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How I met Your Mother “Nortta”: The Title Says It All

I love How I met Your Mother for better and for worse and this episode so poorly entitled “Noretta” combining Nora’s name and Barney’s mom Loretta’s name is definitely worse. The episode lacked effort and it felt off track maybe it is due to cramming too many guest starts into one episode. I will not say I didn’t laugh because I did, I especially liked the “Three is a crowd” story between Robin,Ted and Kevin but it falls short in comparison to last week’s episode. The story is not new the characters start seeing their significant others as their parents so when you see Marshall about to kiss his dad (in reality Lilly) you are bound to laugh but it is a dumb joke none the less. I am not saying it was a bad episode, it was O.K but I really expected more .This is just a bump in the road but I still love the show and I’ll just ignore the fact that this episode exists, the show has its ups and downs but has grown enough audience that people are willing to live with those mishaps of episodes because they love the characters and the actors playing them.

How I Met Your Mother “Mystery vs. History”: Psychological Analysis

I will say it ….This is one of the  the best  How I met Your mother episodes if not the best and smartest one to date. It was fresh and funny, giving us long time viewers a look at what our beloved gang looks like from the eyes of a stranger Robin’s therapist boyfriend Kevin played by Kal Penn . How I Met Your Mother  had its good episodes and their not so good ones and they are forgiven because we are in love with the characters, but this was an amazing ones taht I felt was well thought out by the writers. Might we see sitcoms upping their game by raising their respect to their audience as shows like Community do?

Hats off to the cast and writers who delivered such a stellar episode that deals with modern day dating and the dysfunctional of  the seven season long relationship. If the shows keeps delivering strong episodes like this one it will earn its place as a great comedy.

P.S: thanks for revealing the gender of the baby though we knew it is a boy from previous episodes I hate when it’s kept secret.