total disappointment at a once great show that brought me to tears.

This season has not been bad but not impressive compared to the amazing seasons 1-3 but better than 4-6, but still not award worthy by a long shot. If it gets nominated for anything shame on the Emmys was  Glee’s nomination last year not enough ridiculousness ?!

Anyways Grey’s Anatomy has been the kind of show where the acting is great but the writing is awful and inconsiderate. I really felt like the writers think of fans as idiots who eat up all the unnecessary drama,just because a mom is crying and a baby is dying does not mean it is a great storyline. There is even one point in season 4 where the characters kept repeating the same sentence twice before going on and on about some meaningless emotional breakthroughs does anyone remember that ?

Which bring me to this: Grey’s Anatomy  producers chose “Song Beneath The Song” as their Emmy episode ,you remember the horrid one where everyone was singing after Callie gets into a car accident and  her real self  being taken to surgery while the ghost her is  is sitting  on the bed singing to herself to get up (no not a scene from Inception)  … the one where they left us to wonder if Callie’s baby will make it all episode and then both were fine  OOOOOH so scary . This episode should be hidden somewhere not paraded around in the Emmys , I mean I am all for metaphores but that episode just sounded like a song list so they can sell it on itunes. How would they like it if the Glee kids worked in a hospital It just looked silly ?! What are you going to throw at me? ratings well you have fans like myself who fell in love with the characters and can’t seem to quit watching and others who just wont admit that the show sucks but deep down they so sadly know it.

I mean My God what a pain of an episode it was painful to watch I did not even care if the baby made it …what a bad bad choice and if it is nominated well then hell did in fact freeze people.

Screw You Guys I’m Going Home:TV’s Game Changing Exists

TVLine has announced that Patrick Dempsey ,who plays Dr.Derek Shepherd on the ABC Grey’s Anatomy, will only return for one more season. This year had some pretty game changing exists, In this time of political uprising it only seems fitting I guess .

In the light of these exists one can only remember some of the traumatic exists that left us shattered and other exists that were more than welcome.

1. Izzy Stevens Grey’s Anatomy : before leaving the show there was a lot of controversy concerning Katherine Heigl and it seemed that Heigl has grew tierd of the character and wanted to pursue a more focused career in movies. Her exit was disgraceful as a character Izzy, leaves her husband after getting laid off from the hospital abandons her  friends even though Meredith begs her not to. I still miss her on the show and say what you will but Shonda Rhimes is a master in making you love a character and hate a character.

2. Charlie Harper  Two And A half Men : this exist was after a long fight between the series creator Chuck Lorre and actor Charlie Sheen that ended in one of the most humiliating exist from TV when sheen was fired and replaced with Ashton Kutcher, many people will tune in for a first look at the season 9 premiere to check out how the show is going to continue without Sheen but how many will tune in after that ?

3.Vanessa Abrams Gossip Girl : you might argue that this character ,played by Jessica Szohr, is not exactly a game changing exist but for this viewer it is. This character was “a stain on every one of my good episodes” of gossip girl. I am so glad she is gone.

4. George O’malley Grey’s Anatomy: we watched this character,played by T. R. Knight, dwindle before our eyes getting less and less screen time until he got one of the most heart-wrenching traumatic exists I know. I still cry when I watch this episode in anticipation that at the end George will die horribly,brutally and barely recognizable .

5. Jenna Sommers Vampire Diaries:  one of the beloved TVD characters was sacrificed at an alter (note to writers:What the hell guys?!!). Just when we were getting more and more interested in aunt Jenna played by Sara Canning, this character has been the only family for orphaned Elena and Jeremy and now we are left wondering who will be their guardian and how will they cope with a new shadow living in their house.

6.Ritta Bennette Morgan Dexter:  This character’s exist turned out to be a life changing experience for our beloved serial killer Dexter Morgan. The character played by Julie Benz has provided some stability for the otherwise blood thirsty serial killer. We watched the outcome of her loss last season when Dexter for once wanted to help someone just because he can.


7. Michael Scott The Office : An exit that left most wondering will we watch? granted that the office is not lacking in talented comedians and writers but Steve Carell was the star of the show, his character Michael Scott is why people tuned in every week. This exist leaves 2 burning questions: Who will replace Steve Carell and will people watch once that happens?

