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Prime Suspect: A Man’s Game No More

I was not sure about NBC’s  Prime Suspect it seemed like a story told to death. What pusehed to watch it is the fact that it’s based on a british series starring  Helen Mirren and usually when american tv takes a british show and makes it their own it can go either way but so far we have success stories such as Shameless and The Office. 

The story is very ordinary, we right away get a feel of what a hard ass  Det. Jane Timoney is played by Maria Bello. She is a serious cop with unyielding determination and ambition, surrounded by males who resent having her around she is assigned the crappy cases and not taken seriously until she takes (NOT GIVEN) a job of a recently deceased fellow detective.

The show has a potential of becoming interesting, but honestly how many times have we seen stories about NYPD ? The approach is different i’ll grant you that, but at this time in TV Drama has gotten really good and mediocre shows have no business being on TV.  Judgement: I like it and I like the cast but not the stories involving them , but I wont be watching every week, I’ll just wait till I have nothing else to watch.

NOTE: nod to the fashionable detective we don’t see that often.