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Gossip Girl:Will Blair Find Happiness In Brooklyn?

It’s been such a while you guys, and though It feels like I’ve been blogging into a vacuum some genius few are leaving comments and making my miserable life sweet.You guys are better than TV, there I said it.Now that my favorite show Community (heard of it?) in the entire world is back on the air  and life is good again.My hungry fingers find their familiar way towards the keyboard typing away all the crap that goes through my head.

The subject I chose for my comeback is one I wanted to write about for a while now,I chose to write about what’s going on with Gossip Girl…Now before you roll your eyes…wait. Reviewers are always hard on Gossip Girl and I understand why, if  it wasn’t for my huge girl crush on Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) I might be inclined to condemn the show. I can’t deny that I love the show, I love the fashion and the unexplained (eavesdropping/overhearing) and this is what the show has always been about, it is a guilty pleasure and a good one.Bottom line is you can’t expect a story of a quality of what you might experience watching FX’s Justified, know the show’s history and review it accordingly.

Here comes the unpopular opinion, I am really liking season 5, the world is hating on this season but I see it differently.I need to point out though that in order to be in peace with the show’s many gaps in plots and character development I fill in the blanks on my own creating in my head a super show,because I am in love with Gossip Girl’s vision of Manhattan and the Upper East Side , I adore most of the characters I decided a while ago that the writers are leaving a lot of things for the audience to see as they want…Twisted logic I know but (It’s me ,it couldn’t be awful).

The main reason of why I love this season is the great idea of pairing the best two actors on Gossip Girl together and increasing their scenes, I am of course talking about Penn Badgely (Dan Humphrey) and Leighton Meester  (Blair Waldorf), those two together were a very pleasant surprise earning the name Dair because it is so daring and courageous of the writers to go there, because almost everyone was asking them not to, they will yield soon though .

Let’s start with the character of Blair (leighton Meester), I read the comments and for the first time since GG aired I see a lot of Blair hate, I felt a lot of people are surprised by the dramatic change in Blair character, especially her emotional instability, but for me that has always been Blair.Her relationship with Chuck as magnetic and legendary as it was, reflected clearly what an emotional wreck Blair was, agreed that her vow to stay with the prince was a very very lame excuse (but here the wrapped logic comes in handy). For me Blair never really wanted to get back together with Chuck, he lost a piece of her when he traded her for traded her for a hotel and he lost her completely when he slept with Jenny Humphrey but neither of them knew it yet. She loves him but doesn’t feel happy with him a fact she stated many times, yet she keeps coming back to him  because Chuck has become her security blanket from everything that is real (what is better for a girl than a love that everyone believes is epic). She lost herself in the tragic love affair escaping from that fact that Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) did not love her enough.In that limo in season one found Chuck a fellow tortured soul, she saved Chuck but Chucked darkened her and pulled her in deeper and deeper into dysfunction. With Louis she escaped into a fairy tale of being a princess in love with a prince ( her calling it a fairy tale is evidence of how disconnected she was), the wedding approached and Blair found herself  trapped in a relationship and a pregnancy life was happening to her and she was not ready for it.As a result she ran back to Chuck  hoping that she might find happiness there. Blair made a huge mistake marrying Louis, if anything Blair is the most lost this season and bit by bit she is starting to face the real world where actions have consequences.

Now let’s talk about “Hum Drum Humphrey”, I never really liked Dan in the beginning of Gossip Girl, his relationship with Serena never made sense to me,I understood why she loved him but I never understood why he loved her, he was a better person without her and admittedly had some great moments and chemistry but that for me dwindled over the course of seasons because I genuinely think Serena is not a good human being…Dan is .Serena (in my opinion) used Dan as a project to prove to herself she is unlike her elitist mother and friends, he was the dawn of a new Serena and Dan was her savior, the first person who believed in her. Consequently Dan was sucked in my her life and her world, she was never good for him, granted she helped him into a world he desperately wanted to be a part of , but their relationship never worked out for a reason, Serena was too selfish and Dan did not know how or why he loved her and after a while he was done (re-watch seasons…He had a problem with who she really is as a person and that is saying a lot).

