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Why Joel Mchale Is So Great: A TVLINE Interview

Joel Mchale is a man of many trades he was doing a killer job as the host of the soup on the E! channel then added the role of Jeff Winger on NBC’s community to the list which is a role he was always meant to play, it suits him so wonderfully. He’s is a leader by nature whenever he has something to say i listen. he’s now taking the movie world by storm though I¬†personally¬†hope he never gives up on TV.

He should have been given a chance to host the Emmys this year he would have done a killer job and maybe brought spaghetti cat to co-host.If you not that familiar with his standup,movie career,tv career please familiarize he is a person you would want to know TRUST ME! he has got it all.

He’s not short on Charisma or charm but it does not stop there, he tops it with talent delivering the lines with great acting that brings the punchline home.’s Megan Masters interviewed him here is a link to the interview…Enjoy