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Returning Shows: Fall TV Munchies

This season of 2011-2012 is the most excited I am for new upcoming TV shows, it is either because my appetite for TV programming has increased or that this season is an impressive one. It’s definitely a little bit of both. The summer has offered a few distractions such as new shows : Franklin and Bash and Friends with benefits and returning shows: Weeds,The Big C,Louie and True Blood . As great as they were they are NO fall TV programming where you having a long list to select and choose from.

That said the sadness is and the time has come where you grab popcorn and watch you favorite show on TV, your computer or whatever contraption who can keep track. Another option for people who live outside the US is to look for bit torrents, download and then watch.

I will first start with returning shows I am looking forward to and if I leave some shows out it is either because I am not fortunate to know them yet or that I think the shows sucks and refuse to watch it .

1. Community season 3(NBCSept 22nd : First ,yeah! I have no illusions how bias I am for the show, I still think it is the greatest comedy on TV and the lack of recognition saddens me because with no doubt the show has the hardest working actors, writers and crew.

Where we left off : The WW2 of paintball where Greendale Collage prevails over City Collage, Pierce (Chevy Chase) the recently becoming the villain of the group saves the day and wins the school $100,000 and refuses the group’s invitation to come back to the group after he’s been voted out. The door to study room F is open with 6 hopefuls that pierce will come crawling back to the group.

Why we are excited:  The obvious is more Community is always a good thing. The much anticipated Jeff/Annie ,Troy/Britta love connection.Knowing the creator Dan Harmon it will not be a typical soapy story line. They promise to have more fun and be less weird so we will have to wait and see. Oh plus John Goodman is coming to the show and Jim Rash (dean Pleton) is a series regular now 🙂

Excitement levellethally high, Hyperventilation high.

2. The Good wife Season 3 (CBS) Sept 25th : After delivering a stellar season it is no wonder The Good wife can’t come a moment too soon. so a moment of silence for the pure awesomeness that is season 2…………

Where we left off: Alicia and Will finally caved in and made their feelings clear, after everything went wrong they managed to let go of their fears and embrace their passion. Peter is State Attorney now and in cahoots with Carey, and bridges burned between Alicia and Kalinda.

Why we are excited: the “talk”, Alicia and Will will discuss the hell out of their encounter and a good covwersation is never bad between those two. Kalinda has a hell of redemption to do and losing Alicia is bound to spin her out of contorl,Eli Gold (Alan cumming) is Alicia’s co-worker no…or is it boss?! anyways  and Peter is going to play dirty with the help of the unfortunally scarcely used  Matt Czuchry.

Excitement level: High with occasional breathing.

3. Parks And Recreation Season 4 (NBC) Sept 22nd : with new addition last season this show managed to be more awesome, it should be registered as the smartest casting move in TV history.

Where we left off:  After a slow brewing romance between Leslie and Ben they’re finally on the right track, or are they? Leslie is offered a new job which might jeopardize her relationship with Ben. Chris is interested in Ann again and Ann is working with the parks department (to justify her constant showing up, no one visits city hall by choice).

Why we are excited: Tammy 1, mommy Swanson…need more…seriously?! we will find out what Leslie is going to do with Ben.

Excitement level : high with tendency to get light headed.

4. The Vampire Diaries season 3 (CWSept 15th : After so many dead could the body count get any higher? we are psyched to find out.

Where we left off:  the curse of the sun and the moon has been broken, Katherine is gone, Elena and Damon kissed ,Stephan turned bad and now Klaus is a vampwolf .

Why we are excited: All  the listed above…. What will happen with Stephan. How Damon and Elena will address their recent kiss. Who else will die this season and brooding,mourning Alaric is bound to be hot .

Excitement level : high with heavy bleeding.

5. Fringe season 4 (Fox) Sept 23rd : Fringe has proved itself a strong contender after surviving the death time slot it been moved to (Friday night) and for that it deserves commending. I am NOT a sci-fi fan but Fringe is entertaining enough to keep me hooked.

Where we left off: Peter was hooked to the machine resulting in a world merge and Peter disappearing taking away every trace of his existence.

Why we are excited: What happened to Peter? Peter does not exsit does that mean his son is never born? how will bolivia and olivia ever deal with eachother? so many questions unanswered.