Out comes Blair, she has always been an annoyance, a horrible human being to him, then he got to peek into the mystery that is Blair Waldorf, and to his surprise and ours he fell in love. Serena was never the love of his life but is Blair? their relationship is not only fun to watch but also normal, you can see them watching movies, laughing,fighting,cuddling and even holding hands, normal happy couple stuff. Dan was Blair’s savior and maybe she will be his? Blair ran to Brooklyn every time she felt alone in the world and entrusted Dan with her secrets because Serena would never understand what it is like to feel worthless, Dan would. Both Dan and Blair examine life deeply and romantically almost poetically each in their own way. Dan came to an understanding of who Blair  is and still fell in love with everything she is not everything she wants to be. Chuck might love her more but Dan  is able to make her happy and healthy. Chuck is too dark and for the sake of his character should stay that way. In the balance of things Chuck and Blair made a lot of mistakes but for me Chuck pushed  Blair away and when he came to his senses it was too late.Blair tried too hard to keep their relationship going and he blew it (Re-watch the scene after he sleeps with Jenny and the scene when Blair confronts Chuck about trading her for a hotel), Blair loved Chuck and he punished her for it . A long time Chuck/Blair shipper I add Dan/Blair to my list because those two not only have chemistry(regardless of what a promo of future bad sex implies…UPDATE elevator scene )  they also are fun to watch together,the banter alone is worth it.

The realistic ending would be Blair finally breaks free of Chuck’s hold on her like we’ve seen the last episode before the hiatus, that was a moment we saw a more mature and happy Blair  but….knowing Gossip Girl writers, Dan is the set up for Chuck and Blair to yet again to get back together. I hope there is a scenario in the world where Dan ends up with Blair, Serena becomes a career woman,Nate joins a political career supported by his grandfather, Rufus finds something else to do other than follow Lilly around and Chuck ends up more rich,powerful and tragically alone.

This is what I feel so far about what is happening with Blair and Dan, I haven’t been that excited to watch GG for seasons and now this new budding relationship got me back on the GG team.I hope the writers realize they struck gold and treasure it.


Gossip Girl “I Am Number Nine”: Never too late to say sorry

This is the second episode in a row this season that mainly has silly stories and focus on annoying characters or give an annoying portrayal of beloved characters. I did not hate it but it was O.K , though the Spectator story is getting interesting I feel like Nate’s involvement in the whole story and his persuit of a journalism career  is unbelievable to the character, I don’t understand why the character of Nate played by the always sexy Chase Crawford is never given any important story. The new Vanessa ( a homicide-provoking character that has no depth or necessity) aka Charlie is involved in the story too and has an eye for Nate ,it seems like gossip girl chose one character to combine what is annoying about Vanessa and Jenny and compressed it into one more attractive package, I don’t hate her but I am not a big fan either. Serena and Dan’s friendship is on the rocks and I have to admit I like it better when Dan calls Serena out on her crap,for me Serena gets away with everything and though she never really does anything evil I never really believe her or trust her. This season she  is trying to find a career which I admire and she tries to protect Dan but the way she walks into trouble and misunderstandings in a way that annoys me, we all had that friend that things happen around but nothing really is their fault. Blair is having one last mean girls competition  to find out who is going to be the next bride’s maid which seemed childish after all the things Blair went through but then again going through all that stress I understand wanting to go back to simpler times where Blair was in control of what happens to her. What makes me sad about Blair is how much I feel like she is trying to survive all the things that happen arround her which is not what we are used to in Blair, she always seems so in control and so focused that whenever I start to feel she is trapped like now with  her pregnancy and marriage to Louis sadness settles in my heart. Speaking of Louis we get to see his bad side and for Chair fans they were cheering waiting for him to give Blair enough reason to leave him and realistically we know the wedding will no go through for one reason or another, what will happen to the baby?…I don’t know.

Chuck is trying to heal and yet hides Blair from his therapist because it is the deepest,ugliest truth there is. Chuck’s worst fear was that he will be alone and never being loved, he was loved unconditionally by Blair and still managed to ruin it. I would not have accepted Chuck to stay the same after a huge blow such as losing Blair it makes sense for his character to either try to be a better person or become a worse person. The scenes between Chuck and Blair are always the best of any episode and after Chuck discovers that Louis is paying his therapist for information he exposes him in front of Blair, later to go to her penthouse and apologize for everything he ever did, he accepted his role in the ruin of their relationship and gave Blair the apology she needed, she asks him if there anything else he needs to say and the look in his eye suggests yes there is a lot more to say but he chooses not to say it . We know now that Blair is doubting her relationship with Louis either because he is starting to bore her or because she doesn’t love him as much as she loves Chuck,he is the mature choice but not necessarily the best one. All ends with Dan loses his movie deal and is back to being a nobody and Chuck leaves his engagement ring to Blair on the steps of  Harry Winston and no one gets what they really want.

