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All By Myself : Lonely Characters On TV

We are all lonely one way or another, but some people are alone and lonely, we love them and we feel sorry for them, here are a few names compiled by me and my sister

1. Chuck Bass Gossip Girl : even though Chuck is the proudest, meanest man alive he lives    for one thing only…Blair. Now Blair is with the prince and Bass is back to his season one      loneliness and it kills him because now he knows what is missing. I feel sorry for him, he      has no family and no one that really cares for him, and even when they try he only manages to push them away.

2. Matt Donovan The Vampire Diaries: If Matt turns into a psychotic killer I don’t blame him. He is abandoned by his mother,his sister was killed and she is haunting him,his girlfriend turned out to be a vampire and now is dating his best friend and a sacrifice needed both his palms to be cut into…I feel sorrow whenever I see Matt, for two season he’s been out of the loop, poor Matt.

3. Ben Wyatt Parks And Recreation: After ending his relationship with Lesley, Ben is in a new town with no reason to stay. Eating lunch alone must be one of the saddest scenes…at lunch time. I hope he wont be alone for long.

4. Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother:  Now Ted has an amazing group of friends but recently he is the only single one, what makes him lonely is how much he needs to fall in love, he is like the rest of the single people who go home to an empty bed and every date carries the promise of a future.

5.Raj The Big Bang Theory: Raj is what you call “pathetically lonely”, he is unable to talk to girl unless drunk and never had a steady girlfriend. his attraction to Bernadette went nowhere.

6. Alex Karev Grey’s Anatomy : In my mind Alex will never get over Izzy, and even his once complex character became unnecessarily mean , he is still one of the loneliest people on Grey’s anatomy, he has never seen a happy day or ever had someone who cares for him and him alone.


7. Pierce Hawthorne Community: Pierce had one person in his life that really loved him..his mom and she died. Pierce is always alone with no one to relate to and even though he is surrounded by his study group members Pierce remains a lonely old man.

There you have it those are the people I could think of, if there are more feel free to suggest in the comments section 🙂



The Emmys 2011: A Win For Drama…A Flop For Comedy

Kyle Chandler excited for his long overdue win…Clear eyes, full hearts ….Can’t lose.

I was not excited for the Emmys 2011 for 3 reasons, the first was I am not impressed by Jane Lynch as a choice for  host ( if it was up to me, Jon Stewatr would host every award show ever made) , second Community was tragically overlooked and third Glee was nominated for a horrible train-wreck of a season. The ratings this year are better than last year “the power of Blech…I mean Glee” .

The ceremony had its good moments and its meh moments. Jana elynch’s opening number was awkward and funny at times but I did not measure in comaprison to last year’s Jimmy Falon’s ” Born To Run” I was thankful for the long over due win for Kyle Chandler as a lead actor in a drama series, very much so that i thought the Emmy would come with an apology for years of overlooking the gem of an actor. The streak continued on for Friday night Lights (best drama television has ever seen as far as I am concerned) and Mad Men .

Then came the Comedy Category and I started getting bummed out. The Jimmy kimmel-Jimmy Falon tussle was fun and funny which made me think “why aren’t  those two the hosts instead?”. For the best actor in a drama series category Jim Parsons won…now let me be clear Jim Parsons is a fine actor BUT Steve Carell should have won, Carell’s comedic genius should have been recognized. It was a damn shame. At the best comedy series category I was rooting for Parks and Recreation and dreading a Glee win. Modern family won which was great BUT come on how can Modern Family as funny as it may be measure up to a brilliant show like Parks and Recreation. Still I am glad Glee didn’t win, the most overrated show ever created.

