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Community “Remedial Chaos Theory”: Came Up Organically

This fourth installment of the third season of Community exceeded my expectations, when a differen time lines episode is done it may sometimes get boring or even stray from the point, that was not the case in this episode, it seemed well thought out and constructed.

we are in Troy and Abed’s new apartment which looks great and full of personality, and we get to see how particular Abed is about his domain, he gets super scary when Shirley tries to mess with that foreshadowing a possibility of the audience getting to know that living with Abed and dealing with him on daily basis is not that easy. This episode really takes in who the characters are and their status in the group.

Let’s Roll The Dice……

2: first to go get the pizza is Annie, Jeff stops Britta from singing Roxanne which drives her to get high in the bathroom and that happens in all time lines, Troy discovers that gun in Annie’s purse , I love how he holds with a pencil as evidence my massive addiction to cop shows would drive me to hold a gun the same way. Abed interrogates Britta for the source of the smell in the bathroom (yikes) , no one accepts Shirley’s pies and Jeff is mocked for hitting his head with the ceiling fan. The world without Annie is devoid of softness and compassion.

4: Shirley… Jeff reminds the group not to eat Shirley’s pies because she has a “baking problem” , there is the part where he says he doesn’t like being the bad guy but shuts Britta up (let the woman sing dude, and eat the damn pie) I think the problem with being around someone like Jeff (who’s a character I identify with especially the dark parts) is that people may keep themselves in check for fear of cynical ridicule and being deemed as lame or uncool.Pierce gives Troy the “Trog ” a troll Troy is terrified of. As Shirley’s pies a burnt we get to see angry Shirley (Ilove angry Shirley) and Jeff confronts her about her baking trying to establish an identity through baking and she points out that she is trying to find a place within the group as the only married woman in a group of “horny toads”. They are , and we get a great nod to the debate episode scene as they all look at each other all googly ending with Troy looking at Trog and screaming.maybe I am off base with this but Shirley being gone did not make much difference maybe to mean how little regard they have for her, a price she pays for being the mom who worries about everyone and no one worries about her.

3: Pierce, Jeff  turns Annie’s compliment of  Troy’s new apartment into an insult hurting Troy’s feelings, Troy goes to the bathroom to talk to Britta (love the cigarette mint he takes out “I am 21 years old…I am a man”, Troy is frustrated with Jeff’s constant  picking on him and surprisingly Britta turns out to be an awesome advice giver, Jeff is threatened by Troy and why wouldn’t he? Jeff’s awesomeness life source is what you think you know about him, he never let’s his guard down enough for people to see his insecurities.  “his whole personality is based on guarding himself” something Britta and Jeff have in common but portray it differently. Troy has grown up into an amazing man, one who is funny, caring and open about who he is in a way that throws Jeff off his balance. When Pierce shows up with the pizza Troy and Britta’s sexual chemistry catches Jeff and Annie’s eye and they don’t like it.

6: Britta,when Britta is gone the group has nothing to talk about because making fun of Britta brings the group close together, she is the one who tries to start conversations. Jeff and Annie go to the bathroom to check his head injury and we all know that when those two are together in a room away from the judging eyes of the study group something is bound to happen, Annie tells Jeff how she applied a tourniquet on a guy that was stabbed outside her building, Annie is one bad ass cookie, and Jeff expresses concern because as we all know little girl or not Jeff always wants to protect Annie. They almost kiss but Troy’s screams interrupt them. Britta is back but not with pizza, she brings the pizza delivery guy and confesses she loves him and wants to marry him, it is very important to point out that she is sober and not high at the time.

1 :Troy, hell breaks loose when Troy leaves, in a matter of seconds Annie falls, Pierce gets shot (and dies as we see later),and Britta sets the apartment on fire (love how she says water multiple times before actually getting water). what I love about the scene is the blood squirting  from Pierces leg so comically and Abed taking the time to adjust his toy on that Indiana Jones thingy before helping Annie with Pierce.

