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Community Review:Two Worlds Collide

Tonight’s episode was about parallel universes, there were two versions of Annie going head to head in Two identical MUNs. This episode had a great character moment between Jeff and Annie, where Jeff is surprisingly honest about his feelings and in that honesty leads Annie to accept herself and who she is now.

I like Jeff Winger as a leader of the pack it feels as if the show is going back to the dynamic of season 1, Pierce’s jokes are light-hearted and as far as I am concerned he is back on my good side, people forget that last year “the year of the Pierce” was a very tough on Pierce; he lost his mother who in season one we knew she was the only one in the world who loved them. bottom line Get off his back!

The Jeff and Annie dynamic was as amazing as always, I don’t understand why it would be considered creepy, granted there is an age difference but emotionally they are about the same age. some might argue with this but for me a Jeff/Annie relationship makes more sense to me than a Jeff/Britta relationship, because Jeff and Annie not only have an amazing chemistry,protective of each other and have a lot of rewind -worthy moments but also they are different in a good way. Jeff and Britta have an amazing friendship, the dynamics between them are not sexual they are sibling-like, they need each other but not necessarily in a romantic way.

The episode went back and forth between seriousness and the ridiculousness; The group loses it focus because of a fart as they face a genocide crisis, an activist arrested in Syria causes Britta to lock her self in a cage and then crash the MUN in the Cafeteria wearing an outfit with burnt dolls and barbies on it ?! (sounds like an outfit from Lady Gaga’s closet)

Annie’s struggle into adulthood is put to the test as she tries to beat Asian Annie along side her biggest cheerleader of the episode Jeff ending up in a temper tantrum throwing herself on the table. Again the show makes a refrence of how creepy it is that Jeff  is interested in Annie to eventually make it less creepy which I understand but I swear if Jeff calls her kiddo one more time I’m taking  baseball bat to someone’s knees.

As Annie is laying on the couch in shame Jeff walks in to make it better, he is dead honest about they way he feels about  her which I love, Annie has been upfront about her feelings in the past  and it was always Jeff who is shutting her down, that is changing.

There you have it all my ideas all at once 15 minutes after watching  the episode and yea I know I’ve forgotten some important parts and focused on Annie and Jeff a lot but I can help it I love those two.

Important note : this episode has proven both Annie and Britta equally childish; Annie temper tantrum and Britta’s “rage against the machine”  but Annie is the one who recognizes her childish behavior Britta is clueless….I love Britta.

Best Parts:

  • Troy deciding to use a southern accent while fully aware Georgia is a country
  • Pierce perceives Somalia as a paradise…which is a poor, starving war-torn country and is willing to take refugees
  • Shirley saying ” I far-TED”
  • “Uruguay kindly requests that Somalia stops pronouncing it Ur-a-gay.”
  • Playing “hello” every time Britta and Chang face off taking the literal meaning of the words.
  • “when you feel the way I feel about you the easy loophole through the creepiness and danger is to treat them like a child….it’s a way to tell you how important you are from a distance.”
  • Annie Kim losing…no one messes with my Annie
  • Abed’s reaction to Jeff’s statement ” Annie you are acting like a school girl and not in a hot way”.
  • Britta’s nonsensical outburst in the study room.
  • Garret shouting CRISIS every time.
  • floating heads .
  • Abed’s representation of Switzerland. As a Palestinian seeing a Palestinian represent Switzerland is hilarious.
  • Troy changes the cup Annie is murdering to an empty one.
  • Britta’s reaction to Jeff’s defense of Annie as the group likens her to Asian Annie.
  • Britta has been wearing a bra for two episodes in a row now, thank God.