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The Secret Circle Review:Vanilla Awaiting Fudge

I didn’t expect much when I first saw the promos for Kevin Williamson’s new show “The Secret Circle” , the fact that a series creator  with a sucessful show would do another one with a similar concept is pretty scary (Shonda Rhimes anyone?!).

After watching the pilot I can definitely see some fan base forming maybe a slightly younger age group than The Vampire Diaries . I  for one am not a part of this age group. I didn’t hate it but I will not be tuning in next week, at least I will wait till season one finishes and watch it on DVD over the summer vacation (yes! in my line of work I get the summer off, jealous much?!)

The setting is different from The Vampire Diaries which was a relief because I swore if I sense any similarities there will be hell to pay (Kevin Williamson get ready to block me) but i didn’t see any except it was as dark as TVD was in season 1 (lighting wise).  I liked some of the characters and I hated some; I liked the girl Cassie played by Brittany Robertson she wasn’t your typical teenager,that actress has fire in her and I think she’ll be great in this role. I also liked the obvious badass Charles Meade played by Gale Harold -who looks like TVD’s Elijah’s brother- I mean that guy is cool, he burned a house while playing with matches, he made a guy drown on dry land and whenever he walks into a room he has this ominous energy around him, I pretty much liked all the grown ups and hated all the teenagers -except for Cassie- and that is why I say I am probably not the target audience of this show. I especially hated the girl-bitch character Faye Chamberlaine played by Phoebe Tonkin, she was really bad at being “a mean girl”, she added nothing new to the stereotype of an actor trying to act malicious, the limited evil look and the Melissa George mouth did not do it for me, i could feel her “acting” every step of the way.

In all, the show offers nothing earth shattering but …I liked the setting and the rich back-story. I feel like it has a potential of becoming a good cult show, for a pilot it did not impress me that much but still they avoided a lot of typical pilot mistakes.

Best scene: Gale Harlod torching the house with matches and drowining a man on dry land as the poor guy spits water, Awesome!

Worst scene : Phoebe Token’s character Faye Chamberlaine turning off lights and conjuring up a lightning storm to finally try to make stop by simply uttering the words “Stop the storm” I felt it was under whelming and poorly thought out.

KILL!  the creepy theme  music please , I know it suppose to carry out a message of mystery and fear but it just creeps me out and not in a good way. 

so guys what do you think?


The Secret Circle: The Ruin Of The Vampire Diaries

After watching the trailer to the upcoming CW fall series The Secret Circle(shown above) created by The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson ,I got terribly worried and here’s why:  If the TV world has taught us anything it’s this when a creator of a well-beloved show ventures to work on  another one, the original show suffers.

The Vampire Diaries has proved itself to be a strong contender, a masterpiece of story-telling. That being said it is going into a very critical stage, season3. For many shows season 3 is where stories starts falling apart, shows seem inconsistent and chaotic. Now with one of the creators focused on a new show that has the same setting ; small town with a rich history i’m guessing. The dark mood and lighting that The Vampire Diaries is famous for is there in the new show. the main character looks like what Elena would look like if they kept her blonde on the show.

the secret Circle talks about witches and supernatural happenings not vampires but still I worry as a Vampire Diaries fan. I wish the show will do well on its first season but I will not be happy if this affects The Vampire Diaries in any way. This freak out is a lesson learned from Grey’s anatomy and private practice, Grey’s wasn’t the same after Shonda Rhimes juggled both shows .

I’ve been rambling on and now if you agree with what I have to say or disagree don’t be shy.Go the comments section and let me have it.