Special note : I am so glad Downton Abbey won best miniseries… if you don’t watch it you should

Here is a list of the winners via EW  :
Outstanding comedy series: Modern Family
Outstanding drama series: Mad Men
Outstanding miniseries or movie: 
Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actress, miniseries or movie: Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce
Outstanding supporting actor in a miniseries or movie: 
Guy Pearce, Mildred Pierce
Outstanding directing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special: Brian Percival, Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actor in a miniseries or movie: 
Barry Pepper, The Kennedys
Outstanding supporting actress, miniseries or movie: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Outstanding writing for a miniseries or movie: 
Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actor, drama: 
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Outstanding lead actress, drama: 
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Outstanding supporting actor, drama: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
Outstanding directing, drama: 
Martin Scorsese, Boardwalk Empire 
Outstanding supporting actress, drama: 
Margo Martindale, Justified
Outstanding writing, drama series: 
Jason Katims, Friday Night Lights
Outstanding variety, music or comedy series: 
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Outstanding directing for a variety, music or comedy series: Don Roy King, Saturday Night Live (host: Justin Timberlake)
Outstanding writing for a variety, music or comedy series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Outstanding reality competition: The Amazing Race
Outstanding lead actress, comedy: 
Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly)….WHY?
Outstanding lead actor, comedy series: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Outstanding writing for a comedy: Steve Levitan, Jeffrey Richman (“Caught in the Act”), Modern Family
Outstanding director, comedy: 
Michael Alan Spiller (“Halloween”),  Modern Family
Outstanding supporting actor, comedy:
Ty Burrell (Modern Family)
Outstanding supporting actress, comedy: Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

Whitney Review: Deserves Another Visit

I have been introduced to Whitney Cummings‘s stand up routine over the summer, she is funny a little mainstream and honest. Not a lot of stand up comedians can act but Cummings pulls it off. I love the fact that her show is neither a portrayal of a marriage comedy or a single girl trying to find love. She plays a loud mouthed,ungraceful photographer named Whitney (as if it is called something else she’ll forget her name?!) who has a steady boyfriend of 3 years Alex played by Chris D’Elia who as it turns out is pretty funny .

A lot of Cumming’s stand up material is there in the pilot such as the wearing a hoody and the role playing fiasco. She has done this previously where in interviews she would repeat jokes instead of offering new material which is a cause for concern that the show will repeat the same joke over and over again in a different form. You will not get a dose of pure female comedic genius like that of Tina Fey’s or Amy Poehler’s for sure, Cummings’s humor is entertaining but not brilliant, she offers a realistic cynical look at relationships and the dynamic between men and women and  if the show hires some great writers to support that theme  it will do really well.

First impression: not safe from cancellation because some people are bound to hate Whitney especially when NBC offers some challenging comedies such as Community, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock.

In all, the show is funny and entertaining,It needs some recasting since some of the supporting cast is not impressive BUT I am excited to see what it offers next week while I am very realistic about the possible disappointment.

Returning Shows: Fall TV Munchies

This season of 2011-2012 is the most excited I am for new upcoming TV shows, it is either because my appetite for TV programming has increased or that this season is an impressive one. It’s definitely a little bit of both. The summer has offered a few distractions such as new shows : Franklin and Bash and Friends with benefits and returning shows: Weeds,The Big C,Louie and True Blood . As great as they were they are NO fall TV programming where you having a long list to select and choose from.

That said the sadness is and the time has come where you grab popcorn and watch you favorite show on TV, your computer or whatever contraption who can keep track. Another option for people who live outside the US is to look for bit torrents, download and then watch.

I will first start with returning shows I am looking forward to and if I leave some shows out it is either because I am not fortunate to know them yet or that I think the shows sucks and refuse to watch it .

1. Community season 3(NBCSept 22nd : First ,yeah! I have no illusions how bias I am for the show, I still think it is the greatest comedy on TV and the lack of recognition saddens me because with no doubt the show has the hardest working actors, writers and crew.

Where we left off : The WW2 of paintball where Greendale Collage prevails over City Collage, Pierce (Chevy Chase) the recently becoming the villain of the group saves the day and wins the school $100,000 and refuses the group’s invitation to come back to the group after he’s been voted out. The door to study room F is open with 6 hopefuls that pierce will come crawling back to the group.

