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CBS takes undermining its audience to a whole new level

How To Be A Gentleman premiered on CBS Thursday night and let me tell you it killed…. every one who was watching. It starts off bad and then it gets worse. I shut it down entering minute 10 because though I am self-destructive I have my limits.

Lets’s start with the shadowy image of what looks like a cheap Knock-off of Neil Partrick Harris to be even more disappointed with the shabby unfunny acting of helium addict (that was mean) David Hornsby  who plays an old fashioned gentleman in our modern world………………  Sorry! I snoozed while writing the story line. The cast is God awful and they try to make it better by casting Kevin Dillon ( a modern guy..think Johnny Drama again) as the other pair of a really ugly shoe.

Here’s why I hated CBS for this show, in what universe was this pilot picked up ? CBS is known for comedies like Friends,How I Met Your Mother,  The Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men, which are hits but it is also famous for one  trick pony kind of shows. Don’t get me wrong all mentioned a great comedy shows, but they are not innovative or ground breaking in any way. Which made me reach to the conclusion that when it comes to comedy CBS really thinks its audience are morons, case in point; How I met Your Mother is a fresh new show but we are now tortured by the same thing that attracted us to the show…finding the mother, The Big Bang Theory started out as a fresh new comedy and it is still a very hilarious comedy but if it broken down to basics it is very redundant, they never try new things and characters never seem to go anywhere emotionally. Two and A Half Men, to some this might seem as blasphemy but the show is not funny, it is moronic at best. I loved Jon Cryer in “pretty in pink” but for  the life of me I don’t understand his Emmy appreciation.The show basically a series of meh jokes.

I might be way off base and I don’t care I said this once and I say it again with the quality of comedy shows that NBC has been supporting for years, comedy on TV should step up its game.

You suck Mom: TV’s Most Selfish Mothers

Mothers are God’s greatest gift, we don’t always want them around but we are glad we have them.As I was involved in a discussion about if the there is such a thing as a bad mother, the image of many TV moms came to mind, here’s a few of the ones who did a shabby job:

1. Nancy Botwin Weeds : Where to start, dragging her kids into her drug drama or burning their house down and then getting them in a lot of trouble a long the way.Depriving her son Cyrus from an education and a real life and turning her younger son into a psychotic killer.She wins the worst mom award.

2.Howard Wollowitz’s mother The Big Bang Theory: She managed to raise the most vile dependent creature that ever lived. Not to mention her various activities that we and the rest of the cast have to listen to through the door. the picture belongs to Carol Ann Susi who is Howard’s unseen mom.

3.Celia Hodes Weeds : You might argue that Celia Hodes is a horrible human being and so doesn’t even fit the category of a mother and you are right.When your own two daughters hate you and impatiently wait your demise every step the way that is usually an indication that you might have done something wrong along the way.

4.Betty Draper Mad Men: Betty Draper is what I call an immature mother.She is indecisive and has a lot of issues, her daughter sees right through it. With the absence of Don from the house it became more and more clear that Betty is not fit to be a mother.She is selfish and inattentive to her kids. She resents her kids greatly.

5. Isobel Flemming The Vampire Diaries: Starting from season 1 I really hated her attitude towards her long lost daughter Elena as she was “trying” to protect her she managed to traumatize the poor thing to end up bursting in flames before Elena’s very own eyes.Granted she is a  vampire but still did she have to be so callous with her daughter’s feelings?

Regards to all the good mothers out there and the sucky ones we know you try the best you know how. New mothers don ‘t do what the character above have done and you’ll be just fine.

Pandas In a Zoo: TV Couples That Don’t belong Together

At many times there comes a point ,where we can’t understand why the writers threw those two characters together, without any consideration to what’s true for the character or if they even have chemistry:

1. Rusty and Ashley Greek : I honestly cringe at the thought, it was bad enough that Greek was coming to an end but also that somewhere in the writing room a drunken idea of putting those two together was approved.

2. McSteamy and Lexi Grey Grey’s Anatomy : I am sorry but I don’t see it…I just don’t.I imagine him with someone like Addison,I am glad that Lexi is with Jackson now and I hopeI never have to suffer through the lack of chemistry that is Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan.See how they are separated in the picture?!

3.Penny ans Leonard The Big Bang Theory : regardless of the actors’  relationship in real life the two characters don’t make sense and them breaking up was the best thing that happened. I never seemed to understand those two being together…at all. He’s is cute She is cute THEY are not cute just sad.

4. Puck and Lauren Zizes Glee : this couple is the perfect answer to the question…WHAT?! lets ignore the fact that Ashley Fink is a part of the show “A MUSICAL SHOW” and she can’t sing or dance. puckzes -even the name is gross- doesn’t make sense, their personalities don’t agree and after dating Puck’s character is boring and kinda of a pussy.Did they do it on  a dare?!

5. Cristina Yang and Own Hunt Grey’s Anatomy : even though Shonda Rhimes married them, they were never a match made in heaven. They have one of the most strange relationships I’ve seen and NOT in a good way. What I imagine the situation like is this: Shonda likes  Kevin McKidd and wants him on the show, she is not sure where to put him so she comes up with this idea while simultaneously writing Private Practice,dreaming of Off The Map and killing puppies. Teddy was a better choice for him.

The moral here is : just because people are on the same TV show and can be together (both single) doesn’t mean the producers should pair their characters together…they are” NOT pandas in a zoo”-Joel Mchale as Jeff Winger

Ants In My Pants: Magical Thursday

Thursday, my favorite day of the week, has landed .Here is what you should be looking forward to.

NBC Thursday Night Comedy: The best talents in comedy all lined up together for your pleasure:

  • Community Season 2 Finale : “For a Few Paintballs More” part 2 of the paintball saga and a sort of a “star wars” review, Greendale collage takes down a mystery enemy.
  • The Office : “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager” the title alone promises good fun and the misery of others in the office. Dwight brings the reign of hell as he becomes the temporary regional manager of the Scranton Branch.
  • Parks and recreation: A delight of 2 episodes YAY!The fightLeslie offers Ann a Job at city hall and Ann is cavalier about the offers which ignites their first fight ever. “The Road Trip” Ben and Leslie take a road trip to Indianapolis and Leslie is worried she can’t fight her feelings for Ben anymore (please don’t fight) , Ron takes on an unsuspecting  protégé to teach him about government.
The CW’s Doom’s day :
  • Vampire Diaries :”As I Lay Dying” #poorDamon has been trending on twitter for a reason Damon is dying .He is hallucinating (Delena kiss promised) and trying to die in dignity luckily Stephan is trying to save him. Who is to say what is going to happen the writers of the CW hit have made it clear that no one’s safe this season and the bodies keep piling up  .
CBS’s nerd day :
  • The Big bang Theory:“The Engagement Reaction”  Howard tells his mom he’s engaged and that news puts her in  the hospital . Will we be fortunate enough to meet the screeching mom? I hope not. Sheldon hangs around in the germ infested hospital -that’s always a treat-
Hope you all tune in and what you can’t watch DVR. For us who live overseas download all as a torrent come Friday morning 🙂