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Community: Taran Killam to join a December episode and Shirley to remarry

As part of  Community’s vow to bring us the best of the best Cobie Smulders baby dady Taran Kallim is set to join the HIT COMEDY as a choir director (will there be Glee’s  MR.Schuster parody, maybe but not likely) The Saturday Night Live actor will be in a Christmas episode. The charter is said to be a little kooky by TVline’s Megan Masters and I am thinking perfect for Britta who really needs one…you know

On other news Malcom-Jamal Warner who plays Andre Shirley reformed ex husband is said to come back for the 12th episode of season three with one mission in mind, getting Shirley to remarry him, but will Shirley be willing to play the role of a wife again? in “Remedial Chaos Theory” we saw that Shirley is trying to establish an identity which is a running theme throughout season one and a bit in season 2.


Joined At The Hip : Comedy Duos That We Love Together

NOTE:some of the videos below may contain crude language

Some heads are meant to stay attached together to bring havoc and chaos onto the world, there is nothing better when two brilliant people get together and decide to bring their vision to life.Some of those visions are brilliant and some are better shredded.Here are examples of duos that brought us nothing but laughter.

1. David Walliams and  Matt Lucas Little Britain and Little Britain USA : if you haven’t ever watched the show you should. Those two are brilliant British comedians  that try through skits and dressing up as women to introduce the real heart of Britain to the audience. The show is created by the two actors and performed by them too. The show is an exhilarating ride through hilarious characters.

2.  Matt Stone and  Trey Parker South park and The Book of Mormon: They are brilliantly funny and ruthless with their jokes. Two of the sickest minds in comedy those two should never be separated.South park the animated marvel from those two creators written and brought to life by their voices shows a great deal of talent. The two mentioned are an endless fountain of brilliance and insult.

3. Tina Fey and  Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live and Baby Mama: actors and writers even though both have separate shows now on NBC whenever those two get together it’s a whirlwind of pleasure….that didn’t sound right….I mean it’s a carnival of entertainment…better right? they collaborated on SNL skits and they were the best ones and then they collaborated on the movie Baby Mama. On occasion we see those two together on TV like Jimmy Fallon’s Jersey Floor.

Bosses,Murder and Fun

Stumbled upon this jem of a movie it has Charlie Day, Jason SudeikisJason Bateman from Arrested Develpoment, Kevin Spacy, Colin Ferrel looking all ugly and Jennifer Aniston. Three friends are suffering from their inhumane bosses and decide to have them killed. Looks like great fun I for one am definitely watching.