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Community finale: Unlikely heroes and enemies

Greendale Collage students were united this week under their butt flag to save the place they call their toilet against City Collage .With a tribute to starwars that seemed befitting this is the last we will see from paintball my guess is the writers will not give us the pleasure of another paintball episode .

Troy, Abed and Annie took the lead on this episode. Toy and Jeff struggle for leadership and abed snags the  Han solo role from under Jeff and decided to make Annie the object of his desire.

All Charaters were there in the final episode. Vicky, Magnitude,Leonard, Kendra with a qu, some of the Cougertown cast and even a picture of the show’s creator dan harmon managed to make its way up there.

here are a few of the earth-shattering awesome scenes from the episode:

Magnitude jumps on the robot bomb.

Jeff Accepts the role “thrust” upon him as Troy defies him

Abed flirts with Annie when she cuts her hand -the manly voice is hilarious-

“i do happen Jeff, i do happen very much”

Pierce list Jeff’s weaknesses and why is Jeff jealous of Pierce

Jeff’s inspirational speech to Kendra with a qu (quendra?!) then gets shot and bails.

Troy gets shot in the chest

Abed grabs Annie and kisses her right, God! Annie is willing to kiss anybody isn’t she.

Paint sprinklers go off as Annie and Abed are kissing (phew)

Shirley runs as the sprinklers go off

Shirley heroically tries to save the school with Britta only to get shot at the end

Pierce saves the day, that guy needed a win

Final session : Abed shoots down Annie’s advances, all is back to normal

sad: Pierce is done with the group, they didn’t accept him and he’s done trying. They all look at the door waiting for him to comeback.

What will season 3 hold since the creator has done everything he ever wanted? will we see a maturity to the show? will season 2 get an Emmy nod? all i know is my Thursdays are empty now.

[image from:Jim Rash’s @RashisTVUgly twitter account]

Ants In My Pants: Magical Thursday

Thursday, my favorite day of the week, has landed .Here is what you should be looking forward to.

NBC Thursday Night Comedy: The best talents in comedy all lined up together for your pleasure:

  • Community Season 2 Finale : “For a Few Paintballs More” part 2 of the paintball saga and a sort of a “star wars” review, Greendale collage takes down a mystery enemy.
  • The Office : “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager” the title alone promises good fun and the misery of others in the office. Dwight brings the reign of hell as he becomes the temporary regional manager of the Scranton Branch.
  • Parks and recreation: A delight of 2 episodes YAY!The fightLeslie offers Ann a Job at city hall and Ann is cavalier about the offers which ignites their first fight ever. “The Road Trip” Ben and Leslie take a road trip to Indianapolis and Leslie is worried she can’t fight her feelings for Ben anymore (please don’t fight) , Ron takes on an unsuspecting  protégé to teach him about government.
The CW’s Doom’s day :
  • Vampire Diaries :”As I Lay Dying” #poorDamon has been trending on twitter for a reason Damon is dying .He is hallucinating (Delena kiss promised) and trying to die in dignity luckily Stephan is trying to save him. Who is to say what is going to happen the writers of the CW hit have made it clear that no one’s safe this season and the bodies keep piling up  .
CBS’s nerd day :
  • The Big bang Theory:“The Engagement Reaction”  Howard tells his mom he’s engaged and that news puts her in  the hospital . Will we be fortunate enough to meet the screeching mom? I hope not. Sheldon hangs around in the germ infested hospital -that’s always a treat-
Hope you all tune in and what you can’t watch DVR. For us who live overseas download all as a torrent come Friday morning 🙂

Community:”Annie’s got a gun” The death of Annie and Jeff

As you grow older you lose the childlike wonder towards things.This week i got that back with community’s “A Fistfull Of Paintballs“.  the episode opened with fat Neil runing screaming for his life followed by “the A team”,  Awesome Annie shows up all sexy and hot to shot them all cue intro : the intro is one of the best intros i have ever seen i was jumping up and down as it played -no i was not high i am just a Community enthusiast.

Annie jumps through the window “pants-less” and open a can of beans, Abed infiltrates her strong defense made of cans and strings. Is it just me or was there something awfully sexy when Abed says :” But i guess it’s lucky for me i am unarmed, seeing as I’m eating your beans” , if it wasn’t Abed saying it I would’ve said it’s a euphemism. turns out he’s a messenger from Jeff calling for an alliance. Cut to Jeff being chased by the Math club along with Chang his new BFF.

Abed shows up to the rescue after Chang naturally betrays Jeff , Jeff charmingly greets AnnieMy Lady” and Annie is not charmed, who can blame her she loves him and he acts like a jackass granted she tends to romanticizes their relationship but it didn’t come from thin air. At that point i was excited for it all Annie is finally hot but Jeff didn’t seem to notice, Alas.

Their new found alliance is graced by the hotness of Josh Holloway, “the dark rider” oh how I’ve missed him. I hope this Cameo will get him some TV pilots. he comes in and says “I’m the guy that’s gonna win” and i melt, FX should seriously consider him for Justified.

They are later arrested by the law because Jeff is wanted gay and alive (funny) and taken to a magical place called ” Fort Hawthorne” where Vicky dances for Twinkies and Garret just dances, the supporting characters are having a voice on Community which i like.

Jeff is finally convinced that Pierce is not a bad guy over a feast of Twinkies and Twizzlers (YUM),and then the moment where all my hopes and dreams died comes; when Annie explains why she is on Pierce’s side Jeff says “you’re a good kid and i want to do my part to help you stay that way” and then (tears) he pats her on the head like a puppy and with dies all hope of Jeff and Annie ever getting together. The message have been implied a lot but now i finally get it Jeff doesn’t want Annie, for him she is a kid.

I was such a fan of those two but the writer sat in a room and decided to end it. why oh why ?

Annie shooting the cheer leading squad was redeeming to a lot of us who wanted to do the same in high school. Annie having the sexy weird encounter with the ‘Dark rider” was intense, Annie you idiot kiss him… Jeff comes and ruins I mean saves the day, awesome shooting sequence begins ends with Jeff insecurity prevailing.

Cut to the dean stuffed in a locker with very important keys in his shorts (hehe) Annie takes the orange whooshy gun to kill Pierce which leads to a showdown between Annie and Pierce revealing they want Pierce out of the group (that was mean) .Pierce fakes a heart attack and shoots the”Dark Rider ” who leaves too soon and reveals there is a big conspiracy going on in the school .

Finally the best part some ones shoots Chang senseless, rewind,rewind.Did anyone find the ice-cream cone comanding his team as they kneel very much like a scene form South Park . A perfect pause to a perfect episode Sans the head pat part (still whining).

Paintball 2 bring it on, my bet City Collage is involved.

Who the hell are you?

this is community’s  long awaited paint ball episode sneak peek after watching this here are some pointers :

1. jeff really looks hot, like really hot

2. the show is finally embracing the hotness of annie

3. Josh Holloway’s  entrance is awesome, kinda hoping he makes the move on annie after Troy, Jeff and Rich she needs a romantic win and if it makes Jeff  jealous will  so be it i don’t like him and Britta they are too similar.

4. hoping this episode will be a chance to revisit the annie/jeff love story that i strongly believe in

5. hoping Annie will shoot the living sh#@ out of Jeff though justified he was a total ass in the flashback episode “Paradigms Of Human memory ” he really hurt her feelings

6. #spolier# i think -no informed thinking but like totally wishful thinking- that jeff and annie are the couple to have sex via TV LINE’s Michael Ausiello  May sweeps