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Geography of Global Conflict : 5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Tonight’s Community

Martin Starr on Community

Tonight on NBC 8/7c. again in case you missed it NBC 8/7c. Community’s 2nd episode of season 3 entitled ” Geography Of Global Conflict” …….come on people watch other shows online and watch Community on the good ol’ fashioned TV.

I have been accused of being an aggressive Community fan; lashing out on people who don’t watch and going all murder-suicide insane  on people who don’t get it, so I’ll try a nicer approach this time. Here are 5 reasons why you must watch tonight’s episode…PLEASE 🙂

1. Annie meets her frenemy/evil multi-cultural twin “Annie Kim” or as referred to by the group “Asian Annie” played by Irene Choi who’s a type A  personality bringing the worst in Annie. Fun Fact: when casting for the role of Annie Edison she was supposed to be Asian but Alison Brie nailed it.

2. Party Down’s  Martin Starr guest stars on the show as Professor Cligoris a douche and snobby  intellectual professor who will probably get on Jeff’s nerves,Professor Cligorise tries to keep the peace as both Annies try to destroy each other in a MUN (model UN) competition.

3. We see Britta and Chang go head to head as Britta defies his creepy authority. “Respect my  authorita” South Park anyone?

4. Jeff tries to help Annie defeat her opponent, so expect debate episode 109 sexual tension probably 10 times more heightened. Alison Brie (Annie Edison) said that the sexual chemistry between Annie and Jeff “really kick up by the second and third episodes.”

5. It is AWESOME… it is the kind of show that you can watch over and over again and still both enjoy and discover new jokes. It treats its audience as smart individuals.

I will leave you with this…sorry I couldn’t resist….Just to remind all the details on the episode is based on what I read  in interviews.