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Hart Of Dixie: Taking The Plunge…Or Not

I am growing quite fond of this new CW show Hart Of Dixie starring Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter bacause it has a lot of heart…guys let this one go..

This week’s episode centers around what heat waves do to people and I believe it is true, the heat can drive a person insane and make them do unspeakable things. I wasn’t a big fan of Summer on The OC but Rachel Bilson is unbelievably fun and lovable as doctor Zoe Hart. The characters in this show are interesting and the stories are gripping. The show itself is not ground breaking at all but it has a potential to be so due to an excellent cast and such an easily dramatic setting.

This week takes Dr.hart on a journey of embracing spontaneity and as she struggles with her understandable desire towards her neighbor Wade played by  Wilson Bethel she while helping a patient misses out on an opportunity to let go and act of that desire.

One issue I have is the unbelievable overacting of a yellow wearing lemon Breeland played byJaime King , a high strung southern queen bee who is torn between her soon to be husband and over the summer lover, and even though this week previewed her character’s struggles I still do not like her at all.