Why we are excited:  The obvious is more Community is always a good thing. The much anticipated Jeff/Annie ,Troy/Britta love connection.Knowing the creator Dan Harmon it will not be a typical soapy story line. They promise to have more fun and be less weird so we will have to wait and see. Oh plus John Goodman is coming to the show and Jim Rash (dean Pleton) is a series regular now 🙂

Excitement levellethally high, Hyperventilation high.

2. The Good wife Season 3 (CBS) Sept 25th : After delivering a stellar season it is no wonder The Good wife can’t come a moment too soon. so a moment of silence for the pure awesomeness that is season 2…………

Where we left off: Alicia and Will finally caved in and made their feelings clear, after everything went wrong they managed to let go of their fears and embrace their passion. Peter is State Attorney now and in cahoots with Carey, and bridges burned between Alicia and Kalinda.

Why we are excited: the “talk”, Alicia and Will will discuss the hell out of their encounter and a good covwersation is never bad between those two. Kalinda has a hell of redemption to do and losing Alicia is bound to spin her out of contorl,Eli Gold (Alan cumming) is Alicia’s co-worker no…or is it boss?! anyways  and Peter is going to play dirty with the help of the unfortunally scarcely used  Matt Czuchry.

Excitement level: High with occasional breathing.

3. Parks And Recreation Season 4 (NBC) Sept 22nd : with new addition last season this show managed to be more awesome, it should be registered as the smartest casting move in TV history.

Where we left off:  After a slow brewing romance between Leslie and Ben they’re finally on the right track, or are they? Leslie is offered a new job which might jeopardize her relationship with Ben. Chris is interested in Ann again and Ann is working with the parks department (to justify her constant showing up, no one visits city hall by choice).

Why we are excited: Tammy 1, mommy Swanson…need more…seriously?! we will find out what Leslie is going to do with Ben.

Excitement level : high with tendency to get light headed.

4. The Vampire Diaries season 3 (CWSept 15th : After so many dead could the body count get any higher? we are psyched to find out.

Where we left off:  the curse of the sun and the moon has been broken, Katherine is gone, Elena and Damon kissed ,Stephan turned bad and now Klaus is a vampwolf .

Why we are excited: All  the listed above…. What will happen with Stephan. How Damon and Elena will address their recent kiss. Who else will die this season and brooding,mourning Alaric is bound to be hot .

Excitement level : high with heavy bleeding.

5. Fringe season 4 (Fox) Sept 23rd : Fringe has proved itself a strong contender after surviving the death time slot it been moved to (Friday night) and for that it deserves commending. I am NOT a sci-fi fan but Fringe is entertaining enough to keep me hooked.

Where we left off: Peter was hooked to the machine resulting in a world merge and Peter disappearing taking away every trace of his existence.

Why we are excited: What happened to Peter? Peter does not exsit does that mean his son is never born? how will bolivia and olivia ever deal with eachother? so many questions unanswered.

Excitement level : high with drastic weight loss and chronic blackouts

There are some other shows I am excited about like How I Met Your Mother Sept 19th , The Middle Sept 21st ,Grey’s Anatomy Sept 22nd , The Big Bang Theory  Sept 22nd Raising Hope Sept 20th , and The  Office Sept 22nd  but those are the ones I wanted to focus on….ah my life is back to normal.

P.S: This Blog post is dedicated to Aseel Zahran who allowed me to use her computer to update my blog and who told me I should have a blog in the first place so I can stop blabbing about TV while she’s out to save the world.

“It’s Like God Spilled A Person”: TV Characters Who Are Just A Mess

Some characters on TV drew the short straw in life, we love them but we can’t avoid the fact that when the writers cooked up the character they were thinking of the most unfortunate people they know from high school orchildhood.It can’t be helped some characters just seem to face bad luck everywhere they go. You look at them and you say “How the hell did this person happen” but again we love them anyway.

1. Ben Chang Community played by Ken Jeong : He’s not only insane but also he has nothing going his way. He’s homeless, friendless and obnoxious.He follows the study group around like a lost puppy (an ugly puppy) and gets constantly rejected. He should have a disease named after him.