8.Dr. Gil Grissom CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: the chrarater played by William Petersen engaged and entertained for years then comes the shocking news that Petersen is calling it quits to leave us wondering what will happen? hopefully it worked out fine.

If I had things my way I’ll keep all actors where they belong, but life and TV move on, as for Patrick Dempsey’s departure I have only one wish, I hope this is the last season for Grey’s Anatomy because though I love the show (despite of it all I stay loyal I can’t help it ). It is time to call it quits. As for Ellen Pompeo’s possible departure I hope she leaves too for the sake of the story and I pray to see both actors in other shows.

Emmys:What Other Shows Should Take A Hint From Two And A Half Men.

According to Two And A Half Men eighth season wont be competing for best comedy series for the Emmy awards 2011 due to much controversy off the screen caused by none other than Charlie Sheen. A move I respect.

this makes me think of all the shows that should  bow out of the competition in the spirit artistic integrity  and leave the floor for more worthy others.

1. Glee best comedy series category : because it will win, I will understand if it wins a GRAMMY but NOT an EMMY. This season has been lacking in every imaginable way. The producers should have some decency and pull the show out until they are able to do better.

2. Grey’s Anatomy best drama series: why? because it has had its time and now it is time to move on. In comparison to other shows Grey’s anatomy falls short in repeated storylines and unprofessional emotional turmoil. It probably wont get nominated but if it is it should respectfully decline.

As for shows that should be granted a spot in the running, there are many shows that  have been ignored and others that are new and need a chance

1. The Killing best drama series and best new drama series: This show has proven solid in both story and cast, it has a strong presence and heart-wrenching  reality to it, it’s a hell of a good story.

2. Justified best drama series: This show has got to be one of the best shows I discovered this year, it delivered two strong seasons and deserves an Emmy nod.

Other shows need a win and deserve it, they earned the right to be guaranteed a win this year .

1. Community best actor,best comedy series,best writing,best supporting actor,best cast: you may say I am bias and I am but also the show speaks for itself, this season has been fearless pushing the limits of comedy further and further.It deserves at least a win for the amazing cast and crew who pulled off a stellar season. It’s definitely my pick.

2. Parks and Recreation  best comedy series : for three seasons this show excelled beyond expected. It deserves a win too, the writing and acting has delivered on every imaginable level.

Pandas In a Zoo: TV Couples That Don’t belong Together

At many times there comes a point ,where we can’t understand why the writers threw those two characters together, without any consideration to what’s true for the character or if they even have chemistry:

1. Rusty and Ashley Greek : I honestly cringe at the thought, it was bad enough that Greek was coming to an end but also that somewhere in the writing room a drunken idea of putting those two together was approved.

2. McSteamy and Lexi Grey Grey’s Anatomy : I am sorry but I don’t see it…I just don’t.I imagine him with someone like Addison,I am glad that Lexi is with Jackson now and I hopeI never have to suffer through the lack of chemistry that is Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan.See how they are separated in the picture?!

3.Penny ans Leonard The Big Bang Theory : regardless of the actors’  relationship in real life the two characters don’t make sense and them breaking up was the best thing that happened. I never seemed to understand those two being together…at all. He’s is cute She is cute THEY are not cute just sad.

4. Puck and Lauren Zizes Glee : this couple is the perfect answer to the question…WHAT?! lets ignore the fact that Ashley Fink is a part of the show “A MUSICAL SHOW” and she can’t sing or dance. puckzes -even the name is gross- doesn’t make sense, their personalities don’t agree and after dating Puck’s character is boring and kinda of a pussy.Did they do it on  a dare?!

5. Cristina Yang and Own Hunt Grey’s Anatomy : even though Shonda Rhimes married them, they were never a match made in heaven. They have one of the most strange relationships I’ve seen and NOT in a good way. What I imagine the situation like is this: Shonda likes  Kevin McKidd and wants him on the show, she is not sure where to put him so she comes up with this idea while simultaneously writing Private Practice,dreaming of Off The Map and killing puppies. Teddy was a better choice for him.

The moral here is : just because people are on the same TV show and can be together (both single) doesn’t mean the producers should pair their characters together…they are” NOT pandas in a zoo”-Joel Mchale as Jeff Winger