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The Playboy Club: Bunny Tails And Scotch

The Play Boy Club was described by Joel McHale as “Mad Men with boobs” and that is what I expected so I watched the first 2 minutes half heatedly, but it was a pleasant surprise.

It is a story about deceit,murder and surprisingly not much flirtation. The world in the playboy club is unreal and detached from reality as it should be.The bunny suits are unflattering but they work if they send the message how ridiculous their job is. The key holders (men who are allowed in the club) are powerful business man that bring as much money as trouble.

4 minutes into the episode a murder happened and the lives of new bunny Maureen played by Amber Heard and lawyer (one time linked to the mob) Nick Dalton Eddie Cibrian collide as they try to cover up the murder. The plot starts from there and I am not sure how long it can be dragged on and how fast it will be resolved but if they are smart they shouldn’t drag it on till the season finale. This show can distinguish itself if it relies on fast paced story lines and interlocked relationships and not try to pull a Mad Men because the subject matter wont help them. The show has to be as decadent as the playboy club itself  and having it on network TV wont help.

The show offers some legitimate beginning of a story line and I am excited to see where it goes, the cast has potential especially Amber Heard and Laura Benanti who playes the mother bunny….God I guess my only problem is how often they use the word bunny, how am I supposed to take them seriously when they say bunny meeting, a bunny, I am not a waitress I am a bunny and Cigarette bunny.

We have Bunnies and mobsters all in one place in an era that offers a lot of stories, so kick back relax and enjoy the ride.