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Screw You Guys I’m Going Home:TV’s Game Changing Exists

TVLine has announced that Patrick Dempsey ,who plays Dr.Derek Shepherd on the ABC Grey’s Anatomy, will only return for one more season. This year had some pretty game changing exists, In this time of political uprising it only seems fitting I guess .

In the light of these exists one can only remember some of the traumatic exists that left us shattered and other exists that were more than welcome.

1. Izzy Stevens Grey’s Anatomy : before leaving the show there was a lot of controversy concerning Katherine Heigl and it seemed that Heigl has grew tierd of the character and wanted to pursue a more focused career in movies. Her exit was disgraceful as a character Izzy, leaves her husband after getting laid off from the hospital abandons her  friends even though Meredith begs her not to. I still miss her on the show and say what you will but Shonda Rhimes is a master in making you love a character and hate a character.

2. Charlie Harper  Two And A half Men : this exist was after a long fight between the series creator Chuck Lorre and actor Charlie Sheen that ended in one of the most humiliating exist from TV when sheen was fired and replaced with Ashton Kutcher, many people will tune in for a first look at the season 9 premiere to check out how the show is going to continue without Sheen but how many will tune in after that ?

3.Vanessa Abrams Gossip Girl : you might argue that this character ,played by Jessica Szohr, is not exactly a game changing exist but for this viewer it is. This character was “a stain on every one of my good episodes” of gossip girl. I am so glad she is gone.

4. George O’malley Grey’s Anatomy: we watched this character,played by T. R. Knight, dwindle before our eyes getting less and less screen time until he got one of the most heart-wrenching traumatic exists I know. I still cry when I watch this episode in anticipation that at the end George will die horribly,brutally and barely recognizable .

5. Jenna Sommers Vampire Diaries:  one of the beloved TVD characters was sacrificed at an alter (note to writers:What the hell guys?!!). Just when we were getting more and more interested in aunt Jenna played by Sara Canning, this character has been the only family for orphaned Elena and Jeremy and now we are left wondering who will be their guardian and how will they cope with a new shadow living in their house.

6.Ritta Bennette Morgan Dexter:  This character’s exist turned out to be a life changing experience for our beloved serial killer Dexter Morgan. The character played by Julie Benz has provided some stability for the otherwise blood thirsty serial killer. We watched the outcome of her loss last season when Dexter for once wanted to help someone just because he can.


7. Michael Scott The Office : An exit that left most wondering will we watch? granted that the office is not lacking in talented comedians and writers but Steve Carell was the star of the show, his character Michael Scott is why people tuned in every week. This exist leaves 2 burning questions: Who will replace Steve Carell and will people watch once that happens?

8.Dr. Gil Grissom CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: the chrarater played by William Petersen engaged and entertained for years then comes the shocking news that Petersen is calling it quits to leave us wondering what will happen? hopefully it worked out fine.

If I had things my way I’ll keep all actors where they belong, but life and TV move on, as for Patrick Dempsey’s departure I have only one wish, I hope this is the last season for Grey’s Anatomy because though I love the show (despite of it all I stay loyal I can’t help it ). It is time to call it quits. As for Ellen Pompeo’s possible departure I hope she leaves too for the sake of the story and I pray to see both actors in other shows.

The Office Finale: Who’s The Boss?

I have to say The office is holding up well without Steve Carell. It is very smart of the show writers not to hold off his exit till the finale.Because if they did a lot of people wont tune in for the nest season .This way people got a chance to see what the show looks like without the male lead.

The episode started with Creed as manager and it was hilarious, his character always seemed in the background and now it is shining. The show’s strong point is this :everyone is talented and funny. The contenders were all funny, I loved the guest stars they were funny but not too much in the spotlight. Jim Carry was just weird, James Spader was the creepy genius (who had the best quotes in the episode),Will Arent was confrontational without a cause , Ray Romano was on the verge of suicidal (and most funny) and Dr.Who’s Catherine Tate who I thought was a perfect fit. she was the right amount of crazy. Of course the in-house contenders were Andy and Darell.

Andy was very eager to get the job and i think he’ll be a good fit, let me take a minute to talk about the outfit.What was that ??? the colors were crazy. Did he get dressed in the dark? on a different note he refused a date with Erin.

The hour long episode was flat out funny, some would argue that the Dwight Schrute character is too much but I have always been a fan so I want more Dwight. Angela got engaged to “the senator” and in the midst of all her bragging I wanted someone to shout out :HE IS GAY !!!!!!!

Finally, I feel like the perfect candidate did not apply; Pam was the perfect manager she knows everybody and knows how to handle them. I would’ve liked to see her as manager though she might conflict with Jim who slacks off at times. I hate that the writers left us hanging not knowing who is the the new “Boss”, my guess is Catherine Tate.

Wish for next season : give B.J Novak and Mindy Kaling  more air time they are both very funny given the chance to shine.

Ants In My Pants: Magical Thursday

Thursday, my favorite day of the week, has landed .Here is what you should be looking forward to.

NBC Thursday Night Comedy: The best talents in comedy all lined up together for your pleasure:

  • Community Season 2 Finale : “For a Few Paintballs More” part 2 of the paintball saga and a sort of a “star wars” review, Greendale collage takes down a mystery enemy.
  • The Office : “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager” the title alone promises good fun and the misery of others in the office. Dwight brings the reign of hell as he becomes the temporary regional manager of the Scranton Branch.
  • Parks and recreation: A delight of 2 episodes YAY!The fightLeslie offers Ann a Job at city hall and Ann is cavalier about the offers which ignites their first fight ever. “The Road Trip” Ben and Leslie take a road trip to Indianapolis and Leslie is worried she can’t fight her feelings for Ben anymore (please don’t fight) , Ron takes on an unsuspecting  protégé to teach him about government.
The CW’s Doom’s day :
  • Vampire Diaries :”As I Lay Dying” #poorDamon has been trending on twitter for a reason Damon is dying .He is hallucinating (Delena kiss promised) and trying to die in dignity luckily Stephan is trying to save him. Who is to say what is going to happen the writers of the CW hit have made it clear that no one’s safe this season and the bodies keep piling up  .
CBS’s nerd day :
  • The Big bang Theory:“The Engagement Reaction”  Howard tells his mom he’s engaged and that news puts her in  the hospital . Will we be fortunate enough to meet the screeching mom? I hope not. Sheldon hangs around in the germ infested hospital -that’s always a treat-
Hope you all tune in and what you can’t watch DVR. For us who live overseas download all as a torrent come Friday morning 🙂