2.George Costanza Seinfeld played by Jason Alexander : He is a mesh mash of horrible, he was unemployed for a long time, he is cheap and falls short in every aspect .No one wants to be George and if you are a George get a personality altering surgery or something I don’t care how … change it now !

3.Morgan Grimes Chuck played by Joshua Gomez: He might be a spy now but there is no denying that Grimes is a loser, he might not be as horrible as others on the list but he has his fair share of bad composition with a hint of dorkiness.

4. Andy Dwyer Parks and Recreation played by Chris Pratt: he is the epitome of underachiever, though he is a fun guy to be honest he is an embarrassment, he’s not the guy you take home to meet your parents.Luckily he found someone to share his insanity and life.He works as a shoe shining man in a government building (good right! wait for it ) after being homeless and living in a pit outside his ex-girlfriend’s house where he before fell and broke his 2  legs . One word for this character…Stray

5. Liz Lemon 30 rock played by Tine fey : If you watch the NBC hit show you will not need me to explain,but I’ll do it anyway. Liz is the producer of a TV show in NBC (good for her right?! wrong) that is the only aspect liz manages to pull off. She is messy and disorganized, her personal and social life is a disaster, her dating history reads as the “who is who of trashy leeches” .

7. Phil Dunphy Modern Family played by Ty Burrelle : this suburban family man is as dorky as they come.He rarely does anything right and always manages to get into trouble for our comic amusement. He’s a great dad and husband but never to take out in public.

So here you have it, as I was watching a character in my life unfold as a total mess, I list this for your summer pleasure to remember that not all are lucky,smart,beautiful,graceful or eloquent but all are loved.

Note: the quote listed above in the title is from NBC’s Community.

Emmys:What Other Shows Should Take A Hint From Two And A Half Men.

According to Two And A Half Men eighth season wont be competing for best comedy series for the Emmy awards 2011 due to much controversy off the screen caused by none other than Charlie Sheen. A move I respect.

this makes me think of all the shows that should  bow out of the competition in the spirit artistic integrity  and leave the floor for more worthy others.

1. Glee best comedy series category : because it will win, I will understand if it wins a GRAMMY but NOT an EMMY. This season has been lacking in every imaginable way. The producers should have some decency and pull the show out until they are able to do better.

2. Grey’s Anatomy best drama series: why? because it has had its time and now it is time to move on. In comparison to other shows Grey’s anatomy falls short in repeated storylines and unprofessional emotional turmoil. It probably wont get nominated but if it is it should respectfully decline.

As for shows that should be granted a spot in the running, there are many shows that  have been ignored and others that are new and need a chance

1. The Killing best drama series and best new drama series: This show has proven solid in both story and cast, it has a strong presence and heart-wrenching  reality to it, it’s a hell of a good story.

2. Justified best drama series: This show has got to be one of the best shows I discovered this year, it delivered two strong seasons and deserves an Emmy nod.

Other shows need a win and deserve it, they earned the right to be guaranteed a win this year .

1. Community best actor,best comedy series,best writing,best supporting actor,best cast: you may say I am bias and I am but also the show speaks for itself, this season has been fearless pushing the limits of comedy further and further.It deserves at least a win for the amazing cast and crew who pulled off a stellar season. It’s definitely my pick.

2. Parks and Recreation  best comedy series : for three seasons this show excelled beyond expected. It deserves a win too, the writing and acting has delivered on every imaginable level.

NBC: Hero Of The Underdogs?



According to NBC cancelled 6 of its top 10  rated scripted shows for the year 2010-2011 such as : Law and Order: Los AngelesThe EventUndercoversChase,The Cape and Outlaw. And keeping other shows such as Community and Parks and Recreation which exceed previous shows in quality. NBC has established itself as the house of comedy allowing its shows to go crazy ,be out there and try everything. Could it be that NBC is choosing quality TV over ratings ?

Other network have cancelled top rated scripted shows but NBC takes the lead. Meaning when it comes to comedy NBC has brought us as an audience the best and smartest comedies and comedians out there,so regards.