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How I Met Your Mother “Disaster Averted”: Hurricane of emotions

I never expect a shoker when watching How I met Your mother so whenever there is one I am caught off guard. The episode opens with an action sequence of Barney explaining why he is not wearing that hideous ducky tie to Marshall and Lilly, Barney is so sick of the tie he offers a slap in exchange of removing it because as we later find out he is meeting with Nora’s parents, Marshall and Barney engage in various negotiations (sometimes in french) and reach a settlement where Barney doesn’t have to wear the tie anymore in exchange of 3 slaps in addition to the one he already has. Barney receives 2 of said slaps on the spot, I  am so glad to see some season 2 weirdness coming back .

The gang are telling the story of  hurricane Irene to Kevin Robin’s therapist boyfriend played by Kal Penn  my favorite new member of the group to explain why there is a “No Boggie Boarding” policy in the bar. Relating those character’s lives to a happening that actually took place in New York city makes me feel closer to the characters regardless of the novelty of the idea. Ted “The boy scout” arranges for the gang to leave the city in preparation for the hurricane wearing hot pink boots, Ted has a tragic issue with boots he really should just stop wearing them. Ted plans fall through and they end up stuck in Barney’s apartment.

Marshall’s afraid of death and sounds like “a very clingy  Edger Allen Poe”  (that was a funny bid) because due to his unemployment over the summer he has no insurance hence tempting fate, various scenarios in his head play out with him being attacked/molested by a bear and the only way he can be protected is to have Lilly by his side at all times, a not then pregnant Lilly is sick of Marshall’s neediness and desires a moment of piece so much that she is willing to weather the storm alone if it means time away from Marshall  . robin is dealing with her father issues as everyone is getting “are you O.K” phone calls from their parents except for her, it really seems that this season is more focused than ever on Robin’s daddy issues perhaps in  preparation for an arc later.

The episode concludes with the gang gathered in the rain and Marshall boogie boarding into MacLaren’s pub, then-single Barney and Robin almost kissing only to be interrupted by Robin’s dad calling her to check in. As we are back to the present Robin and Barney discuss what a mistake would it have been to kiss that day only to end up kissing in a scene that is out of NBC’s Community’s book when in “Modern Warfare” Jeff and Britta kiss as they are making fun of the idea of them kissing, glad to see the writers are watching Community as everyone should. What’s next? Is the wedding Barney and Robin’s?

All By Myself : Lonely Characters On TV

We are all lonely one way or another, but some people are alone and lonely, we love them and we feel sorry for them, here are a few names compiled by me and my sister

1. Chuck Bass Gossip Girl : even though Chuck is the proudest, meanest man alive he lives    for one thing only…Blair. Now Blair is with the prince and Bass is back to his season one      loneliness and it kills him because now he knows what is missing. I feel sorry for him, he      has no family and no one that really cares for him, and even when they try he only manages to push them away.

2. Matt Donovan The Vampire Diaries: If Matt turns into a psychotic killer I don’t blame him. He is abandoned by his mother,his sister was killed and she is haunting him,his girlfriend turned out to be a vampire and now is dating his best friend and a sacrifice needed both his palms to be cut into…I feel sorrow whenever I see Matt, for two season he’s been out of the loop, poor Matt.

3. Ben Wyatt Parks And Recreation: After ending his relationship with Lesley, Ben is in a new town with no reason to stay. Eating lunch alone must be one of the saddest scenes…at lunch time. I hope he wont be alone for long.

4. Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother:  Now Ted has an amazing group of friends but recently he is the only single one, what makes him lonely is how much he needs to fall in love, he is like the rest of the single people who go home to an empty bed and every date carries the promise of a future.

5.Raj The Big Bang Theory: Raj is what you call “pathetically lonely”, he is unable to talk to girl unless drunk and never had a steady girlfriend. his attraction to Bernadette went nowhere.

6. Alex Karev Grey’s Anatomy : In my mind Alex will never get over Izzy, and even his once complex character became unnecessarily mean , he is still one of the loneliest people on Grey’s anatomy, he has never seen a happy day or ever had someone who cares for him and him alone.


7. Pierce Hawthorne Community: Pierce had one person in his life that really loved him..his mom and she died. Pierce is always alone with no one to relate to and even though he is surrounded by his study group members Pierce remains a lonely old man.

There you have it those are the people I could think of, if there are more feel free to suggest in the comments section 🙂