Excitement level : high with drastic weight loss and chronic blackouts

There are some other shows I am excited about like How I Met Your Mother Sept 19th , The Middle Sept 21st ,Grey’s Anatomy Sept 22nd , The Big Bang Theory  Sept 22nd Raising Hope Sept 20th , and The  Office Sept 22nd  but those are the ones I wanted to focus on….ah my life is back to normal.

P.S: This Blog post is dedicated to Aseel Zahran who allowed me to use her computer to update my blog and who told me I should have a blog in the first place so I can stop blabbing about TV while she’s out to save the world.

You suck Mom: TV’s Most Selfish Mothers

Mothers are God’s greatest gift, we don’t always want them around but we are glad we have them.As I was involved in a discussion about if the there is such a thing as a bad mother, the image of many TV moms came to mind, here’s a few of the ones who did a shabby job:

1. Nancy Botwin Weeds : Where to start, dragging her kids into her drug drama or burning their house down and then getting them in a lot of trouble a long the way.Depriving her son Cyrus from an education and a real life and turning her younger son into a psychotic killer.She wins the worst mom award.

2.Howard Wollowitz’s mother The Big Bang Theory: She managed to raise the most vile dependent creature that ever lived. Not to mention her various activities that we and the rest of the cast have to listen to through the door. the picture belongs to Carol Ann Susi who is Howard’s unseen mom.

3.Celia Hodes Weeds : You might argue that Celia Hodes is a horrible human being and so doesn’t even fit the category of a mother and you are right.When your own two daughters hate you and impatiently wait your demise every step the way that is usually an indication that you might have done something wrong along the way.

4.Betty Draper Mad Men: Betty Draper is what I call an immature mother.She is indecisive and has a lot of issues, her daughter sees right through it. With the absence of Don from the house it became more and more clear that Betty is not fit to be a mother.She is selfish and inattentive to her kids. She resents her kids greatly.

5. Isobel Flemming The Vampire Diaries: Starting from season 1 I really hated her attitude towards her long lost daughter Elena as she was “trying” to protect her she managed to traumatize the poor thing to end up bursting in flames before Elena’s very own eyes.Granted she is a  vampire but still did she have to be so callous with her daughter’s feelings?

Regards to all the good mothers out there and the sucky ones we know you try the best you know how. New mothers don ‘t do what the character above have done and you’ll be just fine.

Chemistry: I Can’t Believe They Are Not Dating

There are couples that you see on TV and you Google the right to see if they are dating because the chemistry is too gripping . Most of these couples are not dating which means they are great actors because they had us fooled

1. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder The Vampire Diaries : they both play roles of unspoken attraction, when ever they are around each other you feel electricity.there has been rumors about those two but the age difference might be an issue.UPDATE: they are dating as is obvious in this blog nina-dobrev-and-her-gorgeous-squeeze-ian-somerhalder-took-their-mums-out-for-a-walk-in-paris

2. Kyle Chandler and Connie Burton Friday Night Lights : they looked like a real couple, watching FNL I was totally convinced they are married.They have a genuine chemistry that you can’t fake.

3.Paul Wesley and Candice Accola The Vampire Diaries : those two are not a couple on or outside the show but as i see it the chemistry is unbelievable. I swear i was shocked to learn they are not dating. Am I the only one who sees it ?

4. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey Grey’s anatomy: That scene in the pilot where Meredith and Derek are in the stairwell after realizing he’s her boss,they had it and it was magnetic.

5. Leighton Meester and Chase Crawford Gossip Girl: remember I am listing people on TV who have Chemistry not necessarily people I want to end up together. Though the Chuck and Blair chemistry is undeniable. The two actors listed have great chemistry, they look great together.

6. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt Mad About You : do you remember that show, well those two had IT . They were a great duo.

7. Timothy Olyphant and Joelle Carter Justified : they just look so good together I don’t know what it is but they do, they both give off the same vibe.

8. Mary Louise Parker and Justin kirk Weeds : they have been the embodiment of team work on the screen. I can’t believe we wont see them again next year.

9. Mila Kunis and Danny Masterson That 70s Show .

10. Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase Community : O.K that last one is a filler but imagine if you will a world were those two are a couple 🙂

So here’s my list  to keep you entertained in this cruel summer without our beloved TV shows. If you have a couple to add or any comments please head down to the comments section.