Next episode features a Chuck Bass charity party and a possible chair hook up.

Gossip Girl “The Jewel Of Denial”: Who’s Your Daddy?

Gossip Girl’s third episode “The Jewel Of Denial” promised and delivered on who the father of Blair’s baby ,Blair was understandably trying to avoid the answer. Let me say this, I have always found the character of Dan Humphrey whiny and boring but in season 4 and now 5 I am starting to see his value. His friendship with Blair is a very interesting one kinda reminds me of a black and white movie for some reason.

Charlie and Serena( who I expected to notice something changed about Blair being her BFF and all )  are back from their vacation at . I understand why Charlie/Ivy is trying to blend into the upper east side life, as brilliantly explained, the dress alone is reason enough. This particular story line is boring, I don’t care about Charlie at all. Even if she is found out what’s the big deal? they’ll hate her then kick her out unless someone finds her out and blackmails her for information …Enter Elizabeth Hurley’s  character .Those two stories will cross at some point it could be interesting but so far, Ywan!

Nate is working in journalism and though I admire and respect the hotness of Nate Archibald he must be one of the most pointless, misguided characters around, that is why he and Serena never work; they are too much alike. I don’t like his relation or affiliation with  Elizabeth Hurley’s gossip tycoon character who’s name I neither know or care to know (I googled it it is Diana). The taking of cell phone at the party was tacky but still I appreciated the moment where he hides Blair and Dan’s cell phones to protect them.

Chuck feels nothing, losing Blair has numbed him in spite of Dan’s attempts to help him (raised eyebrow at the strangely forming friendship), and just when I was starting to  lose interest  Blair comes to the hotel to tell him she is pregnant with (SPOILER…….)     Louie’s baby. That scene brought it all back, why I watch Gossip Girl and why I love Chuck and Blair. The writers know they hit gold with Chuck and Blair and they will never actually close the lid on those two but then again other treasures are to be found we just need to see how they play out (HINT:Dan and Blair). What I loved about the scene is that it had so many unspoken words, they were both so careful about what they’re saying and never actually saying what  they want to say it reminded me of that verse of a Josh Groban song “The tattered thought balloons above our heads, sinking in the weight of all  we need to say, whys and what ifs have long played out, left us short on happy endings “. This scene led us to fall in love with Chuck even more as in the lonliness of his room he cries because…he simply can’t take it anymore.

Blair is going through one of the toughest things on her own with only Dan and Dorota by her side. Why haven’t she told Serena yet? Dan has proven himself to be a worthy friend. I say it again whatever their relationship is or whatever it turns out to be, I love it, It is honest and tender. The father is Louis and I like the fact that we did not wait long to know, they could have dragged it on and they didn’t which is a good thing (looks like The Vampire Diaries is a good influence at The CW). Blair told Louis who we know is a goner soon, he will not last but the question is what will drive him away or who…

I will leave you with Gossip Girl’s next episode “Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan”  that reveals a fun look at what exactly Dan wrote in his book .

Gossip Girl cleans up its act

Not to sound horrible but I’ve waited for this news for so long; The CW announced that both Taylor Momsen AKA Jenny and Jessica Szohr AKA Vanessa wont be horrifying us with their presence on Gossip Girl’s  season 5… can anyone say Hallelujah .

Those two have been ruining the show for so long and by they I mean Vanessa , nothing against the actress but her character was annoying . She unnecessarily took away storylines from beloved characters we actually we cared about.

Vanessa Abrahms goodbye and good riddance i hope they throw you under a bus in the finale. Here is a list of things i wont miss:

1. The horrible voice.

2. The outfits :the stylist who dresses Vanessa Abrahms is either blind or just hates the actress.

3. The dull  monotonous conversations with Dan.

4. The stupid reaction on her face every time something happens.Or I guess someone’s definition of  “acting”

5. Her sick need to tattletale.

6. She blocks the sun.

7. Her hipster energy.

8. When she cries, it’s ugly.

9. Her constant leeching off the Humphreys

10. Her existence.

Sorry  Jessica Szohr but your alter ego; Vanessa can really dampen a scene.Now it’s a chance for you to leave and make something great of yourself away from my favorite show.

I’ll leave you with this ….