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Pandas In a Zoo: TV Couples That Don’t belong Together

At many times there comes a point ,where we can’t understand why the writers threw those two characters together, without any consideration to what’s true for the character or if they even have chemistry:

1. Rusty and Ashley Greek : I honestly cringe at the thought, it was bad enough that Greek was coming to an end but also that somewhere in the writing room a drunken idea of putting those two together was approved.

2. McSteamy and Lexi Grey Grey’s Anatomy : I am sorry but I don’t see it…I just don’t.I imagine him with someone like Addison,I am glad that Lexi is with Jackson now and I hopeI never have to suffer through the lack of chemistry that is Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan.See how they are separated in the picture?!

3.Penny ans Leonard The Big Bang Theory : regardless of the actors’  relationship in real life the two characters don’t make sense and them breaking up was the best thing that happened. I never seemed to understand those two being together…at all. He’s is cute She is cute THEY are not cute just sad.

4. Puck and Lauren Zizes Glee : this couple is the perfect answer to the question…WHAT?! lets ignore the fact that Ashley Fink is a part of the show “A MUSICAL SHOW” and she can’t sing or dance. puckzes -even the name is gross- doesn’t make sense, their personalities don’t agree and after dating Puck’s character is boring and kinda of a pussy.Did they do it on  a dare?!

5. Cristina Yang and Own Hunt Grey’s Anatomy : even though Shonda Rhimes married them, they were never a match made in heaven. They have one of the most strange relationships I’ve seen and NOT in a good way. What I imagine the situation like is this: Shonda likes  Kevin McKidd and wants him on the show, she is not sure where to put him so she comes up with this idea while simultaneously writing Private Practice,dreaming of Off The Map and killing puppies. Teddy was a better choice for him.

The moral here is : just because people are on the same TV show and can be together (both single) doesn’t mean the producers should pair their characters together…they are” NOT pandas in a zoo”-Joel Mchale as Jeff Winger