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Movie Lovers In Jordan: Bad News…No More Movies

Well as a resident of Jordan I grew up watching reruns of old shows old movies, it took me a while to catch up with the rest of the world and realize that what I am watching is not being aired on networks anymore.

On to the bad news: Jordan imposed new customs fee on movies imported from major Hollywood studios over the summer that resulted in having no new movies in Jordanian theaters, and as people where left to wonder how this catastrophe will be resolved the summer went by and new movies were back. Now Prime cinemas in Amman announce that NO NEW MOVIES WILL BE PLAYED IN AMMAN THEATERS.

the announcement comes in red on the website as follows” Jordanian customs have enforced new and confusing  regulations for importing films to Jordan, those new regulations make it IMPOSSIBLE for major Hollywood studios and film producers to send films to Jordan” it continues to state that “no new movies are currently playing in Jordan and now new films will play if Jordan customs continue with those regulations”  Movie theaters will close on October 25th  2011 whether it is a gesture of support,indignation or a money saving tactic is undisclosed .This deprives custors of enjoying one of the FEW pass times that exists in Jordan, a small country with modest means. Goodbye over priced candy bars, goodbye caramel pop corn and the stomachache that follows, goodbye flat soda,  goodbye anonymous annoying guy who always laughs too loud and too much, and goodbye annoying teenager who has to ask her friends what’s going on now…may you all rest in peace.

This is frustrating news and probably one side of the story but it does not deny the fact that GUYS we do not have new movies…Alas! bit torrents here we come and electronic stores load up on the home theaters. Hope it will be resolved soon but who will cave first?