5 :Abed, as hard as it is to imagine a world without Abed when he is gone to get the pizza who he did not pay for himself but asked the group to pitch it….nice, Britta goes to the bathroom and gets high and is not faced with Abed at the door ruining her buzz, Shirley rushes to Britta with pies to feed her munchies leaving Annie and Jeff alone in the kitchen. Troy receives Pierce’s gift undistributed by his other half Abed he takes the time to thank Pierce for allowing him to stay with him last year which makes Pierce feel guilty for the horrible gift he is about to give. Shirley is honest about her baking obsession and Jeff and Annie lose themselves in a passionate kiss, it seems that when Abed, the narrator, is gone the group has liberty to be honest and act out on their whims just as if Dan Harmon the creator of Community would let us the fans write the show and have our say in what happens in the show and reality is, if that happens it is not a good thing because Britta and Shirley engage in hurtful name calling , Pierce and Troy wrestle over the gift, and Jeff and Annie have an awkward angry moment after Annie tells Jeff while making out that him worrying about her reminds her of her dad and Jeff in return criticizes both her small talk and her bubble gum lip gloss…a moment here..WHY? why would they have Jeff and Annie have this conversation? Jeff reminds Annie of her dad? why make it creepy guys why? there is nothing creepy about those two but when you have them talking about it that much it becomes creepy, thankfully that moment is erased in the next time line. Anyways when Abed returns there is obvious tension in the room, Abed is the pressure release, he is the structure of the study group dynamics.

The real time line: Abed stops the dice and makes a speech on the necessity of consistency in a world of unexplained variables,the speech might have seemed to eloquent for Abed but it was beautiful nonetheless, of course it is interrupted by Britta’s own attempt at an analysis of the speech.Jeff’s con is up he devised away where he wouldn’t be the one who gets the pizza and as a punishment he is sentenced to be the pizza getter, when Jeff is gone Pierce doen’t have to tell his dirty anecdote to impress, Britta gets to sing her song uninterrupted and the group joins in a goofy dance as they sing, the scene was relaxed,fun and unjaded unlike Jeff. They are all dancing and Jeff comes back to find himself on the outside looking in, he is on one side and Pierce on the other and Troy taking center stage.

Nod to the tag at the end, Pierce is dead and Annie is in a mental hospital,Britta has a blues streak in her hair and Jeff lost an arm( yes he looks hot with one arm)….this is one of the funniest episodes of Community, even if you don’t bother with all the character analysis you still get a good laugh. And the best is yet to come.

Resolution and Vow :whenever food is served I will do the “me so hungry” Britta dance…sealed with blood

Tonight All New Community: Troy And Abed’s New Apartment

Community Early Review: Remedial Chaos Theory image

As far as I am concerned there is not a reason in the world why a person should watch anything other than Community 8/7c on NBC, I will not go on and on about how great the show is and how under appreciated, I will not talk about how much it means to me and how I think is  the smartest comedies around. (see I didn’t say anything)

Tonight’s episode “Remedial Chaos Theory”, the title alone should be enough. The cast of Community and chaos make a tasty combination. Abed and Troy host a housewarming party at their new apartment, the cast promise some interesting props in the apartment, imagine Troy and Abed  fitting all their awesome crap in one place, wonder if Abed installed cameras yet. As the gang are gathered there is dancing and a fire breaks out, 6 time lines breakout as Jeff numbers  the members of the study group  (1-6) and roll the dice to decide who will go downstairs to get the pizza leaving 6 different scenarios of how the group will interact if one of the 6 members was not a part of it . It is a character based episode and does what what Community does best complexity in simplicity. It is said to be Community at it’s best, think of it as a bottle episode but this time it is outside the study room without the metaphorical study room table.

That is all we are allowed to know, before I leave you remember this….Community is not only a great show it’s also very respective of its audience, so if you are a fan but want to watch other things that air at the same time slot remember, why not watch those shows online later? watch that one live. If you never watched Community then just watch this one then decide if you like it. (Puppy eyes)

I will leave you with a sneak peek that is quite interesting, look out for the pictures on the wall and the matching outfits. The way Abed talks about Shirley’s early arrival is funny


After watching that let me know that you will be my hero and you will watch Community tonight because you want to see comedy done right